November 2015

Everything’s under control, dear.

Natural girl.

There is no “off”.

Proper bimbo attire.

This is how good girls do it.

I’ll take care of everything from now on.

Enjoying the view.

Every part of you is mine to do with as I please.

I approve of educational television.

I love a woman who’s comfortable with what she is.

Security and belonging.

Now I’m going to explore you.

Ladies in waiting.

Long term storage.

I give her direction and focus.

Get up! You’ve got work to do!

This is a personal question but I've been going through Your blog and stumbled upon a picture of a restricted woman under which it said "I know what you need" or sth similar... I understood that on a different level. I have a history of self-harm (which, I can't lie, hasn't ended so far) and oftenly it's physically impossible to stop myself. Most people are probably appalled by it (which makes perfect sense) but I was just wondering if such scars would be a deal-breaker for You personally.

They are most certainly NOT a deal breaker. They are a mark of need, for which I can provide.

It is my belief that self harm is an attempt at catharsis and absolution. Guilt and/or anxiety needs a form of release and forgiveness, but that cannot come without pain and punishment, because a price MUST be paid. I am the rock of stability, providing punishment, forgiveness, and direction, so that she doesn’t have to founder in the chaotic sea of life.

Patience training.

All of her needs are taken care of.

A good girl is just a girl who’s been trained right.

Good morning, my little cunt! Have you decided how you’ll convince me to let you out today?

It’s important to keep my house clean.


Seems a little nervous, just as she would be

It’s always cute when she’s a little nervous.

What you wear is MY decision.

You’re a good girl, and I’m very pleased that my property behaves so well.

I’ve been far to lenient with you, cunt. That ends now.

A good girl knows her place.

So... This is a bit out of the blue but I was wondering if You've ever read Imperium by Robert Harris? If You haven't, I think it would make for a delightful read, since You're keen on historical figures etc. But if You have, could You give an opinion on it, please?

I haven’t read it, but it looks intriguing. I generally don’t read historical fiction, because the actual history is always a lot more interesting when you start reading primary sources.

Hello, Sir, I have a question about Your personal view on this matter... I understand that a lot of time Masters demand silence from their slaves in everyday life but I was wondering if it would be possible to let her write things. For example, I'm not a garrulous person myself but I adore to write so in a theoretical situation, would it be possible for me to have a notebook or something like that and a pen (not to communicate just to put down thoughts etc.) or would that not be allowed?

A very good question!

A master wants to ensure that his slave always feels controlled. The restrictions he places upon her (physical and mental) are designed to bring home this reality in the most personal and intimate way possible.

What those restrictions are depend entirely upon the slave and her psychological makeup. They are designed to FOCUS her mind, not stifle it (the only exception being punishment). Restrictions don’t need to be absolute, either. He could restrict the times that you’re allowed to do something, or he may specify HOW you’re allowed to do it (in the writing example, he may require you to write about your submission to him, and what you’ve learned from it,  or perhaps there will be no restriction on what you write, but you must submit it to him).

Focus, growth, and submission are his ultimate goals for you. And his training’s effectiveness depend heavily upon how completely he knows you. So communicate your deepest thoughts to him, trust him, and let him take charge.

So I love the idea of being pushed to the point of breaking, the thought of being whipped and punished even when I'm screaming for it to stop. However I feel like my threshold for pain is really low. Whenever my master has spanked me or bitten me I've always been very afraid to be pushed further and my master is afraid to hurt do I get over this fear?

What you’re asking for is very dangerous, and it’s to be expected that your master is fearful. To actually break a girl requires riding a VERY fine and dangerous line. It requires a level of empathy that very few people have, and the ability to read minute physical responses. Let me walk you through the 8 levels of torment:

1. The point where you feel the initial sting and arousal.
2. The point where you want it to stop, but don’t.
3. The point where it’s too much for you, and you want it to stop now.
4. The point where you’re getting scared because it hasn’t stopped.
5. The point where the real tears, anger, and finally begging start.
6. The point where you’re alternating between screaming for help and pleading with him to stop and your head is swimming.
7. The point where nothing matters anymore. You’re powerless. You can only wait for him to finish.
8. The point where you retreat into a deep corner of your brain, away from the world of pain.

#3 is where a sub will normally use her safe word if you’re using one. #7 is the actual breaking point. #8 is where severe psychological damage begins.

Not many doms have ever gone to #7, or would even feel confident enough to recognize it before it goes on to #8.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your pain tolerance will change depending on the endorphin load in your body. This can be artificially induced by ramping up and down the pain (quick ramp up, slow ramp down to let the adrenaline dissipate, followed by quick ramp up to a higher pain threshold, and so on).

In fact, the ramp method, though it takes a lot longer, is generally safer to do and puts you WELL into subspace as you get high on the endorphins. As long as he is good with aftercare, this can be a most satisfying technique for both of you.

Tell me what you’ve learned in there, girl.

Hello again, Sir, the girl asking if gratitude and devotion really go that far here. Thank You so, so, so, SO much for taking the time and eloquence to answer my question. You really appeased my fears because this has been something I've been contemplating for some time now and it was beginning to frustrate me. So, again, thank You.

You’re very welcome! May you serve in peace.

I keep you because you need to be led.

I keep you because you need to feel safe.

I keep you because you need to serve.

I keep you because I love you.

Really? The devotion and gratitude go that far (I'm not joking, I'm being serious)? Because I would (I will) feel so dumb and incompetent for not being able to help Master more with all he has to plan etc.. I mean, I know he's the one with all the control and in no way would i want to compromise that but just help, assist in some way... Because gratitude and devotion - I have an endless supply of that. I just couldn't help but feel like a burden to him since I mean double the trouble...

There seems to always be a disconnect in thought processes when a dominant or submissive tries to place themselves in the other’s shoes.

I’ll explain the dominant’s side as best I can:

As a dominant, I want absolute control. It shows in ALL aspects of my life. I live in my own place. I will NOT have roommates. I will NOT live under someone else’s roof (except as a temporary stepping stone). I won’t even co-sign for a place with a girlfriend. This is not me being an asshole. It’s a deep seated need. If I don’t have full control, I can never be comfortable.

I have a mental map of EVERY SINGLE thing I own, when I last used it, where it goes, and why I keep it. I keep my house tidy, not because I’m a neat freak, but because everything should be in its place, otherwise I’m not comfortable.

I have a custom router, VPN, WIFI access point, server, and run my own web services because I won’t trust my data to anyone else. In a few months, I’ll start building my own house, with my own hands, so that I’ll know it was built properly and to code (you wouldn’t believe the shitty job contractors do!). I’ll use geothermal heating, solar energy, and dig a well to be 100% independent of the grid. I don’t do this out of some fear of WW III or global conspiracy; I do it because I want to be beholden to NO ONE.

My goals, plans, and strategies are also all mapped out in my mind, even if they might be a little fuzzy in places due to lack of information. I know what I’m going to do, when I’m going to do it, why I’m doing it, and what I expect to achieve.

As a submissive, you cannot satisfy me by taking any of this upon yourself. These things mark my domain, and I guard it jealously, because it is in my nature to do so. What I crave from you is your dependence, devotion, obedience, and worship. When you do the daily, repeating tasks that are fitting for a slave, you make me happy. When you worship my cock, you make me happy. When you present yourself to me, you make me happy. When you suffer for me, you make me happy. Every time you say “Yes, sir,” you brighten my day. These are your domain, and in that domain your security is assured.

Sir, I think I would be embarrassed to moan, cry out or produce any other sounds indicating pain. I'm usually a really, really, really quiet person and I'd be afraid You'd be annoyed by me making noise.

Nonsense, girl! There’s nothing more magical, alluring, and intoxicating than the sounds you make as I go to work on you. I only ever demand silence if I think it will enhance the mood, or if I’m working on your discipline. Otherwise I WANT to hear your voice.

A Master's work sounds like it never ends (I mean, I can't make claims because I'm not in that position)... Taking care of Themselves, their slave, keeping everything together. Oh my, I'd be so afraid, absolutely terrified that my Master wouldn't know how much I acknowledged and appreciated Him; that He would think me ungrateful and decided to leave... I really hope for nothing less than You getting a wonderful girl that appreciates everything You do for her and the two of You. Sorry... Anxiety.

A master’s work never does end. It’s up to him to make sure everything runs according to his plan. He is always two steps ahead of his slave, cutting the path they will take, keeping them both safe and secure, planning for the future, making sure nothing can touch them or ruin things. It’s in our nature to do this, but it can sure get exhausting sometimes. And that’s where a slave’s devotion and gratitude can work miracles. With her worship, he can move mountains. She is the nitro to his engine.

The bigger they are, the harder I flog.

That’s the face I love to see.

I can always find a use for you.

She knows when she’s been treated right.

It’s the very darkness you fear in yourself that attracts me, girl.

You’re just so much fun to have around!

I’ll give her some time to consider her position.

It’s so much fun because she knows I’m not going to stop.

They’re not yours, slave. That’s why I do it.

A useful slave is a happy slave.

You don’t decide when it comes, or for how long.

These are mine.

You’ve waited an eternity for someone man enough to handle you.