March 2015

What I like about you.

She doesn’t take up much space.

Living her purpose.

She always looks up to me.

Time for some fun!

An uplifting experience.

You can wear that for a few hours, can’t you?

The perfect outfit.



So perfect.

I know what you want.

You Know

You know that I’m going to be cruel.
I know it’s why you come.
You know I like how you beg for mercy.
I know you like how I show you none.
You know you’re lower than dirt in my presence.
I know you’re aroused as you grovel at my feet.
You know that rights become privileges when you’re with me.
I know how wet it makes you when I take them away.
You know that the more broken you are, the more I desire you.
I know that the more I hurt you, the more you desire me.

The sublimely seductive way she moves…

In a few minutes I’ll pull the hose out just for shits and giggles.

No past, no future, no regrets, no appointments, no obligations, no worries.

Only here, now, with me.

Going somewhere?

My work chair.


Keeping the house in order.

I always know she’ll be waiting for me.

Quit your bitching and go to sleep! Or would you prefer the cellar again?

The only dress she needs.

If you’re unhappy I could click them a few points tighter for you.

Conveniently located.

Obedience: Not optional.


Only a dirty girl has a potty mouth.

Yes. A girl. In a box.

Her greatest ambition realized.

Good girl.

See how proud she is to be a part of her master’s work!

Do you need motivation from the cane again?

The only words I want to hear out of your mouth from now on are “yes” and “master”.

I want those documents finished in an hour.

Keeping my things safe from animals at night.

Heels training.

Keeping them out of mischief.


What an obedient girl looks like.

Things are looking up!

Nobody is wondering.

It’s amazing how much a guy’s balls grow when he’s protected by anonymity and doesn’t need to rely on courage.

Curiously, I AM able to respond to asks.

Daily life.

A bed is something you attach a slave to, not something she sleeps in.