August 2015

My toy.

Pure, raw beauty.


I want to own and control her, but that doesn’t mean I want to change who she is; I want to bring the real her out. I am a sculptor, removing the excess layers she’s accumulated over time, so that the woman I already see will be the woman she sees in the mirror, freed from the curse of the world.

You would not believe how much this sets my heart aflame.

Submission is a dominant’s intoxicant and kryptonite.

An obedient slave lifts her ass to be spanked.

I want her enough to take her away from the world.

I know you get all kinds of asks with all kinds of personal things you don't really care about but I just want this off my chest and you seem to actually listen. I'd love to be a slave, to spend my days at home cleaning and cooking for my master and my nights with my master using my body. But sadly that will probably never happen. A girl can dream right?

It will only happen if you make it happen. That’s pretty much the way it is for anything worthwhile in this world.

Yes, this sounds trite, which is unfortunate because it is true to such a deep level that most people will miss it. In essence, the best things in life require a lot of work because otherwise everyone would have it (because it’s so easy to get), which would diminish its value. So the only way to step up from the crowd is to work harder/smarter than everyone else to secure the things of value (or get very lucky).

It’s all fine and dandy to *want* to become a slave, but actually *becoming* a slave requires a game plan. Are you REALLY willing to go all the way (give up everything you own and become property in the very real sense of the word, placing EVERY aspect of your life into your master’s hands)? Are you willing to put in the effort to actually find a man who is (1) responsible, (2) diligent, (3) stable physically and economically, (4) firm, (5) has a solid plan for his future AND his slave’s future? Such a man is as rare as hen’s teeth, and requires a LOT of hard work to find.

So is such a thing impossible? Technically, no. But it does require you to be discerning, diligent, and proactive.

Dare to dream, and dare to make them happen, because when it comes to YOUR life, you’re the only one who can.

What are your thoughts on dominant women.?

Dominant women are fine for submissive men; not for me.

It’s about finding the person who matches you. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Romance is far from dead.


Claimed… Collared,,. Cherished… Loved…

Obedience: Woman’s sexiest accoutrement.

Submission is not just a sexual thing; it is a way of life.

It’s best when you know what you are, and he knows what he is.

Sometimes a friend will come over and we’ll just shoot the shit for a few hours.

This is my duty as your master.

There is no question. It simply is.

I have a gift for accentuating her beauty.

She loves me because I make it easy for her to obey unquestioningly.

My guests love their little entertainments.

Her looking up to me is a sign of a healthy relationship.

I decide how you’ll pleasure me. Remember that.

A million household uses!

You’re not here to talk or think!

They are, and always have been, man’s playthings.

She is grateful for the meaning and purpose I give her.

I do like to show off the assets.

Only one hole left to fill, slut.

My friends always appreciate my hospitality.

I can always make her sexier.


Cleaning duties now, oral duties later.

Her duties are manifold.

my adult blog is texanchik

Garden ornament.

Good girls get rewarded.

I keep doing this because you keep coming back, my dear.

No way out.

If they weren’t meant to be whipped, God wouldn’t have made them stick out like that.

Every scream makes me harder.

Yes, this is what your life amounts to.

I like to make her life interesting.

Now the real fun begins.

A never ending source of entertainment.

Let that cock fall and you’ll regret it.

They’re just so enticing!

Some guys will take her to a nice dinner, hold doors open for her, go shopping with her, be her confidant, treat her like priceless crystal…

I’d rather do this.

Just another day on the farm.

Pretty little fuckmeat.