May 2015


Daddy that hurts

I know it does, but it pleases me when you suffer for me.

So my bf and I have been together for a while and recently have introduced him to this kind of lifestyle. However our time in these roles never last very long because he gets impatient and rushes into sex without much build up. The sex part is fine but I miss having someone to serve even when it's not about the sex..we've talked about it and I don't know how to help him into this role more often when it's not all about just having sex right then..

First and foremost, this is a problem of communication. What is his definition of his role in this relationship? Does it match what you’re looking for? Does what you want match what he’s looking for? You need to have a clear, honest discussion about what your roles actually mean. This is especially important since he’s very new to the whole thing.

Once you’ve gotten past that part, there comes the question of discipline. The entire purpose of discipline is to do something your weaker self would normally avoid in order to build up to a greater reward and strength.
You can pick up a guitar, learn to play a few chords, and impress a few girls, and for many people that’s a perfectly fine goal. It’s cheap in terms of effort in, and quick. Alternatively, you can learn proper technique, and through careful, patient practice and dedication become a virtuoso. There is no moral equivocating of “better” or “worse” here, but it remains that while the virtuoso is capable of playing like the amateur, the reverse does not happen.

What I’m getting at is this: He’s approaching this like an amateur, and you are looking for a budding virtuoso. Amateurs can get there, provided they have the will to do so, and have the discipline to work at it.

Here is where there is a separation between a dominant and master. A dominant is skilled in exercising his will over others, but a master is a dominant who has refined his skill, and has the discipline to use that skill like an artisan to the purpose of building something beautiful (his slave). She approaches him not only to serve, but also because she is in need of the discipline he can provide. But here’s the kicker: He’s in FAR greater need of discipline than she is, and he must be even stricter with himself, because he has responsibility over TWO people, not one.

Sleep tight.

Love your blog!

Work those hands, slut!

One simple piece, so many possibilities…

“giddyup” never felt so good to say!

Nice man boobs

Ever notice how people are too cowardly to insult you to your face?

Taking her for a walk.

So fucking beautiful.

So fucking sexy.

Preparing me a snack.

Her little corner.

That last chick with her back to us is she fucking standing on three nails in her heels?!

Of course. How else would she work on her posture?

A farmer’s life for me!

Wait right there.

Here, let me take your mind off that miserable cold rain.

“With these cuffs I take you as my property.”

Training to be a good girl.

My property.

Just curious. Do you think dominant men prefer dogs to cats? Btw, love your blog and your mind. Keep up working :D

Can’t speak for others, but I like either, depending on the circumstance. I prefer large dogs, but only in the country. A dog needs to run free across the fields, preferably with a girl’s tits tied to its collar. For everything else, I prefer cats.

I even gave her a way to avoid the shocks.

Testing… testing…

The gif set of the women in the hot box can i have the link or any info on wete u got it im trying to find the origanal video

It’s Spacegirl in the Insex production “Worm”.

I’ve always liked PD’s style: slow and merciless.

I just recently found your blog and Damn I really wish my boyfriend was into the things you are. Would love to submit. But do like the blog

That’s the perennial problem, isn’t it? Those of like mind tend to be far away.

She’s a fixture round these parts.

I like the silent type.

I offer guidance.

She’s been good today.

Play time for me!

How then I come close to the wolf sir? Whtever u say I will do sir

Kik is one way. You can find it in the “About Me” link at the top.

I want to completely submit to my boyfriend sexually but I'm not sure what he should do. Is there anything you can think of that could start us out?

You’ve mentioned that you’re not sure what he should do, but you haven’t mentioned what HIS attitude is towards this. If you want to submit to a man, it’s not going to be very fun if you need to direct him. HE needs the internal drive to direct YOU.

Aside from breaking some damaging social conditioning, it’s not that hard start. It’s not that hard to grab you by the hair, force you to your knees, and make you suck him off. It’s not that hard to make you eat your dinner naked on your hands and knees from a bowl under the table while he eats like a king.

Domination is not about the things he does or the toys he uses; it is a STATE OF MIND (for BOTH of you). When he KNOWS that he can make you do anything for him, and he actually WANTS this power, he will exercise it.

There are two possible reasons why he hasn’t done this yet:

1. He’s not into this.

2. He’s fearful due to social conditioning.

#2 can be overcome with a little initiative on your part (make a habit of asking permission for all sorts of little things like sucking him off, going to the bathroom, wearing clothes, etc). You MIGHT be able to overcome #1 by exploring the breadth of this lifestyle until he finds something that clicks.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a spanking.

My advice to you both would be: Try new things, then talk about it afterwards so that you can discover what brings the greatest satisfaction.

I love your blog sir. Do you have a sub currently?

Glad you like it! Alas, I am currently without a sub. Fate has thus far conspired to keep us apart, either because I’ve had to move, she’s had to move, or we didn’t live close enough to begin with.

The internet is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because we can find one another, and a maddening curse because we’re never close enough to touch.

I know exactly what she needs.

Convenient and functional.

That’s the look I like.

No, I think you’ll stay right there until your attitude improves.

The only thing that can make her legs even better.

She knows how to make herself useful.

Sir I wanna submit.... I love ur blog

The first step involves coming close enough to the wolf ;-)

Practice makes perfect.

I take good care of her.

The waiting is the hardest part.