September 2014

Stored when not in use.

That’s a good girl!


i’d swap places with her!




Orgasm torture is hot. For me anyway.

Me too.

i love the whole idea, but never been (un)lucky enough to have experienced it for real though! :(

Show me how much you want it.

Saying “thank you”.

That wasn’t so hard now was it?

Redheads are fun!

I’ve got plans for you, girl.

Feeding the whore.

You make a funny face when you cum.

The prettier they are, the more I want to make them cry.

Her rightful place.

You’re ready to do anything for me, aren’t you?

Every man should have a workshop.

I didn’t tell you to stop!

A tender moment.

You suffered beautifully for me.

You know where I’m going to use this!

A nice, quiet evening at home.


You belong to me.

Beauty in nature.

You were made for this, girl.

Decisions, decisions…

An hour in the sun each day does the body good.

It even has bathroom facilities.

Tucked in for the night.

The guys at RestrainedElegance are true artists.

Sitting pretty.

Such beautiful suffering!

Sitting pretty.


Well kept.


In our latest Restricted Senses update Mina is laced into an armbinder and hood while wearing nothing but a leather bondage harness… She is left to wriggle around in various positions including an ultra stressful standing knee hogtie of sorts. If you like the sound of creaking leather while a sexy bound girl is wriggling around then you should dig this update. Both the hood and armbinder are available in our store!

Earning her daily bread.

1 hour trip to the hardware store = weeks of fun.

Service girl.

A nice, quiet breakfast.

Bath time!