December 2014

So, where did you get that blue cage? Or if its custom, who built it? Thanks

It’s a Pro Select Empire Cage, designed to be an indestructible dog cage. You can get it online, or from some pet supply stores.

It’s on wheels so I can roll it around to different rooms. It also has a slide out tray underneath, so even bathroom concerns wouldn’t require letting someone out. All in all a very handy setup!

I got it at a deep discount from a local shop. It had been sitting in their inventory for over a year and they were desperate to be rid of it.

Neat! It’s the grey version of my cage.

Give it time. I’ll turn you around, don’t worry.

That’s a good girl!

Lesson 4: Always be ready for use.

A slave must always maintain proper grooming.

“Aww she’s so cute! Can I feed her this time?”

Day 25.

Shh, don’t speak without permission. That’s today’s lesson.

Who said romance was dead?

A slave’s greatest joy is to belong.

A short rest before we continue.

Enjoying her stay.

Enough stalling. Let’s go!

When you know you’re in for the long haul.

This is all I see whenever I look at you.

Always know your place.

A caged life.


(Lorelei - Only You - Insex)

Is there such a thing as too much enjoyment?

I love the creativity of Oddartist’s work. Head on over and show him some love.


Learning to walk the way a woman should.

Lift and support.

You’re mine now. Better get used to that fact.

Those are the eyes I like to see.

Flesh meets iron.

Where’s my “thank you” for helping you stay in position?

Fill ‘er up!

Grounded forever.

Weather girl.

See how happy she is to be with her master?

I may not know art, but I know what I like!

She helps me start the engine running.

Bed warmer.

It’s important to let her out into the yard from time to time.

Conversation piece.

I could watch for hours.

She knows me so well.

A nice, relaxing day at the beach.

Learning the poses.

She told me she likes bird watching.

There’s more than one way to secure her.

An owned woman is a happy woman.

I believe in sharing.

Good night, dear.

She appreciates the attention I give.

She doesn’t get out much.

Hanging out at my place.

Vitamin D replenishment.