February 2016

I just can’t get enough of my girl


Work can be stressful. My girl knows that.

With the demise of finishing schools, I’ve taken on her training myself.

A useful slave is a happy slave

I won’t leave her to die, but I like her to know that I could.

Always keep your toys plugged in and charged.

Love and discipline.

Obedience training

Always provide a stimulating environment.

She doesn’t need to go far.

Domestic life is a good life.

Everyone has their place in this world.

Cute as a button!


DelightfulGina in chains.

Photo: fetlab.


Boy is it cold! As I head to the front door I can feel the splintery air attack my lungs, only to be expelled in a stream of vapor, curling and fading away into the quiet, still morning air. Everything’s prepared for our ride, and the horses are ready. All that’s left is to tack up. This’ll probably be the last time before the snow starts, so we want to make the most of it. But all in good time. For now, breakfast!

I step into the kitchen and spy my little Meatball. A vision of loveliness, she’s wearing her customary kitchen uniform of an apron, her collar, a fox tail plug, and nothing else. I simply cannot resist her. Stepping up from behind, I wrap my hands around her. “Almost done, princess?” “Yes daddy.” she says, turning to accept my kiss. My hand inevitably moves downward, fondling the curves of her ass. “I’m still working, daddy!” she chides. “So breakfast’ll be a little late.” I say. “No, daddy, it’ll burn, and then I’ll get punished!” She does have a point.

I take a seat at the table and pretend to check the morning news while I watch her move around. Her tail swishes as she floats, almost dances between stations. A plate appears before me: bacon, eggs, toast, to perfection. As I dig in, she chops her food into bite sized pieces, puts them in her bowl, and takes her place at my feet to eat. She loves wiggling to make her tail move, and I love running my hand between her legs. Just your average domestic morning.

I finish before her, and start to get up, but she’s just too enticing! I sit back down and feel between her legs again. She jumps a bit when I reach her cunt, but otherwise continues eating. My finger runs along the swell of her mound, taking on some wetness as it crosses the opening. Her breathing changes as fingers probe closer, closer… Holding steady on the nub. I grab her tail and pull gently, just enough to get her to move against my finger. There we go! A moan from her face buried in the food dish. “Does that feel good, princess?” “Yes daddy.” I give her tail some slack, then pull back again, repeating until she starts rubbing back and forth against my finger. “mmmm!” “Is there something you want, meatball?” I tug again, watching her move. “Yes, daddy!” “What is it?” Tug. Tug. “I wahaaaant!” Her sentence stops abruptly as I push my finger up harder. “I want you inside me, sir!” Tug. Tug. “That’ll make a mess, princess. Who’ll clean it up?” Tug. Tug. “I will, daddy!” Tug. “How will you clean it up?” Tug. “With my tongue!” she gasps. Tug. Tug. “Please, daddy!”

“Take it out.” I say. She turns around and fumbles with my pants. Her forehead creases as she carefully pulls them down, then returns to her position, holding her tail up for me. I probe. I rub. I explore. She breathes. I push in. “Unhhhh” she moans. “Do you like that, princess?” “Unn yes daddy!” “Start fucking it, then.”

She does as she’s told, pushing, pulling, breathing, moaning as she glides along the shaft. This is getting me riled up, and soon enough we’re moving in sync. I grab her thighs and pull HARD. A gasp. More rhythm, faster, slower, hard, soft. Her moans are music, the soprano to my baritone. Our song grows strong, frenzied, and soon I’m jackhammering into her. “Uh! Uh! Uhdaddycanipleasecum! Uh! Uh!” “Yes you may!” Her entire body tenses and shakes. I thrust hard and deep, exploding into her.

Mornings are great! “Clean it up.” I say, pulling out. Obediently, she turns around and cleans it off before closing my pants up. I point to a small puddle on the floor, which she also cleans with her tongue. “That’s my good girl!”

After dinner conversation.

My girl is a good girl.

I take care of everything.

Well cared for

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Keeping the animals together

I don’t ask. I take.

Evenings always end well with me.

Enjoy, dear!

Tucking her in.

No, you may not touch yourself.

Train well and I might reward you.

I decide at my pleasure what happens to you.

We both know this turns you on, slut.

It’s best to capture them in their natural habitat.

You gotta stay in there, honey.

The proper adornment.

I know what you like.

Enjoying her stay.

My love supports her.

With me, there’s no doubt about who you belong to.

Service is sexy.

You don’t need to do anything but be for awhile.

Ahh, sundecks.

She’s so fucking sexy when she suffers for me.

All parts accounted for.

Good girl

When you do things right, her body reacts.

I can always find a use for you.

how to make my wife so horny and begging for sex in extreme. Should I speak abusive or do something different. I want to take extreme pleasure of sex when I meet at her in the night.

I honestly don’t know. I don’t know your wife. If you want to rev her engine up, first you need to learn what makes her tick. Part of that is simply talking to her, getting her to describe things that turn her on. Part of it is trying new things, observing her body language, and then TALKING about it afterwards. It’s on you to bridge the gap.

Make sure she gets regular checkups.