May 2013

Hazel is so goddam sexy. Makes me want to do all sorts of things to her.

See you tomorrow.

Make sure it’s good and tight.

Happy anniversary!


Its been a long night…

Such an obedient girl!

Silence is golden.


How utterly helpless and yet so full of opportunity. The tits, her lower holes and those lovely boots. Just look at her!


tightly caged


he has left you with a soft toy and something to pee in when you need to


“After Midnight” by lameartist

If it's not too much trouble, what are your views on women in general?

My view is that there is no such thing as a general woman (or man, for that matter). Keeping within the narrow context of our common interest, I would say that women fall under three categories: submissive, non-submissive, and undecided, with the vast majority remaining undecided due to the fear of their society’s perception of their inner desires.

Of these, I find submissives the most interesting. Modern Western society now shuns such behavior, but submitting to, and thus drawing one’s own strength and security from another is as old as time itself. We all submit to our leaders and to our gods without a second thought, and yet a woman submitting to a man has been twisted in the public mind to the point where it is even considered “deviant” behavior. No wonder so many women fear their own desires! Think of the misery that could be avoided if women were allowed to choose without reproach!

Submission frees the submissive from the tyranny of choice. In transferring choice to the dominant, the submissive is freed from the responsibiity of those choices, and freed from the fear of their consequences. The dominant protects the submissive by making the choice in their stead.

Slavery takes this a giant step further. A slave offers her body and soul as her master’s possession, to be used as he sees fit. Such a bond of trust is, in my opinion, the most sacred there can be. By placing herself completely in his hands, she is absolved of nearly every public responsibility, and has more freedom than anyone else to embody her soul’s inner desire. And her master guides her, disciplines her, refines her into a precious jewel; a shining paradox of possession in body and soul, yet truly free in spirit. Her chains restrain her, and yet they are a physical manifestation of her master’s love and care and of her own security under his hand.

I ask you: Can anything be more beautiful?

Don’t fuck it up this time.

Did you miss me?

She’s perfect. I’ll take her.

Good girl.