February 2016

Teaching her how to present it properly.

I never go anywhere without her in tow.

No escape.

I give her plenty of freedom to move around.

Sitting pretty.

Nothing to worry about but me.

Feel the worries of the day just melt away.

The natural order.

Ohhhh, You're back, You're back!! I'm so happy You're back!!! :DDD I was beginning to get worried you would quite Tumblr because of all the negativity... How are You? And Meatball? Is she all right now? I hope all is well with the both of you. :)

Yup, everything cleaned up and back to normal for the most part :)

I would be what ever you wanted..

Nuuu he’s not interested he’s mine

I'm sure I would enjoy a stay with you 😈

Alas, I am a monogamist. Only meatball will do!

It’s important for her to be mobile enough to do her chores.

Bedtime is funtime!

💞💞💞💋💋Love it baby 💋

Thanks! Enjoy your stay!

Fun time with daddy.


pretty colors <3

A woman’s ass is made to be loved.


“mmuuhh. nuhmm.”
I look up from my book. The black leather hood bobs slightly as she tries to talk.
“Something you want, honey?” I ask.
“mmm hmm.”
I get up and stroll over, sitting on the edge of the bed. She stirs slightly, her covers slipping down past her shoulders, revealing the beauty underneath.
Her lips emerge as I undo the zipper that held her mouth shut. I put my fingers to them and they part obediently, accepting my invasion. “What do you want?” My fingers probe deeper, tickling the back of her throat before withdrawing.
“I need to cum, daddy.” she says.
“Oh do you?” I ask.
She nods, the hood bobbing up and down.
“Well, what do you propose to do for it?”
She’s silent for a bit. “I dunno.”
I smile. “Well I’ll tell you what. I’ll get things started and you can think of something along the way.”
“Can’t I just cum, daddy?” she asks plaintively.
“No, princess. You know the rules.”
“Pleeeeease?” She’s so precious.
“I’m already letting you think of something along the way.”
“But I can’t think of anything!”
“This will motivate you, dear.”
“But what if I don’t think of anything?”
“You’ll have to. You’re not getting out of this until you do.”
“You’re so mean!” she pouts.
“Would you rather I leave?”
“No!” she says quickly, a little panic in her voice.
“Then start behaving yourself, little girl.”
I pull the sheets back, revealing the reason for her consternation. A chain runs along the center of the bed, anchored to each end. Her cuffs, fetters, and collar are all attached inline to it behind her back, allowing her to slide them independently along the chain, but not sit up.
I release the center chain and seat her against the headboard. Her legs are together, but they part quickly when I slide my hand between them, leaving her in a lotus sitting position. I kiss her lips, enjoying her eagerness.
I run my hand along her thigh, slowly, deliberately. “Whose is this?”
“Yours, daddy.”
My hand moves further up, my finger probing the wetness between her legs. Her breath catches as a small convulsion runs through her body. “And who does this belong to?”
“You, daddy.” she says, swallowing hard.
I gather up the wetness and present it to her lips. She sucks on my fingers greedily.
Obediently she sits as I work the laces on her hood, and it comes off in a cascade of hair, her eyes blinking unaccustomedly to the sudden light. I give her a gentle caress, kissing her forehead. “Is that better?” She nods.
I grab handfuls of tits, giving me leverage to lift her into a better position.
“Give me some spit.” I say, cupping my hand under her chin. She obeys, and I spread it around her cunt. My fingers probe, feeling along the outside. There’s already a wet patch on the sheets underneath her. My finger pokes inside, moving slowly, coating itself in her desire. She breathes in, her whole body pulling in with it. “Keep them open!” I command, smacking her thighs. Her legs part again.
I resume, sliding lazily up and down, watching her body jerk slightly whenever I hit the right spots. I can control her breathing just by touching her differently.
I continue teasing her before letting my finger slide all the way down, and inside. Her little gasp is the sweetest music. I hold it there, feeling her body move, then attune myself to it, moving in and out to the rhythm. She’s breathing faster, and my fingers are soaked. I take them out to let her clean them. She looks so precious with her lips puckered around my digits, her eyes aflame with desire.
I return my attention to her cunt. Up the valley my finger goes, until it finds the nub. I leave it there, letting her body trigger it with every little movement. She’s breathing harder. Her hips are gyrating. I give a nice little stroke every now and then. She’s completely at my mercy.
I can keep this up all day. She can’t. Her voice grows stronger and stronger, until…
“Daddy, may I please cum?”
“What are you going to do for it?”
A plaintive look. “I don’t know…”
“You’d better think of something.”
I continue working her cunt. “Daddy, PLEASE!” she cries.
“You know what it takes, princess.”
“Daddy I can’t!!”
“Can’t what?”
“Can’t… hold…” her eyes start to flutter. I grab her hair and jerk her face towards mine. “DON’T YOU DARE CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION!”
She’s shaking, tears brimming in her eyes. “Do you want me to bring you down so you can think?” She nods. “Present your tits.”
They jerk to the left and right, gradually turning red as I smack them. Satisfied, I kiss her forehead and wipe her tears away. “What’ll it be, meatball?”
She thinks for a bit. “The… the clamps.”
“The heavy ones that you hate?”
She nods, looking so small.
“Very well.” I get up and fetch them from the play room. They pack a mean bite, and her eyes never leave them as I sit down beside her again.
“Are you ready?” She nods solemnly. “Present your tits.”
She bites her lower lip as I carefully position the first clamp, then let go. “Ah!” she winces. “Stay in position.” I position the other one, and let go, watching her suffer. “What do you say?”
“Thank you, sir.” I wipe her tears again and kiss her. “You’re such a good girl!”
I leave her momentarily, and bring an electric toothbrush. The trick with a toothbrush is the light touch. Play a bit, remove, play some more, remove. It drags things out, and it’s a lot more fun.
Whimpers turn to breathing, breathing turns to moans. Soon, she’s back to where she was.
“Please, daddy, may I cum?”
“Not yet, dear.”
“But I’m wearing the clamps!” she whines.
“Yes you are, and I’ll let you cum, but not yet.”
“Uooooh daddy I need to cum PLEASE!”
I say nothing.
“Please daddy pleasepleaseohpleaseicantholdit!”
I flip her over. “Ass up!” That ass stands solidly at attention, and I’m hard as fuck. I push inside, her cunt gladly accepting me every step of the way.
“Uuuuuuhhh please daddy!”
“Wait for daddy, little girl.” I start pumping, her cunt clenching in a death grip.
“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” comes her voice in time to the smacking of skin on skin.
I pull off the clamps. “Cum now!”
She lets out a scream, fluid squirting everywhere. I explode into her.
All is right with the universe.
She sinks into the sheets. I release her bonds.
Her head is in my lap and I’m stroking her hair lovingly.
“Thank you, daddy.” she says. I kiss her. “You’re such a good girl!”

Good girl

Your place is where I say it is.

Nature walks are the best!

A whipping a day keeps the brattiness away.

Are you (and your beautiful girl of course) feminists in any way? Because it seems to me that feminism also is about being free to live a life the way you want it to and also live out specific fetishes if you want to?

Feminist in the traditional sense of self determination and not being blocked by society from pursuing your life goals.

Not feminist in the sense of “Any power you give to a man is treason to your kind.”