January 2016

Of all views, the obedient view is the best.


This is what your training is all about. It’s fun when you struggle. It’s fun to make you cry and beg. It satisfies a deep part of me to do that.

But this. This is what really gets me. This is what makes me proud.

I wish you and your slave a long and happy life. It makes me happy and hopeful that you found each other. Just wanted to send some positivity your way. Screw what the others think.

Thanks! We’re forging our own path.

Above all else,

No matter what we do,

At the end of the day,

I am her sworn protector

I very much enjoy your blog. I committed myself to my Daddy at an extremely fast pace as well. I abandoned everything I knew in order to be with him. He owns me & we are extremely happy together. We now have a house & a new baby together. I'm sure if I would have started my blog as a single lady & then announced my decision and activities I would have received the same backlash as you two. Judging is what an audience does.I'm glad you guys have found each other. It doesn't happen for everyone.

Thanks so much for your support! And congratulations on your life together!

Question, can she take the collar off? I have a bracelet with my slave registration numbering on it, that can't come off! But the collar is very cute.

Yes, she must take it off when discretion requires it. And it will remain that way so long as we’re living apart. That’s why I didn’t put a locking clasp on it.

We now resume transmission

I silenced the blog for awhile in order to clean house.

When we chose to share our journey with you, we were not expecting such strong reactions. Disagreement is good, but sometimes it can be taken too far.

Most of you were supportive. Some voiced concerns, and that’s fine. Others were downright rude and disrespectful, and have been blocked. A small number crossed the line, violating Tumblr’s anti-harassment policy, and have been dealt with accordingly. I will not tolerate abuse.

Sometime in the coming months, Meatball will reach a fork in the road. The decision is entirely hers to make. I will honor it, and so will you, regardless of which way she goes. She has the right to choose her path.

So called “loyal” followers!

To all my sirs so called “loyal” followers that know nothing about our relationship shut up. You have attacked me ever since ya’ll have figured out about our relationship and i’m sick and tired of it. The past week has been a living hell and left me questioning if I could even go through with this anymore. My anxiety is on high alert right now with me having an anxiety attack every time I log on to tumblr and see there is a message. I’m so done with ya’lls crap. Ya’ll should be happy that he found someone not attacking us, but hey ya’ll have nothing better to do then make people hate their lives right? I’m so done… 


Hello, I just wanted to say I'm happy for you two and I wish nothing but the best for both of you. It is ultimately your own business, people should respect it and understand timing/the amount of time is not the determining factor of an entire relationship. I hope all the judgement passes soon. :)

Thanks so much! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Oh no, oh no no no. Poor Meatball. Oh dear, I have anxiety too so I can relate. She doesn't deserve this. She is a ray of sunshine, a beautiful ladybug, pure concentrated light. I'm so so glad she has You, Sir, and I am so very angry and sorry for the negativity. You two are both so wonderful and together absolutely invincible. I adore you two and the incredible devotion you share. I wish a quick recovery to Meatball and future serenity to your relationship. :) All will be well.

Thank you. It’s harder for her since this relationship is long distance until the summer. I so badly want to hold her and tell her it’s alright, and it breaks my heart to know she’s hurting…

I have watched the turmoil in silence but have to speak up now. Your primary function in this relationship is to protect this woman. You took on that responsibility and you failed. You put her in an environment she wasn't ready for before your relationship had the chance to build the strength and trust needed to weather the storm. I feel that others' concern although not stated well were justified, Others did not act well but you also have to acknowledge your own role in this.

You don’t have a fucking clue how anxiety works. Educate yourself before you post again.

What is it about happy news that makes the evil people come out of the woodwork? Everything was fine until you ignorant assholes started posting your vitriol. And then you have the GALL to try spreading the blame???

Hey! My sir and I follow both your blog and meatballs and we wish you both nothing but the best! You guys are adorable and I loved watching you come together! Stay strong and give her hugs!

Thanks so much! We really appreciate your support :)

Nice going, assholes

Nice going with the hate mail, assholes. Meatball suffers from anxiety, and all your “helpful” hate mail came right as I gave her access to my account. Now she’s afraid to even go on her own blog for fear of what nastiness she might find in her inbox!

So yeah, way to go, “community”. Nice job “protecting” people. This is exactly why I want to build a safe place.

Any further hate mail gets deleted. I won’t have her suffer at your hands.

It’s a hole for my use.

Aiming Higher

The crowd is there to keep you in your box.
The crowd is there to tell you you’re crazy.
The crowd is there to criticize your choices.
The crowd is there to prevent change.

The crowd is not your friend.
Fuck the crowd.

You’ll hide nothing from me. I don’t care how scared you are that I’ll turn away.

All you need to do is obey. I’ll take care of the rest.

This is your home.

This is where you belong.

I know you desperately need to feel this way.

You’re mine. My chains shackle your soul.

I’ll love you, tender and rough.

The wanting

Oh my goodness, I'm late, I'm so late! I haven't been here some time and missed The Big Thing. -.-'' But eeeeek, You're with a girl now!!! Congratulations!! :DDD I'm so happy for both of you!! :D Oh my goodness, you're going to be together forever and ever! I wish so much love to the both of you (though I know you won't be lacking any)! Just... I'm really so happy for You and her, it's so rare to see love and devotion these days. So, again, huge yaaay for the love you two have! :DD

Thanks so much! Meatball is very sensitive, so it will mean a lot to her to receive such kind words :)

Domestic life.

Im just curious, is there any particular reason why you call your girl meatball? Also, dont worry about what these other people are saying about collaring her. They have no right to be so disrespectful to you and her.

Thanks. It’s from a little song she came up with, and the name stuck :)

This will calm the shakes.

I’ll make you feel

She’ll wait as long as I decide before the real torment begins.

You two cannot be serious with your posts today. I have to think that all of the posturing for the last few years was crap because a few weeks then collaring is crazy. It sounds like the set up for something really dysfunctional and rife with issues honestly. Good luck I guess.

Suit yourself.


Hey guys Kat(meatball) here I’m his slave and I see some of y'all have a problem with him collaring me so soon in our relationship. Well if you have a problem with it there is a very nice button that you can hit and you’ll never have to see anything dealing with our relationship again it’s called the unfollow button. My sir is the best thing that happened to me and I’m not gonna let people that hate affect our relationship. Hate if you want but it doesn’t bother us. He’s the first master that has ever acted on his love for me. He didn’t have to come see me he didn’t had to do any of that stuff for me, but he did cuz he loves me and I love him. If y'all don’t like what you see you don’t have to follow us.

The ultimate freedom is the freedom to be what you are.

The same shackles meatball wore last weekend ;-)

Now to wipe that smirk off her face.


…I can be quite annoying when I feel bad ;-) 

A real master handles this. Gladly.

I’m in charge of her exercise program.

Did you collar her the very first time you met her....?

Yes, on Friday. It had to be that way since she currently lives 2000 miles away from me.

See? All it needed was the right decorative touch.

Keep your toes up and they won’t pull so much, dear.

Cardio is important.

I don't have a question, but wanted to comment upon your post that before even discussing with a submissive the possibility of a relationship a Dom should be positive he/she is ready for the responsibilities. In at least one past relationship I was told by a prospective Dom that I came off as "needy." Once years ago and as recently as a month ago. In the past I took it to heart and tried so hard not to be needy. Now I know the difference. This time I knew that while I was ready, he was not.

I’ve found that most subs I’ve been with “come off as needy.” From my experience, it comes with the territory, and it’s something that attracts me.

Just think about it for a moment. Who is going to want you to run so much of their life, except for those who are “needy”? And who would ever be willing to take on the responsibility of running other peoples’ lives except for those who appreciate and desire this quality?

I’m sure there are many different degrees of this, but if your dom keeps saying you’re too needy, it probably means the dom is not right for you. And if your sub keeps saying you’re too distant, it probably means the sub is not right for you.

The Collaring

I’ve spent the past week preparing to collar my girl, meatball.

This is a very special occasion, and I wanted it to be right, so I decided to build her collar by my own hand. This was a surprisingly difficult task, despite my experience working with leather. With normal restraints, you don’t care too much about blemishes or rough edges. They’re tools, built for wear and tear. Not so with a collar, and definitely not for a collar of ownership! This had to be perfect, because my collar speaks of how much she means to me.

After many, many false starts and dead-end designs (my sewing machine couldn’t handle complex stitching patterns on leather this thick), I came up with an elegant and discreet look.


First, a paper prototype:


Looks good. Now to cut the leather into ¾" strips:


The inner and outer portion need to be offset so that it curves naturally:


Punch holes for the rivets:


Glue the strips:


Hammer in the rivets:


Attach the clasp:


Sand all edges:


Coat with moisture protector:


Ready for my slave:


On Friday, I boarded a plane and traveled 2000 miles to meet her. That evening, she accepted my collar and became my slave.


This is dedicated to my precious meatball, whom I would move heaven and earth to protect.

Show me how much you want it.

Love from above.

What is your opinion on an woman being dominated by a younger man? Three years age difference, early 20s.

A man either has the power, or he doesn’t.

My Master is losing interest in me and I feel like my world is falling apart. He told me that this was forever and he lied. I've conditioned and trained myself to depend on him for acceptance and self-esteem... I don't know how to handle myself without him. I feel scared and alone. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Are you sure that he’s losing interest? Have you spoken to him about it?

The single most common cause of relationship failure is lack of communication. I cannot stress this enough.

Regardless of the underlying nature of your relationship (master/slave, daddy/baby, etc), you MUST have a method in place for open and honest communication (which is why I have the “free talk” protocol)

As you point out, you rely upon him for everything, in particular your self-esteem. This places a HUGE weight of responsibility upon his shoulders, and I wish that would-be masters would contemplate the full implications of this up front before they even CONSIDER taking on a slave! This is no game.

My advice to you is to sit down with him and talk to him about your feelings, honestly and openly. If you do not have a structure in place that allows it, impress upon him the importance of it. Show him this blog post if you have to. This is SO important, and would still be important even if your relationship was progressing smoothly (take heed, all who read this!)

If he actually is going to leave, then the VERY LEAST he could do is help you find a proper master. Abandoning a ward is the worst form of cowardice.

You’re the third person who has contacted me about this issue. I’m beginning to think it might be a good idea to start up a network of vetted doms and subs, to make a safe place to live our lifestyle…