March 2016

Ah, sir, I'm so happy for you and meatball! I hope I find my first trial with my partner goes as well as your first contact- as a switch, I hope I find my partner as lovely and obedient as meatball, & as thoughtful and strong as you, sir. Also, I meant to ask- do you mind when people other than meatball call you sir? For some including me, I prefer only my subs/partners to address me as madam but any doms/dommes older or more experienced than I are still referred to as sir/ma'am. Thoughts?

Thanks! I don’t mind at all when other people use terms of respect with me. Of course, it has special meaning when uttered by my sub due to what we share.

I suppose it comes down to the level of assumed intimacy in the words. I wouldn’t be comfortable with other people calling me “daddy”, for example.

First Contact

What a beautiful morning! It’s damn cold outside, but quite cozy in the hotel room. Meatball’s just woken up, so it’s time to secure her chains. I put her on the floor, then attach a single chain running from her collar, attaching to her wrist cuffs, and then finally her ankle cuffs. They give just enough play for her to crawl around, but not enough for her to stand up. Last of all, I put her into a panel trainer gag. She looks positively adorable in it! “Come!” I say, leading her to a chair. She takes up position in front of me so that I can rest my feet on her back as I flip through the channels. Oh nice! Mythbusters is on.

A knock at the door. I have Meatball keep low beside the bed, just out of view, then open the door. “Room service!” says the girl at the door. I motion her in. She goes to the table, not 10 feet away from Meatball, and sets down the tray, removing the top to show me the omelette within. I vaguely listen to her talk, wondering what she’d do if she were to move two more feet over and have a full view of my girl. It’s times like these that I wish I had a remote vibe inserted in Meatball, just to keep things interesting.

After she leaves, I call out: “Come here, Meatball. Time for breakfast.” I can hear the chains clinking as she crawls laboriously towards the desk. Now bear in mind, this is our first meeting, so she has no idea what to expect. I can only imagine what’s going through her head as I split out half the omelette and put it into a dog bowl, placing it on the floor next to the desk before removing her panel gag. “Eat up!” I say. “Yes, sir.” I sit down at the desk and eat my breakfast, Meatball at my feet with her head in the dog bowl. Yes, life is good!

“Would you like some water?” I ask. “Yes, sir.” she says. I fill the bowl in the sink, then put it down for her. She drinks up while I fondle her ass a bit. “I need to pee, sir.” she says. Damn… I don’t feel like undoing her chains, and she can’t stand up. Fuck it. “Come!” I say, leading her into the bathroom. I bring her to the bathtub, then lift her in. “Go in there.” I say. She does her business while I clean out the dog bowl in the sink. “I’m done, sir.” she says. She actually can’t get out on her own. That would be interesting, but I have other plans for her right now. I lift her out and lead her back to the bed, lifting her onto it. “Ass up.”

It’s our first meeting, so I’ll go easy. “I’m going to work on your ass a bit. I want you to count for me.” “Yes, sir.” I brought my shorter double-tail whip. It’s only two feet long, and can do anything from a light tickle to heavy welts. I’ll do somewhere in between. Swish! That beautiful sound of leather striking flesh. “One.” she says. Swish! “Two.” She’s got such a fucking awesome ass. Swish! “Three.” Perfect for this kind of thing. Swish! “Four.” Ooh that one left a nice mark. Swish! “Five.” OK this is getting me hard. Swish! “Six.” She’s handling this quite well. I turn it up a notch. Swish! “hhhhhhhst! Seven.” That’s better. Swish! “unh! Eight.” Swish! “Aah! Nine.” Swish! “nnn! Ten!”

Alright, enough of that. I’m fucking hard. I throw the whip aside and drop my pants. “Get over to the edge of the bed.” I say, and she positions herself to give me a better angle. “Do you want daddy’s cock, Meatball?” “Yes, daddy!” she says. “Here it is.” I say, putting it against her cunt. “Push into it.” She pushes back, impaling herself on me. “Does that feel good?” “Mmm yes, daddy.” I start an easy rhythm, getting a feel for her. She’s already so wet that she’s left drippings on the sheets. Thrust! Thrust! She’s in sync now, backing into me as I slam into her. I grab hold of her thighs and start pulling her back harder. “uh! uh! uh!” She’s moaning, I’m grunting, the chains jingle to the beat. “Please may I cum, sir?” she asks. “No.” I say, and continue fucking her. “Please, sir, I need to cum.” “You hold it, Meatball!” “Yes… sir…” she breathes. She’s groaning now, her voice frenzied. I continue hammering into her. “Sir… please… please…” she begs between thrusts. “Cum now.” I say, and slam hard. “Ughuuuh!”

She’s on her side, panting. I’m laying beside her, stroking her hair. Yes, I think this clinches it: We’re compatible.

(I’m going to mark things that really happened with #truestory)

Re-Purposing for Electrical Play

Let’s face it: e-stim toys are either viciously expensive, or crap. After getting fed up with the crap, but not willing to submit to highway robbery, I decided that a creative approach was in order.

Electrical play toys all seem to use a 2.5mm phono jack, which is easy enough to buy at your local electronics shop.


With a bit of solder and a couple of terminals, you can easily turn a $50 rechargeable dog training collar into a fun toy. Even better: It’s remote controlled with a range of 300 yards!

Here it is, feeding power to an anal plug, as used on Meatball:


But wait! There’s more!

This thing also has a vibrate mode with 100 levels! I just need to find a replacement housing that’s more conducive to such a function. Then I can dress her up for a night at the opera, plus a little extra ;-)

Is meatball swedish... or italian? *cymbals*

I’m actually neither

Does Meatball have a tumblr? I would love to follow her too!

She does, but I removed all links to it after a bunch of nasty people started harassing her and I had to go through a lot of hassle to get their accounts terminated. Nobody fucks with my girl.

(and no, please don’t ask for it privately, either)

Oh wow, I honestly had no idea that there were fictional! Well either way, I absolutely love them and im sure Meatball does too! And i see that you are on your way to see her again, i hope you two have a wonderful time together!

Yup, had a great time last night! See previous post.

Hello, call me crazy but i really thought these accounts were true and for some reason she was with you. You have an amazing imagination but it has reminded me not all you read on anywhere not just the internet is true.

Quite true! What I’ve actually done with her is not that far off from what’s in the stories. I just hadn’t seen much point in writing about what we’d done together since we were both there, and know what we did already. But maybe it does make sense to commit it to paper. Memories have a tendency to fade over time, after all.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that i loooooove reading all the things you have to say about what you've been doing with Meatball! They're amazing and they definitely give me ideas for the future with my very own Daddy! Please keep writing! I always look forward to them! 😊

Thanks so much! But do bear in mind that these are fictional accounts. I write them for Meatball’s benefit in order to give her insight into my mind, and an idea of what life with me is going to be like.

Actually, come to think of it, I do have one true story of our first encounter that I haven’t spoken of yet, but it’ll have to wait as I’m currently in the airport, about to board a plane to meet her again.

(See you soon, Meatball!)

Voice Training

Meatball is standing in the middle of the room, watching me eat breakfast. I normally let her eat at my feet, but today I’m feeling sadistic, and that means she must suffer for me. This isn’t the painful part; just a little warmup. A simple setup, I’ve attached her wrists to her collar, and then left her with an ass hook attached to the ceiling. Oh, and mint toothpaste. I smeared some around her cunt so that she’d have something to take her mind off the hook in her ass. Anyway, I told her that she’s not allowed to complain, or make any noise at all. So far she’s whimpered twice, so I’ve got to decide what to beat her with. Decisions, decisions…

I dig into my eggs while chewing a slice of toast, with a beautiful view of her squirming on her hook. She really is beautiful; I don’t know what I’d do without her. I just love that look of helplessness. Technically, I could leave her there all day and there’s not a thing she could do about it, I ponder as I chew thoughtfully on a strip of bacon. Saturdays are the best. No appointments, nowhere we need to be. Aside from chores, the whole day is free! I sit back in my chair and sip my tea.

Meatball lets out another short whimper. “That’s three.” I say. She cringes, and stares at the ground. God I love her! I slowly finish my tea, then get up to inspect her. That cunt is looking a bit red now. She pulls back at my touch, but I grab her ass and roughly pull her back. You’re mine. “That’s three times. 15 strokes. I’ll let you decide which implement.” She thinks for a minute. “The paddle, sir.” “Excellent choice!” I say, and go fetch it from the toy room. “Kiss it first to consecrate it.” She stretches her head forward to kiss her punishment device. “Now I want you to remain silent, but I’m giving you a way to get your voice back. If you can remain completely silent for five strokes in a row, I’ll let you cry out for the rest.” “Thank you, sir.” she says.

“Are you ready?” I ask. She nods quickly and steels herself. Smack! Her head shoots back as she holds everything in. Smack! She twists from side to side, but still holds her silence. Smack! Again, silence. I’m impressed! Smack! She almost loses her balance. I grab her to keep her steady. “One more. Keep quiet and I’ll free your mouth.” Smack! She goes rigid, standing on her toes, then relaxes. “VERY good, Meatball! You’ve made me proud!” I hold her head and kiss her. “Thank you, sir.” she says. “Now for the last 10, you can make as much noise as you want, dear.” I swing for her ass. She has the most beautiful voice, and I do love hearing her song of torment. With each impact, she twists to and fro, turning and bending but never able to escape the hook that keeps her in place. By the time her punishment is done, I’m so hard I can hardly think straight.

“Daddy’s gonna use your ass hole now.” I say as I unhook her. Quickly, she kneels and bends down, presenting her ass to me. I lube up, then start poking. “Open up, honey!” I say. “Yes, sir.” Soon enough I’ve gained entry, and am slowly pushing, sliding in deeper, deeper with each cycle until I’m hard against her ass, smacking into it as I fuck her. I can feel the heat where I’ve been spanking her. Grabbing her thighs, I start ramming hard. She’s moaning. I’m grunting. I’m inside her hole, my property. Gaaaaaaaaah!

Her face is against the floor, panting. I pull out, then smack her ass. “Get up.” She obeys. “Finish cleaning up, then go wash your cunt off.” “Yes, sir.”

This is what you are.

Meatball loves it when I do this.

How to be a good girl.


Oh good! Meatball’s knee pads have arrived! And it’s the perfect kind of day, too! “Meatball, come here!” I shout. “Yes, daddy?” she says, entering the room. She’s naked, of course. “Put these on.” I say, handing her the pads. She looks a bit confused, but obeys. “Now get down. You’re not to stand.” I lead her into the toy room so I can fetch the rest of the gear.

I’ve made a locking metal waist ring, which I wrap around her waist, then secure with a padlock. Next, I attach two lengths of chain to each side, and connect them to her ankle irons. It gives her enough mobility to crawl, but not enough slack to actually stand up. Now she’s got no choice but to remain on the ground. Next comes a bit gag I fashioned out of an old horse bridle. I lock it in place, then get her tail plug. With a bit of lube and encouragement, it slips into place. I clip on a leash, and lead her out of the house.

Such a great day for a walk! Meatball’s in front, her tail swaying as she crawls. We go past the canopy of trees, out to the trails beyond. They extend for miles through the wilderness. I pick one, and we saunter along, enjoying the great outdoors. I hardly even need to use the crop on her ass; she’s taken to it quite well. After a good hour in the sun, I figure it’s a good time for a break. I take a swig from my water bottle, then pull out a bowl and fill it for Meatball. I run my hand down her back and along her ass while she drinks.

As I pour the unused water back in her bottle, I hear her say “Gaggi I neeg ha fee!” “Go ahead, princess.” I say, lifting her tail and tucking it under her waist ring so it won’t get soiled. Nothing happens for awhile, but eventually it comes trickling out and down her legs to the ground. Her business done, I put her tail back to normal and we carry on.

After awhile, we reach the point I’d been aiming for: a mini-peak of sorts. It commands a stunning view of the valley below; the perfect vista for fucking. “Present your ass.” I say. She lifts it up, arching her back as I’ve taught her. Beautiful. I run my hands on her ass, down her thighs, feeling every part of my property. With her tail tucked into her waist ring again, all I see is a very inviting cunt. I open my fly and let my cock rub against her ass, moving around, down to the thighs, between her legs, up to the vulva. Slow movement. I can feel her wetness. Breaking the surface, the head runs up and down the opening, announcing its presence. Meatball’s already breathing harder through her gag.

My cock finds purchase, and slides in slowly. I hear her gasp. She’s like a bitch in heat with her ass up like this. I look around at the miles of nature surrounding us. Interesting… There are a couple of elk watching from a short distance away. Usually it’s us watching them fuck. I smile and start thrusting into her, pulling back on her leash.

This is what being a man is all about. I’m in a rhythm, listening to her beautiful moans, watching the trees sway in the afternoon sun, feeling her ass slam into me as I carry out Nature’s great mission. “Gaggi cah cum?” she asks. “No, you may not, pumpkin.” I say, continuing my easy rhythm. This is far too majestic a scene to end so early! There’s a certain way a submissive girl moans. Any dominant will recognize it instantly, and it’s a huge fucking turn on. Meatball’s been doing it almost since I penetrated her. “Gaggi cah cum?” she asks again. “No, princess.” I say, and continue riding her. “Gaggi…” “I said no. Now behave!” She puts her head down to the ground and moans as I grab her thighs and continue thrusting into her. I pick up the pace, slamming in violently. “uuUUUUuuUUUuuUUUU!” Her head is sideways against the ground, her eyes unfocused. Suddenly she gets really loud. “UUUH Gaggi! Gaggi!” “Hold it!” “Gaggi i cah!” she cries. She’s mine. I own all of her; even that. She’s a mess now, sobbing and drooling in the dirt. “Alright, Meatball. You can cum.” She lets out a scream that echoes in the distance. I’m hardly listening, though; too busy shooting my load into her.

Finally I’m done. Meatball’s still lying in the dirt, ass in the air, head on the ground, panting. I zip up, tug her leash, and we turn to go back home. “Yes, I do love the great outdoors!” I think to myself, watching the cum drip out of her cunt as she crawls down the path in front of me.

Good girl.

Beauty must be controlled.


It’s a beautiful day for a walk in the woods! Meatball’s super excited, and hasn’t stopped talking about the picnic all morning. We’re past the creek and a bit up the mountain, close to the edge of the property. I’d finished cutting the brush back enough to clear a path the other day. Meatball runs up ahead, then comes back. “Oh daddy, it’s beautiful!” She’s seen the clearing. I knew she’d like it.

The ground is clover, and one solitary oak tree sits in the middle, its great branches offering shade. We pick a nice spot to set up. Meatball lays down the cloth, and then unpacks the food she’d prepared. I fiddle around with the rest of the equipment, pulling out four ground spikes that I hammer into the ground around the setting cloth. “What are those for, daddy?” asks Meatball. She must see something in my look, because she instantly turns and bolts, getting a good 30 yards before I catch her and sling her over my shoulder.

I’ve got her secured to the ground anchors now, her mouth well gagged. I pull out a pair of scissors and run them slowly down her cheek, along her neck, down her stomach. “I don’t think I want you wearing this dress anymore, princess.” I say. She tries to say something, but I specifically chose this particular gag because I don’t want to hear it. I put the blades along the hem, then begin cutting, working my way slowly and methodically up, past her waist, to the neckline, cutting all the way through. Carefully, I open it up to reveal her skin underneath. Yes, this is much better. I pull her bra down, roughly hauling her tits out, then begin feeling along her panties. “Look at the wet little slut!” I say, chuckling. This is going to be a great picnic.

I hold my finger over the wet spot on her panties and start circling. “Does that feel good, Meatball?” She nods. I pull her thighs apart, then push harder against the panties. Oh, she’s wet alright. I take my fingers and rub them against her nostrils. “Look at that, babygirl. That’s your slut juice.” I go back to stimulating her cunt. She’s already squirming. I slide my hand underneath and feel around, using her body’s movement as a guide. Right… About… Here. She moans. Oh yes, that’s her spot. I begin teasing. Just little movements. Just enough to get her hot and bothered. She’s moving a lot more now! She mumbles something into the gag, looking at me with pleading eyes. “No, you may not cum.” She closes her eyes in frustration. I pull on her panties, squeezing the crotch area together to form a nice cunt wedgie, positioned perfectly along her cunt. “I decide what happens to this cunt, not you.” I cut off the bra, then pull a couple of clothespins out of the picnic basket. “Stop squirming!” I say, grabbing her chin to make sure she understands. With care, I put the clothespins over her nipples, watching her eyes as I let them close, one after the other. Beautiful. Now for the cunt. I’ve had enough fun with the wedgie. Off come the panties, cut to ribbons. One more clothespin. She definitely wasn’t expecting this, and is in the process of protesting as I position it, letting it grip and hold. “nnnNNNNMMMMMMPH!” Tenderly, I brush away her tears and kiss her gently before opening up the food. Some delicious looking sandwiches. I put them on her stomach. Oh, there’s a fruit salad, too! I take some out of the container and put it on her. I also pour myself some hot tea from the thermos and put the mug between her tits. She keeps perfectly still so as not to spill the scalding hot tea.

I tuck into my meal, enjoying the view. Meatball’s doing quite well at keeping still, even when I flick her clothespins. I take a sip of tea. Let’s see how wet she is. Yup, pretty wet. I wipe my fingers off on her face and continue eating. I do love picnics. My sandwich finished, I lay down beside her, eating the fruit as I watch her, playing idly with her body.

That’s one appetite satisfied. I turn to the other appetite. I remove her gag, quickly replacing it with my cock as I straddle her head. I push down, feeling the back of her throat, and hold there. She’s been trying to get the hang of breathing with a cock down her throat, but she’s not quite there yet. That’s why I like to let her practice like this. I pull back and let her breathe a bit before going back down. She does what she can with her tongue and lips, worshiping the cock lodged in her throat.

Alright, enough of that. I pull off the clothespins, massaging her nipples until she screams with the renewed blood flow. Next is her cunt peg, which, judging from the noise she makes, is quite sensitive. Time to move in. I kiss her deeply while my cock pushes and finds entry, sliding right in. Thrusting, I am like an animal. Submissively, she joins with the monster, and our voices gradually merge in a crescendo.

Spent, we lay there, soaking up the golden afternoon rays. I do love picnics.

The more I read your blog the more I realize I want something similar to what you and meatball have, which is both adorable and lovely. I wish you both the best. -a blossoming submissive

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Your tears are things of beauty.


God damnit George…

True Love

Object Lesson

Meatball’s routine was slowed a bit today on account of a mishap early in the morning. I’d caught her touching herself under the covers without permission. So after caning her, I decided it would be best for her hands to be kept out of trouble.

She didn’t think too much of it when I locked the yoke onto her, and even did some of her chores with it on, but after a couple of hours passed, she came to me. “Sir?” “Yes, Meatball?” “May I come out of this now?” she asked. “Not until tomorrow, dear.” I said. “But sir, how am I supposed to go to the bathroom?” she asked. “Very carefully.” I answered. “But… but what about eating? And drinking? And what about my chores?” “You still have to do your chores.” I said. “But that’s not fair!” she whined. “Would you prefer two days?” She knew I’d do it, so she shut up.

She adjusted to her situation fairly well, except that I could see she was going slower than she needed to. A little encouragement with the crop, followed by a time limit fixed that. Even urinating wasn’t too much of a problem in the end. She’d asked me to help her, but she’s a big girl so I made her do it herself. I don’t think she quite got all of it due to the awkward angles the yoke induced, but she could still clean up any droplets that reached the floor so I didn’t pay it much heed.

No, the real trouble didn’t start until later that morning. “Daddy, I need to go poo.” she said, embarrassed, standing in the doorway. “So go, then.” I said. “But daddy, I can’t reach back there! It’ll make a big mess!” “Just go.” I said. “When you’re done, call me.” Dumbfounded, she turned slowly and left. Some time later I heard her call. “Daddy! I’m done!” “Come out to the kitchen then!” I shouted back. “But daddy!” she began. “Get in here now!” I snapped. She came in, red faced, streaks running down her legs. There was a good mess behind her as well. “Follow me.” I said. She followed, outside, next to the barn. I took the hose and sprayed her down, giving extra attention to make sure her asshole was completely clear. “Now clean up your mess.” I said. Dripping, she went back inside, got some toilet paper to clean up the solid bits, then used a rag for the rest. I’m not sure how she cleaned the accumulated dirt on her feet, but I’m guessing she used the bathtub or something.

Dinner was a bit late, and she’d had to change up the fare to something she could make in her present condition, but it went fairly well. She took her place on the floor next to me, eating from her bowl, and made a decent go of cleaning her face by running it under the tap afterwards. Later that evening, I let her use the shower to clean herself up, and I even dried her hair for her since it would be too wet for sleeping otherwise.

At bedtime, I let her know in no uncertain terms that she is not to disturb my sleep. “Anything you have to do that requires my help, do now. Otherwise it waits till tomorrow. And no dirtying the bed, either.” She got my meaning. If she takes a shit after I’m asleep, she’s on her own.

I lay down beside her, and stroked her hair. “What have you learned today, dear?” I asked. “I’ve learned not to touch myself without permission.” she said. “And why shouldn’t you touch yourself?” I asked. “Because I’m not allowed to touch any of daddy’s property without permission.” she said. Good. I can also see that she’s gained a clearer picture of just how far my control goes.

“Goodnight, pumpkin. I love you.” I said. “Goodnight, daddy. I love you too.”

Natural order.

I make sure she always has a place.

Properly stored.

My little helper.

Anatomy of Ownership

Darkness. Leather, solid, flexible but unyielding, upon your wrists. Rope, rough against your ankles, securing them. Skin, immobile, exposed, unaccustomed, tingling against the air. The air… The air, rushing through your nostrils, to compensate for your mouth, sealed. Skin, electric, anticipating.

A breath, on your belly, running up across your breast. Breathing at your neck. The hunger; it is here, poised for you, its victim. Your mind, veiled by the darkness, calmed by inevitability. There is no control; it belongs to someone else. Someone who hungers. His breath whistles out of his nostrils onto your neck, so very, very close.

A touch. A hand. Along your side, moving over your ribs, exploring. Your breath, faster. Your heart, fluttering. Your senses, augmented. A second hand, on your thigh, tracing the contour, tracing its property; tracing what is powerless to do anything but yield. And now, removed. No sensation. Where is he?

His hand, pushing between your knees. Instinctive resistance. A smack on your thigh, instructing you. Obedience. Your legs melt back. The hands explore. Heightened senses. Calloused fingers along your inner thighs, moving up, pulling apart. Exposed to him, no chance to resist, no will to resist.

A faint touch across your opening. It betrays you, so wet, so wanting. Your breath catches. Another brush. Your body, yearning, twists, contorts. Fingers, touching, rough, pulling apart. The rush of even more exposure to the air.

His finger, inside your wetness. Your breath, ragged. Your body, needing. You cannot have until he allows it. Probing… Probing… Your mind, reeling. He has you. He owns you. He touches you, deeply. A million nerve endings in such a tiny space. He owns that space, his playground. He owns you, his plaything.

Suction. Your clit is taken in. Your body moves, turns, pulls. The bonds hold you. The stimulation inebriates you. The man owns you. Fingers again, probing, pushing. They enter, and your cunt traitorously accepts. Suction again. Millions of signals, overwhelming your mind. Floating higher. The fingers curl, pull, touch, rub, invade, conquer. So close… The suction. The tongue. The stimulation. The fingers inside you. He is inside you. He owns everything. Your mind is his. Your soul is his. Everything is his, and he is taking you, higher, your body shuddering, convulsing. The stimulation. He’s on you, in you. Nothing can stop him. You shudder, defeated, owned. His property.

Making herself useful.

Everything she needs.

Dancing with the Devil

If you know what’s good for you, never tell a sadist that you’re feeling masochistic. Meatball did, and look where it got her. Well, right beside me, actually. I wanted a little entertainment while I worked, so I secured her to a chair next to mine. She’s been there for almost an hour now, pleading desperately through her gag. I smile, and pat her on the head, enjoying that look of hopelessness in her eyes. That’s right, babygirl, daddy’s not going to change things quite yet. Her eyes go back to the old-style alarm clock on my desk. She seems curiously focused on the second hand as it rotates around the face, towards the 30 second mark. 3… 2… 1… She screams as the copper lead on the second hand contacts and completes the circuit to her cunt. I kiss her over her ball gag and wipe away her tears. She’s such a precious thing.

“Would you like me to help you with your cunt troubles?” I ask. She looks at me and nods desperately. “OK, sweetie, just give me a sec.” I rummage around in the toy room, trying to figure out where I left them. I hear a scream as the second hand reaches 0. Ah, there they are! Her pleading eyes turn wide as she notices the heavy clamps I’m holding. These things are pretty wicked, able to squeeze incredibly painfully on certain settings. “Ngo peeshf dadgi!” She squirms but there’s nowhere to go. “Settle down or I’ll put them on full tension.” I say. She accepts the inevitable. I massage and twiddle her nipple, pulling on it and stretching it until it’s nice and erect, then carefully position the clamp. She lets out a long scream as I push it closed, then give it a few tugs to make sure it’s secure. “There! Doesn’t that take your mind off your cunt?” She looks at me with pleading eyes, but there’s no stopping this, and she knows it. I massage the other nipple as she watches. “Ngaaaa!” Oh dear, has it been 30 seconds already? I give her a few seconds to compose herself before squeezing the other clamp shut. She rocks back and forth in pain, but she’s not going anywhere.

Next, I fish some twine through the clamps, then lift her foot and carefully tie the other end of the twine to her big toe. The cuff holds her ankle to the chair, but she’ll need to hold her leg up to stop it from pulling on the clamps. Now she’s got something else to focus on! She’s damn lucky to have such a thoughtful daddy.

I return to my work, listening to the sweet sounds of her quiet, muffled sobs, punctuated every 30 seconds by a scream. I steal a glance at her from time to time. She’s doing rather well, actually. Her leg’s shaking something awful, but she’s still holding it up high enough to only tug a little bit at her tits. Ooooooh damn. Her clamps have pulled off and she’s crying even more. “Oh no! Let me get those for you, dear.” Her eyes go wide as she yells and shakes her head violently. “It’s no trouble, honey. I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy!” She sinks her head back into the chair, staring hopelessly at the ceiling. I lift her leg back up and carefully re-clamp her tits. “There, you see? Good as new!” I exclaim happily. She looks at me, her eyes brimming with tears. God she’s so beautiful! I kiss her forehead, her eyes, her nose, and stroke her hair lovingly. “You make me happy when you suffer.” I whisper in her ear. “You’re such a good girl to suffer for me like this.” Her eyes are closed, and she’s calmed down a bit. Oh no, there goes the clock again!

With everything properly in place, I turn back to my work. Excellent! The unit tests passed! Now to commit and push… And I’m done for the day! “I’m done, princess! Isn’t that great?” She nods her head vigorously. She’s ready to agree with anything. Let’s test that theory. “Would you like me to whip your tits now?” More nodding. Good! I go fetch a single tail, then come back to undo her gag. “I want you to kiss the whip that will mark up your tits.” I say. She leans forward, straining and puckering her lips to reach the handle, then kisses it.

I’m impressed, actually. Her leg is shaking like a leaf, but she’s managed to keep the clamps on her tits this time around. I put my hand on her knee and start pushing down. “Please, daddy!” she begs. “Please-AAAAAH!” The clamps pull off and clatter to the floor. “Now I want you to be quiet while I’m whipping you.” I instruct. “I don’t want you messing up my concentration, understand?” She nods, then jumps and winces as another 30 second point is reached. “Good girl.” I start swinging the whip. “Hold your tits out so I can hit them better.” I say. She strains to push her chest out far enough to be in the whip’s path. I feel my pants bulge as I watch little red welts start forming. Another jump as the hand returns to 0. “Tits forward.” I say. She pushes her tits back into the path. “Would you like daddy’s cock now?” I ask. “Yes, daddy!” she says quickly. “Show me how much you want it, dear.” She opens her mouth and holds her tongue out to show me what a wonderful mouth hole she has. Another 30 second mark. She jumps and holds back a scream. “No, keep your tongue out!” I say. She sticks it back out, and I continue whipping her tits. She’s so sexy when she’s desperate.

Alright, enough of this. I free her from the chair, and she immediately kneels on the floor. “May I take out daddy’s cock?” she asks. “Yes, you may.” She undoes my fly and carefully takes it out. “May I worship daddy’s cock?” she asks. “Yes, you may.” She touches the tip delicately with her tongue, then carefully runs along the side. She knows how to please her daddy. I’m in her mouth now. She keeps a steady rhythm, her eyes looking up at me. “All the way in, honey.” I say. She’s not quite there yet, but she tries really hard. She just can’t quite get it down her throat yet. That’s fine, though. There’ll be plenty of time for practice. “Daddy wants your cunt hole now, princess.” Obediently, she turns around and pushes back until I’m inside her. “Start fucking.” I say. She stretches her hands out to get more leverage, and starts fucking my cock while I stand in place. It’s good to be the king. I grab her thighs and pull back hard. She’s moaning. I’m grunting. We’re smacking together. “Daddy, may I please cum?” “Yes, you may.”

We’re cuddling on the couch now. This has been one hell of an ordeal for her, and I won’t leave her alone for anything. “You’re such a good girl. I love you, pumpkin” I say, and draw her close. “I love you, daddy.” she says, pulling tighter. We enjoy the evening sun, and the warmth of our love.


“Watcha doing, Meatball?” I say, sliding up behind her and feeling the contours of her body. “I’m making muffins, daddy.” she says. She’s wearing an apron, her fox tail, and nothing else. I reach around under the apron and kiss her neck as I pull her close. “What kind?” I ask, exploring her with my hands. “Blueberry.” she says, smiling and moving her neck as I tickle along with my lips. I turn her head so I can kiss her better. “Anything I can do to help?” I ask. “I know what your help is like, daddy!” she says in her cute little scolding tone. “I’m going to help anyway.” I say, tugging on her tail. “Daddy, please, I need to concentrate!” she says. “So concentrate, then.” I say, pushing a wooden spoon between her legs. “Daddy, I…” “Finish your task.” I say firmly, continuing to rub the handle lightly against her cunt. Her legs bend a bit, but she maintains her composure, continuing her preparation as I stimulate her.

I do like her tail. It’s fun to watch her body twitch as I pull the plug out halfway and push it back in again. Meatball is doing quite well resisting the chaos in her mind and staying on task. The spoon handle is pretty wet by now. I turn it on end and begin sliding it inside her. She grips the counter. “Uuh daddy, please, I…” she begins. “Stay on task!” She stands up straight, and resumes her work, while I continue pushing the handle into her. There, that should be deep enough! “Don’t let it fall out!” I order. “Yes, daddy.”

I pull the towel off the oven door and wet one end under the sink. There’s nothing I can’t put to perverted use. Flick! She jumps as it strikes her ass, but continues baking. Flick! I don’t know why I like these sadistic games. Flick! I just do. Flick! They get me so fucking hard. Flick! SHE gets me so fucking hard. Flick! I watch her tail dance with each strike. Flick!


I duck into the bathroom and come back with an electric toothbrush. “Spread your legs more.” She continues mixing while I vibe her cunt. “Daddy?” she asks. “Yes, princess?” “Could you please push the handle in more?” “Why should I do that?” I ask. “It’s going to fall out, daddy!” She knows far better than to allow that to happen. “Please, daddy, could you push it in for me?” How could I refuse her? I ease the handle in and out a few times before pushing it all the way in. “What do you say?” “Thank you, daddy.” “Thank me for what?” “Thank you for pushing the handle into my cunt, daddy.” she says. “You’re very welcome, pumpkin.” After all, I’m here to help.

I continue with the vibration. I’ve found the right spot now, and I’m teasing her by hitting it just right, then backing off. And the little champ is still making her muffins, albeit with some difficulty! “Daddy…” she says, gripping the counter again. “Daddy I’m going to cum if you keep doing that!” “Not without permission, you aren’t!” I snap. “But daddy!” she whines. “Finish your task. Then you can cum.” She redoubles her efforts as I continue the maddening stimulation. To her credit, she’s holding the wooden spoon in quite well! I start tapping the spoon end with my finger.

“They’re ready to go in the oven, daddy!” she breathes. That was quick. I give her room so she can put the muffin sheets in. The wooden spoon lifts and sticks straight out as she bends down to put them in. “Stay there.” I say, closing the oven door. She’s so fucking inviting, bent over like that. I drop my pants. I pull the handle out and lift her tail, sliding my cock along to wet it before going in. Her moan is music to my ears. Here we go, nice and steady. I’ve got a firm hold on her waist as I slam against her. “Whose cunt is this?” I ask. “Yours, daddy!” she says. I ram harder. “uuuUUUUuuuuUUUUUuuuUUUUuuuuUUUU!” Beautiful moans punctuated with each thrust. “Daddy I need to cum!” she says. “Cum whenever you want, meatball.” Her moans raise and rise, into a high squeal. I explode into her. Fuck yeah. This is what baking’s all about!

I turn her around so she can clean off my cock. “I approve of your baking.” I say. “Thank you, daddy!”

She can help by holding the tree up.

Knowing her place.


“Daddy!” screams Meatball. “I’m right here.” I say, startled awake. “What’s wrong, honey?” “I… I had a nightmare.” I grab her and hold her close. “Shh… It’s okay now. What did you dream about?” She buries her head in my chest. “Someone came and took me away.” comes her muffled voice. I squeeze her. “But you’re chained to the bed, pumpkin.” I say, pointing to the chain connecting her collar, “Nobody can take you away.” “I still had the dream.” she says. I hold her and stroke her hair. “Shh. No one can take you away from me.” “Promise?” “Promise.” I say. She tightens her grip, my precious little girl.

She looks up at me, and I smile. How such a beautiful thing would come into my possession still amazes me. She’s vulnerable in so many ways, but I anchor her in place so that she won’t be swept away. We kiss, sweetly, in the dimness of the night. Her nipples are very erect; I feel them against my skin. Grabbing her ass, I pull her closer still. We entwine, two souls in the cocoon of my domain. Nothing outside matters now. “Daddy?” she asks. “Yes, pumpkin?” “I’m not very sleepy right now.” she says. “What do you want to do?” I ask. She smiles and disappears under the covers.

I feel her lips, kissing my cock. “Watcha doing down there, princess?” I ask. She giggles, and soon I feel her taking me into her mouth. She moves rhythmically, gently, tilting her head just so. I’m hard, so very hard, stroking her hair as she works. “May I sit on it, daddy?” she asks. “Yes you may, princess.” She smiles and positions herself over it, then slowly impales herself. She’s rocking back and forth, my cock all the way in. I can’t take this lying down! I sit up and grab her to me. Her legs wrap around my waist as I stand. We kiss deeply, holding her on me. I grab her ass and start moving with her. She grabs tight as I push her up against the wall. “Uuh!” she moans as I move inside her. “Nobody can take you. You’re mine!” I say. “Thank you, daddy.” she breathes. My girl is my girl. Nobody touches her but me. She gasps as I bite into her neck. “Daddy, may I please cum?” she pants. “Yes you may.” I ram deep. Again. Again. She’s shaking as I hold her up. I let out a primal growl.


I’ve still got her pinned against the wall. I hold her head as we kiss. Her collar gleams in the moonlight; a symbol of who we are. I carry her back to the bed and lay her beside me. She nestles her head in my chest again, and soon her breathing slows. I hold her tight, gradually drifting to sleep.

Love is connection.

The brightest star shining tonight


It’s such a beautiful day out today. I was right to take Meatball outside. Look at her now! Skin glistening in the sun, legs tensed as she pulls the wagon along, drool falling down from the bit in her mouth… Magnificent! I dig out another rock and put it in the wagon. She follows as I move down the field in search of more rocks to pull. The chain I’ve locked around her belly also goes down between her legs, then up through the back of her belly chain, then down to the wagon handle it’s locked to. Every pull digs the chain deeper into her cunt. Rather ingenious, if I do say so myself. Her arms are, of course, secured appropriately.

I dig up another rock. Every year they come up to the surface, and every year they need to be cleared. The rock falls into the wagon with a clangy thud. Meatball’s having a little trouble pulling the wagon now, so I encourage her with a switch I’ve pulled off a nearby tree. It’s remarkable how much of a motivator a few whacks on the ass can be. She leans into it, my switch smacking her skin, and finally manages to pull forward. Yessiree, it’s a beautiful day alright.

With the next rock, I figure it’s about as heavy as she can handle, so I steer her back towards the rock pile at the edge of the property. She needs a bit of encouragement at times, but eventually makes it all the way. I overturn the wagon, dumping the rocks at the edge of the pile. Whew! Time for a break!

I leave her in front of the house and go inside. Ah, good, there’s still some iced tea left in the fridge! I pour myself a nice tall glass and bring it outside, setting it on the picnic table. Now for Meatball… I head to the barn and grab a bucket, which I fill from the hose. Setting it down next to my chair, I sit down to enjoy my refreshing tea. Meatball kneels down beside me and starts slurping from the bucket as best she can through her bit gag. I listen to the trees rustling softly, the crickets in the distance, Meatball coming up for air. So peaceful…

Now, there’s one more thing that she can do. I loosen the chain against her cunt. “Ass up.” She’s wet, of course. I make an easy go of it, penetrating her cunt a bit to lube up before switching to her asshole. Nice and easy; you don’t want to rush this hole. Gentle pushing, until it slips in. Using her belly chain as a handle, I pull her back, going slightly deeper with each thrust, switching back to her lube hole from time to time, until I’m all the way in her ass and feeling very good. Meatball’s making a bit of noise, herself. I keep a leisurely pace, enjoying the sun as I fuck my girl. The pace quickens. I’m going deep and hard, now, my pelvis smacking into her, her voice joining the wilderness chorus as I go higher, higher… Release…

Yeah, that hit the spot. She’s still on the ground, cum oozing out of her hole. No matter. “Get up.” I say, then pull the chain until it’s tight against her cunt again. With a switch to her ass, we go back to the fields to gather more stones.

A good girl always remembers her place.

Electricity makes for a fun toy.

It’s important to give her time to rest.