July 2015

When she’s good I give her tumblr time.

And now you’re mine.

Here, let me help you get those on.

And yet you keep coming back for more.

Just relax, dear. You’ll be here awhile.

A gag is 10% physical, 90% mental.


Her greatest honor.


Owned. Completely.

You’re so fucking beautiful right now!

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to suck properly.

Intensely loved.

You take care of the obedience, I take care of the rest.

It’s very important to give her time to calm her mind before training begins.

Just a few final adjustments…

Her life is very simple now.

I like to keep things interesting.

Quiet and compliant. Just the way I like her.

I just came downstairs to play with my things.

This is your entire world, now. You only need to concentrate on this.

Good idea, slave.

Nothing is in your control anymore.

I’m not angry. It’s just time. Present your ass.

Learning how to be patient.

This is something I can work with.

I do love it when she begs.

I have many tools at my disposal.



Smile, cunt! We’re texting this shot to all the contacts in your phone.

Now, there’s a way to burn those bridges!

There’s only one way here: My way.

Well duh. I run the place.

Natural habitat.

More commonly known as “fucked silly”

You seem occupied, my dear. I’ll come back in an hour.

That’s really all the clothing you need.

15,000 pervs. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with!

There’s no end to the fun I can have with her!

Who says you can’t have an amazing view indoors?

I’ll take care of everything, babe.