November 2014

From a private message asking for advice.

Question (paraphrased): I’m a lesbian who gets turned on by the idea of bondage domination at the hands of a man, but I’m not into men and don’t want a dick inside me. What’s wrong with me?


We apply labels to everything in order to make sense of the chaos, but nature is not so easily tamed. No individual ever matches the label exactly. The worst part about identifying with a group is all those little edge cases you have that don’t quite fit, and sex is no exception. Don’t let the label “lesbian” dictate who you are (or any other label for that matter). Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean that some of your fantasies can’t involve men. And no, that doesn’t make you bi; that makes you YOU.

The best thing to do when you find something that turns you on is to explore it, either by yourself or better yet with someone you trust. The key is to break away from the guilt of deviancy. We’re ALL deviant in some ways (it’s impossible not to be). The only difference is how miserable you want to make yourself by denying your sexual needs (and some people make themselves VERY miserable, indeed!)

You’re not a perfect, pre-packaged XYZ; you’re a perfect you, similar in some ways to XYZ but not necessarily all.


Scold’s bridles don’t come cheap these days, so I wish Restrained Elegance would make more use of this one.

Checking out her new digs.

Broken in.

Perfection contained.

At her master’s convenience.

I love my local pet store! Never know what you’ll find.


Spending quality time with daddy pleasuring him

please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess a fantasy to you.

But of course! If it’s anonymous, I’ll post it publicly. If not, I’ll keep it in confidence.

Good behavior is just as quickly rewarded.

It takes a steady hand.

How unusual is your fantasy?


Daddy loves my long hair but I am planning to cut it short..what will he say?

He’ll spank you for even thinking such a terrible thing!

From a private message asking for advice.

Question: I want a relationship like this with my boyfriend. How do I tell him?


This is always a tricky situation, because not everyone is into the same things, and the differences can be difficult to navigate.

The first thing to do is prepare yourself mentally for his response. Here are some possible results:
- He’s not into it at all.
- He’s not into it, but will play along for your sake.
- He’s into some things you’re into, but not all.
- He’s into everything you’re into.
- He’s into things you’re not into.

Whatever the initial reaction, limits are not necessarily hard limits until you explore them (CAREFULLY!) together (or have explored them in the past). Safe words are de rigueur in these waters. There may be some things that he or you discover you can actually enjoy with the right person. That’s a win. What you don’t want is for one person to just “go along” with the other even though it’s a hard limit. Your heart won’t be in it, and you’ll both know it even if you won’t admit it, and that’s not fulfilling (in fact, it’s damaging to the relationship). As usual, clear communication and trust are key.

As for broaching the subject, men tend to be direct and women tend to be “hint droppers”. If he’s a typical man, he likely won’t pick up on the hints until they get pretty strong. However, if he’s been secretly nurturing similar fantasies, he’ll be looking for the opportunity to talk about it. You could pick up a movie that has some semi-bondage-like scenes in it (not necessarily explicit) and then just throw out comments like “damn that’s pretty hot” and check his reaction. Or watch something that actually tackles things you’re into and talk about it a bit afterward to find out how he feels about it (just be on the lookout for him responding how he thinks he should respond rather than how he actually feels). Ultimately, you want to steer things towards a serious discussion about what kinds of things each of you likes or dislikes.

Another option might be to browse some porn of what you like and “forget” to close it such that he finds it.

If worst comes to worst, there’s nothing wrong with saying “I have fantasies of being tied up and fucked.” If the hint dropping didn’t work, he’s probably not into it (though not necessarily - some people need time to process it, especially if they’ve never been exposed to it before). Coming out and saying it will garner a doubtless response. And really, if he’s not going to satisfy your needs, wouldn’t you want to know? Would you be willing to stay with a man for the rest of your life, knowing that you’ll forever remain unfulfilled in this regard?

Also, don’t forget that not everyone is strict about monogamy. Many people are fine with external partners to satisfy particular sexual needs, so long as the emotional needs are with a single person only. That, however, is a much more difficult topic to broach ;-)

Good luck!

I LOVE the way she arches her back!

An excellent use of zip ties.

Giving her a short rest.

You’re in there till tomorrow, honey.

Beautiful suffering.




Please, Daddy?

The perfect balance of form and function.

Sexiness is whatever daddy says it is.

How master shows his love and appreciation.

Your blog made me smile!

Glad you like it. We perverts must stick together!

That electrifying moment our eyes met.

Learning to be a good girl.

I let my friends use her, too.

Not leaving any time soon.





Every good little babygirl needs discipline from her Daddy (:

Gentleman Savage

Yes, you do Baby Girl.


A gentle introduction.

If you can be good for the whole week, I’ll unlock you.

She follows me everywhere I go.

Taking the girls out for a drive.

I think she likes it…

5000 perverts and counting!

She takes her duties quite seriously.

She bitched for months about those exposed pipes, and then one day it hit me…

My secret treasure.

Hope you enjoyed that, cause the next 10 times I make you cum, I’m going to shock you as well.

Numbers 3 and 4 of 25.

About your post - "Ungrateful bitch". Is it an Insex work too? Which one?

Haley Ace in “the gods approve” by infernal

You’re going to have to learn to please daddy properly, young lady!


Just a little tap.

I give her the discipline she desperately needs.

She writes me love letters.

I keep her on a short leash.