June 2015

Quiet your mind. Just obey.

She’s so damn useful to have around the house!

I’m having fun, and your cunt’s all wet, so everything’s fine.

Today she learned that, after spending the night in a cramped space, it’s less painful to stay in than to come out.

You’d better keep fucking yourself until I tell you to stop or I’ll make things worse for you.

The ultimate relationship

We live in a world where we are taught at a young age to be independent, to make our own way, to make a big success of ourselves according to what our society as a whole deems important. We are told simultaneously to follow the rules, to be powerful, to impress those above us, to destroy those who oppose us, to meekly accept our station, to ruthlessly climb our way to the top, to be obedient to authority, to take over whenever we can. In other words, we’re taught from a young age to be paranoid schizophrenics.

This is our modern world, full of people who really don’t matter except as a means to achieve your goals. Would you really go to your job every day if you weren’t paid to? Would you really hang out with your co-workers if you didn’t have the same workplace in common? Hell no!
Yeah, you worry about your station and your looks and who’s saying what about you because you care about status. And you care about STATUS because status is POWER, and power is SECURITY, and you can’t reach self-actualization without security and freedom of action.

You want to choose a destiny you’re comfortable with, but the path is fraught with exposed roots and stumbling blocks. You can’t take the path you want to because it requires power you don’t have, so you go the long way, getting older and worrying if your vitality will still be there when you get to where you’re going, or if you’re even going the right way at all, or worse, not knowing which way to go in the first place! And secretly, you wonder if maybe there is no “there” at all…

And thus, you scramble along with the rest of the jackals as they surge in a great mob, pretending to like each other, pretending to cooperate, using each other, eating each other, fighting for the opportunity to lift your head up high enough to see beyond the asshole in front.

This is not life! This is not fulfillment! This is a traffic jam without end, full of smog, swearing, and honking as everyone withers away in the heat, wishing they were somewhere else, wishing they weren’t on a deadline, wishing they could find peace. Everyone wants freedom from this frenzy, and each uses his own preferred strategy.

The submissive seeks structure. Structure eliminates choice, and by extension the tyranny of choice. The less choice there is, the less worry there is about making those choices. When there is only one way to go, one way to be, one can have perfect clarity of mind, trusting the structure for safety, security, and fulfillment. But this requires trust in the structure, and a trustworthy structure can only be erected by a trustworthy, diligent, and disciplined dominant.

The dominant seeks mastery. Mastery brings control over the dominant’s environment. Many choices become simpler as the dominant’s control increases, because the outcomes of those choices become more predictable. With a sufficient baseline of control, the dominant is free to seek self-actualization without having to worry about the minutiae of every single aspect of daily life. He can set up systems that leave him time to build towards more ambitious goals than simply completing a week’s work at the office.

And this is where the sheer beauty of a dominant/submissive relationship comes into play. The dominant, in exercising his natural predilection towards controlling his environment, builds the very structure the submissive craves. The submissive, seeking peace through elimination of the burden of choice, can now easily and joyfully relieve the burden of the minutiae that hamper the dominant. The dominant, in caring for and providing for the submissive, achieves a level of fulfillment that would otherwise be impossible. The submissive achieves a level of security under the dominant that would otherwise be impossible.

In such a relationship lies a bond of incredible strength, for each part feeds the the other in a virtuous cycle. What could be more beautiful and perfect? It’s almost as if we were naturally made for this…

If this turns you on, you’re my kind of woman.

She’s been good so she gets a bed.

This is how you arouse me.

Right and proper.

Your every breath depends upon me.

You want to make me happy, don’t you?

Of course she gets time to rest!

My sweet little girl.

Get in there! I’ll be back for you tomorrow sometime.

Property’s greatest ambition.

Humility is a slave’s best friend.

Quiet! You’re mine now.

The only thing that makes this better is the fact that she knows I’m not going to stop.

Be happy. This is what you’re good at!

That’s a good girl!

Eenie meenie…


Know your place.

I’m told that my parties are always entertaining.

The most powerful symbol is the symbol of ownership.

The things I would do to you…

All holes must be trained.

I’ll let you cum, but only with my cock in your mouth.

Oh yes. It’s happening.

Did you miss me?

You do not sit on the furniture.

I’ve got all night, honey.

Always remember: YOU wanted this.

I loves men, And i know there are like a Gods

Don’t worry, baby, I know we’ll get along just fine.

The perfect outfit for her.

Now just stay quiet and you won’t have to worry about the cattle prod.

Now we can have some real fun.

Always ready for me.

All packaged up.

So sexy.

So trusting.

So in for it.

This can be your life on the farm.

Just accept what you are, my dear.

A very nice pair.

It’s only natural for you to wear this.