October 2015

Making sure she doesn’t get into trouble while I’m out.


Missing metal



The kind of accessories I like.



In suffering, I will make you more alive than you ever thought possible.

Would you ever have a boy slave?

Nope. Petite girls only.

A slave is a girl in desperate need of the guidance I provide.

Mornings are my favorite part of the day!

This is how you teach a girl to be quiet. I’ll add some weights in a bit to help her concentrate on what’s important.

No bullshit. No pretending. No hiding who we are.

Stockings are so much more convenient than pantyhose.

Princess gets the best chair in the house.

A nice, quiet evening at home.

Update on daddy & me


Well, I relapsed about a week ago and daddy decided that we need to take some space from one another so that I can focus on my recovery. We are still in a committed relationship but I agree with him that this will be good for us. He doesn’t want anything to interfere with my recovery because he knows as well as I do that without sobriety, what we have wouldn’t exist at all. We still talk at night and see eachother every once in awhile, just a lot less than we are used to. I am lucky to have a master who is willing to sacrafice his own desires for the long term betterment of our lives. My daddy is very mature and logical. I definitely need to prioritize a lot of areas of my life. Sobriety absolutely has to come first for me in my life. Without it I wouldn’t have any of the amazing things that make my life whole. I have to admit I feel a little lost lately. I am not used to not being in school, and not working and now not seeing daddy as much, I have a lot of free time. I’ve been trying to use my time wisely. I’ve been volunteering down town at the food pantry 2x a week, working out, reading books, going to meetings and working on making friends with healthy women. I’m realizing all of these things help to give my life more meaning, especially as I try to work towards creating a good life for myself. Still I find myself at times getting depressed when I think about all of the mistakes I’ve made, but as daddy points out to me it’s pointless dwelling on things I can’t change . The most important thing is focusing on today and making my time worthwhile just for today. I miss my daddy . Sometimes I feel as if I’m being punished, but I know that I’m not. He just wants us to both be healthy. We tried to go on as if nothing had happened but it wasn’t working. He noticed himself becoming resentful and irritable with me, because he felt like he was bending his boundaries with me. That is never good, and especially not good for my daddy who is *always* the leader in our relationship. At the end of the day, I’m really proud of our relationship and our willingness to take time now apart in order to benefit our future. I think as long as we both keep our recovery as a priority, and we take this space we will come out stronger than ever before. At least that is my hope. I love him with all my heart. I couldn’t imagine having another daddy other than him. He fulfills me emotionally physically and spiritually. It’s a very rare thing to come across a partner who is everything you’ve ever wanted. I miss of course being beaten, strangled, pissed on, humiliated and used by him. I find true enjoyment from being his little pig. I find true enjoyment being at his mercy and being terrorized and humiliated by him. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it, I crave it all day long and without it I’m a little empty feeling at times. However I know we are doing the right thing and our fun will be resumed once I am in a healthier place♡

Yes, you are lucky to have such a strong master who cares about you this much. The fact that he puts law over love is testament to his commitment to you, your health, and your growth. It’s also a VERY hard thing to do when you love someone.

Use your time wisely. He will be there. Your task is to show that you can follow, even in something as difficult as this.

Bring me something I’ll enjoy using on you.

You’re tired of the boys. You need to be owned by a real man.

Good presentation matters.

It calls for a refined touch.

Do you have a #mine tag? I just don't see anything that you post of Your girl or anything?

I’ve posted a few pics of myself in the past, but I don’t post personal photos anymore.

Chores build character.

She knows I expect them to be on when I come home.

Such a good girl!

Good girls get all the right kinds of attention.

This is how you were meant to be, honey.

Feeling her true purpose.

If you love her, show her.

Good morning!

Make the connection.


Watching someone else suffer, knowing that your turn is coming. I think it might be worse than the pain itself.

And that’s why we sadists love doing it.

Stay focused!

Good girls get treated right.

They’re my property. They stay plugged.

Sometimes I just love the little joys of watching her breathe.

You know there’s no stopping this now.

Sir, may I ask you a question? Why are you so mean to your slaves? I'm not a slave but I know my Daddy loves me lots and don't get me wrong! He does punish me when I'm bad but it seems like you are punishing your salves and don't love or care for them at all I am sorry if I bothered you with my questions Sir - Mikey

It comes down to a question of what turns you on. We use the broad term “masochist” to describe someone who finds sexual pleasure from pain, and “sadist” for one who finds sexual pleasure from inflicting pain.

That would be the stock answer to questions of this nature, but human nature is not at all so simple!

It’s not simply the infliction of pain, but rather the intent behind it, from which sexual titillation springs. It is a great mixture of attitudes and dispositions which coalesce into the more broadly defined kinks we use in our nomenclature.

For example, there are some who crave being humiliated, being treated like shit, even being told they are worthless, and being made to endure humiliations that reinforce this status.

There are others who crave the helplessness of being forced to endure torture at the hands of a sadist, for no other reason than that he wants to do it to her for his own pleasure. It’s the very fact that her negative reactions only reinforce his will to continue, and that she’s powerless to stop it that makes her quivering and wet.

Still others crave being physically controlled. Grabbed by the hair, thrown around, slapped, dragged, drugged, bound, and violated. The very primalness of such an attack is what turns them on.

Physical control can even take a slower pace. There are those who wish to be physically restrained at all times. This can go from wearing handcuffs as much as possible, all the way to being locked in a dungeon forever, with no chance of escape.

And at the “lighter” end of the spectrum are those who just want to be told what to do, those who want to be hypersexual in a world that deplores such things, those who crave the pleasure of serving others, and those who crave the structure of a power relationship.

The base cause for all of these aspects (and most people will get off on more than one aspect) is an emotional need, both on the part of the sub and of the dom. The sub craves the emotional fulfillment of a particular aspect, and the dom seeks the satisfaction of fulfilling it in another.

You have “good daddies” who care for a little like a child, nurturing (often in an infantilist fashion), cherishing, even punishing when necessary. You have “bad daddies”, who create an “abusive” parent-child relationship. The former fulfills a missing love component; the latter a latent trauma that they feel compelled to address at a primal level.

You have the creepy psycho and the victim who wants to be devoured by him. You have people who suffer from heavy anxiety at the massive choices forced upon them by the modern world. You have “brats”, who often are testing to see at what point their love will be betrayed by someone in power.

In short, you have humanity, in all its beauty and ugliness.

We form these relationships not to start or continue a cycle of abuse, but rather as a catharsis, or even a counter to a world whose weight is just too oppressive for some. Once your brain gets wired a certain way, you won’t ever be satisfied in a relationship until the conditions of that wiring are fulfilled. And that can take a number of forms that many people would find shocking, perhaps even horrifying.

But it’s important to remember that we engage in these activities by CHOICE. We are functioning adults, and it is our prerogative to choose the lives we wish to live.

You know she’s yours when she can cry for you without shame.

See? I told you your cunt could dance!

Reminds me of something from today (;

You wait there, darlin’. I’ll head to town to pick up some supplies.

I provide the security she craves.

Focus must be taught.

An obedient girl is a beautiful girl.

I decide what you show, and when.

There was a time when they knew the proper way to take a wife.


Good girls are rewarded.


Do You like to read poetry or plays too?

Sometimes. I’m very picky when it comes to that. I do like Poe, and some things by Shakespeare (like Macbeth).

I so oftenly forget that this community and this way of life isn't the way the world functions (for the most part). Like one classmate said that a girl he knows uses a vibrator and all who were involved in that conversation started saying "oh my goodness, she's so kinky" etc. and made such a big deal out of it. Like, I can't imagine what would happen if they were shown a site like Yours...

Even now, I still manage to shock my friends who already know how kinky I am. It’s just such a natural thing for me that I often forget how different it is from most peoples worlds.