February 2015


Daddy please not any more..

These are daddy’s toys. You don’t tell daddy how to use them.

It’s fun to give her a head start.

Duty bound.

In due time, my dear.

Working the assets.

Proper fucked.

I put her on a pedestal.

She’d be lost without me.

Bed Spread.

Master’s pride in his slave’s progress: Priceless.

Fun & Games.

The right training makes all the difference.

You may entertain yourself while I’m gone.

Knowing her place.

Staying hydrated.

Good help is hard to find.


Michael Keye - Keye Bondage Images: http://michaelkeye.tumblr.com/

1/24/15 - Julia Faire from the video titled Ravish Me.

There is an unauthorized version of this picture floating about, so I thought I’d put up a direct-from-the-source version, plus since only the outline of her beautiful body can be seen in my last post where Julia is ensconced inside a vacuum bed … well, here she is.  Her striking natural beauty is on display a bit more in this one (http://michaelkeye.tumblr.com/post/95316891552/michael-keye-keye-bondage-images) too. 

Julia is already Bolero straitjacketed and looking out sliding glass doors toward the sunny landscape when the video opens.  She turns to the camera and asks the viewer to attach her to the bed and slide 6” high heel pumps onto her feet.  The picture then dissolves into a view similar to, but not quite the same as that shown in this photo.  She spends the rest of the video, shot from various angles, struggling sensually in the bondage, and trying to convince the viewer to make love to her while she’s all tied up.  She’s in leather chastity though, so I think her captor meant to keep her this way for quite a long time before granting her wish.



Under control


Stake out


Lovely collar and gag. Her eyes speak volumes.



The beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The right way to attach her hands.


pleasing the master


“wake up! time to eat”


slave washed in her cell

Patience is a virtue.

A slave’s life.

Din dins!


What you please you do with me daddy

It pleases me to do it to you.


Basement storage.

Game on.


My girl walks the walk.

She prepares dinner every day.

It’s good for her to change position from time to time.

Getting used to her new home.