March 2013

Pleasure and pain: They go together so nicely!

I’m going to leave you like this for awhile, slave. I want you to remember how pleasing it is when you suffer for me.

She begins to understand.

Getting used to her new sleeping conditions.

So sexy…



When the master has finished using her, the slave girl was enchained again to the bare metal bed frame and the dildo was shoved up her cunt again. When she behaves well, she might be allowed to sleep on the floor from time to time, but in the beginning she stay on the metal frame, so she does not forget that she is nothing but a piece of fuckmeat for him.

Love the pose, the metal restraints, the use of the metal bed,mm mm mm!

It’s your life now. Get used to it.

Getting her beauty rest.

That’s the submissive pose that gets me hard every time.