September 2015

Master knows best.

Property will always remain property.

There are hundreds of pervy reasons to visit the 100 yen shop!

Property lives only to Master’s expectations.

Property follows only Master’s schedule.

Property seeks only Master’s approval.

Property does only Master’s tasks.

Property is only Master’s to use.

Hi again, Sir; the anon asking about mental issues here. I was very touched by Your response... You truly are an amazing Master. Just one more question before I cease to bother You with this, please. I'm wondering if the situation was that she should be taking medication but refused... Would You force her to take it? I mean, it would be for her own good (physically) but let's presume she was really afraid of any kind of medication. Thank You for Your time.

These sorts of questions boil down to a single issue: Trust. Can Master really be trusted? Because if he cannot be fully trusted, she cannot fully submit to him, and there will be an edge to the relationship that cannot be satisfied.

First, is Master trustworthy in the sense of consistency, fairness, and taking her life and health to heart?
Second, is Master COMPETENT to even make potentially life-altering decisions on her behalf, and also ensure that they are implemented properly?

While the first point is very important (otherwise a slave should not even be with him in the first place), the second point is even more important, because he will be deciding on her behalf and making decisions that deeply affect her (possibly permanently).

Mental health is a tricky thing because many of the medications have a tendency to affect ones personality, thus begging the question: If you take these drugs, will you even be the same person anymore? If one is in the thrall of depression, it’s common to view the drugs as simply a “happy pill” that removes your ability to discern the horrible truth about things.

So yes, I can fully understand why these drugs could (validly) be feared, but the answer to that is to have someone you trust to know you be the person to monitor you for any and all changes that occur once you start on a drug (especially since many of the drugs can take a month or more before having an effect). That person must not only be trustworthy, but also discerning and decisive, able to say “This drug isn’t good for you because of XYZ,” and then do what needs to be done to fix any problems or complications that occur.

When she is able to trust her master fully (and this could take some time), the fear will dissipate. Until the fear finally leaves, obedience is her discipline that leads to deeper love and trust.

So in answer to your question, I would decide what is best for her, and I would expect her complete obedience, even if she doesn’t fully understand my reasoning or is afraid. By taking on the hard decisions, I free her from their tyranny.

She’ll never know even half the things I do to keep her safe, secure, owned, and loved, so she’d damn well better be grateful and obedient and honor her master!

Wonderful blog. I often wish I could find a woman willing to be like this for me. Have you had any luck with this in the past?

Finding a woman to do this to is the easy part.

The problem is that every girl I’ve played with save one has been more of a thrill seeker than 24/7 material, and didn’t trigger my desire to train her. And the one who did trigger it, I couldn’t keep because I was still moving from country to country, sampling the world (or maybe I was just being an idiot and didn’t know when to settle down). That’s part of the reason I’m taking such care with where I’ll buy land, as I want it to be permanent.

I’ll train you to your maximum potential.

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

I will accept nothing less than complete and total surrender.

It’s not the easy life that she craves, but rather the simple.

Well then, this may sound weird but - oh my goodness - You have such a beautiful back, Sir! And that line that goes along the spine... Sweet angels of BDSM...

You’re definitely the first person to compliment my back :)

I'd like to ask something, Sir... Would it be a "deal-breaker" if Your potential slave had a mental illness? For example, if she had manic depression and anxiety and wouldn't be taking any medication because she was afraid to (sorry, getting a bit specific). I'm asking because I can imagine that being trusted with a "sane" person's life can be challenging enough.

It would not be a deal breaker, no. If I took her as my slave, I would take over that aspect of her life just like I would anything else that she struggles with. If it’s manageable without drugs, great! If not, I would be the one who monitors her to make sure they don’t mess her up in some way, and if they do, I would have the doctor come up with something else, repeating until we find something that DOES work.

Bottom line: I am her security. I am the one who cares for her and ensures her safety and welfare, so she will not walk in fear or condemnation. Her only task is to obey me, her master.

Tea for two.

Property doesn’t talk back!


This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

what is the name of the movie that the slave is inside a banker asking for water, saying that this hot and the guy pee on her?

It’s an Insex production called “Worm”, starring Spacegirl.

You’ve known what you are for long enough. Only one step remains.

Don’t worry. I know how to keep you in shape.

When it’s no longer a game.


Submission is the path to perfection.

Discipline: It does a slave good.

It’s okay to need. In fact, I prefer it.

I am your strength.

I am your security.

I am your comfort.

No one can harm you.

See? I give you purpose.

I keep my precious things in a safe place.


I love my work!

She’s fine. I gave her plenty of water.

Showing me how grateful and eager she is.

With so much beauty I can’t just stand around doing nothing!

She’s beginning to understand now.

It’ll take awhile to clear this field, but I’ve got plenty of time.

Work detail.

What country are you from and how old are you ?

I’m 40 years old. I’m originally from Canada, but I’ve lived in a few places around the world (even Britain for awhile), and currently live in the Bay Area in California.

That reply of Yours to the anon asking about books actually made me cry... You're such a wonderful Master, oh my goodness, just perfect. I wish You every happiness in this world and I hope You really find a slave that is so compatible with You that nothing in the entire universe will feel more natural and logical than the two of you together. I wish You and Your slave a fairytale (just a darker, more exciting one). :D

Thanks for your kind words. I believe that a slave is more than just an offering; she is a sacred trust, and I want to see her grow. We’ll never reach the ideal, but that doesn’t mean that the ideal isn’t worth striving for.

Finally got around to organizing my toys.

I had them all stuffed in a suitcase for years, and shit kept getting lost or damaged or scratched up or I just couldn’t find it because it was buried in with the rest of the crap.

So I went on Amazon and found these awesome cedar tie racks:

These are the shit. They have 24 pegs and two hooks each, plus the ledge on the top. With three mounted side by side, I have 72 pegs and 6 hooks, plus plenty of room up top. It’s amazing what a little organization can do!

I'm really sorry the attempt at the local BDSM community was such an unpleasant encounter for You. I hope You weren't too upset by it afterward. :(

It’s actually my second such encounter, but I’m still going to keep at it. A failed attempt is only a failure if you give up.

Ummm, this might be a stupid question but I'm really curious and there are very many different kinds of Doms... I'd like to ask if Your slave would be allowed to read books should she wish to. Would You allow her or just let her read some books You'd approve of but not whichever she'd want? I'm sorry but I've been wanting to ask this for days since I couldn't come to a sensible conclusion on my own. Thank You.

I am an intellectual at heart, and a student of history, so beyond simply allowing, I would actively encourage the intellectual enrichment of my slave.

There are many things that I will maintain firm control over, but this is one area where the heart must wander in search of serendipity.


There is only one master, and you are his property.

Come along. We’ve got work to do.

I don’t ask; I take what’s mine.

Only one thing can fulfill you. And only one man provides it.

You’ve got a choice to make, girl.

It’s good to give her a proper introduction.

Your captions are the best thing n_n

Thanks. I just say what’s really on my mind.

I keep edging to your blog. Your comments are HOT, especially the slave schedule you included. Whoever ends up being your slave is one lucky girl.


One thing I strive for is good organization and discipline. It permeates all parts of my life, and will do so for my slave as well. It’s what separates the doers from the wishers.

When your behavior improves i might give you a chair.

I’d rather force you to fulfill your dark thoughts.