April 2016

Why don't you post pictures of Meatball's face? Are you ashamed of her?

Not at all. I keep her face off camera in order to protect her. We’re involved in very intimate and exciting sexual activity. I like exposing her to new things, and it’s great fun to explore our sexuality together.

Am I ashamed of the things we do? Far from it; every time she has a sexual breakthrough, I want to shout it from the rooftops! I want the world to be as proud and happy for her as I am.

Now here’s an interesting thing: That probably came off as extremely strange and perhaps discomforting as well. Ask yourself why. What is it about sex that makes discussing it so hard?

We are sexual creatures. It is in fact our raison d'etre. There is no function more important to us than sex. And yet we’re able to talk freely about a wonderful new food we just tried, and what a mystical experience it was to enjoy it, but speaking so freely about sexual activity is somehow verboten. Are you seriously going to tell me that eating is somehow “less shameful” than sex, such that it’s OK to talk about your latest restaurant fetish on national television, but not your latest sex toy? I just got a cool new inflatable dildo in the mail the other day, by the way. Can’t wait to use it on Meatball. Now there you go getting uncomfortable again!

We are a repressed people - all of us. When I think about how much of a hold sexual shame has over us, I sometimes despair. We like to go on about how we’re protecting sensibilities, protecting children (hah!), but really all we’re doing is rationalizing the irrational shame and fear we’ve had drilled into us since we were children, and then perpetuating the vicious cycle against our own offspring. And, of course, the majority of this shame is directed against women.

Think about it: How many girls have you called “slut”? What exactly is it about a “slut” that makes her so bad that you have to actually shame her? No, really. Take a moment and think about it. What, EXACTLY, makes her so bad? Can you give even one concrete example of WHY it’s so bad to have an eager willingness for sex as a woman that doesn’t also apply to a man?

And it is PRECISELY this kind of attitude that makes it necessary for me to protect Meatball in the first place.

Thank you for your answers. You are very insightful... may I ask? What is a panel gag? Do you use gags all the time? I've never been gagged. I've wanted to try them but don't want to tell my Master what to do to me. I've gotten in trouble before because he considers it topping. Also there's that old saying 'be careful what you wish for.' lol

This is a panel gag:


It’s one of the sexier types in my opinion.

While it’s not advisable to tell your master what to do, there are many ways to let him know what turns you on. I always like to know what turns my slave on. It’s my decision what happens when, but it’s useful to know what kind of effect my decisions will have.

I take good care of my things.




I received an ask earlier to talk about things my husband had done that were humiliating to me.  I responded in private by accident.   Here are a few:

1.  He had me naked once and stand in the corner while he ate a formal dinner at our dining room table.  That was hard.  Humiliating.  The one thing that might have enhanced the experience would have been if he made me serve him the meal, and maybe have made me eat scraps at the end of the meal from a plate on the floor.  Hard for us both.

2.  I am humiliated any time he makes me masterbate in front of him.  That is hard for me.

3.  Recently he had me kneel in front of him naked and grovel.   I had to earn the right to be used by begging for it.   I failed miserably.   I have a hard time verbally expressing myself in those circumstances.   I am a good girl.  Good girls don’t say words like tits, cock & pussy.  I have a hard time even typing them here.  That I suppose is why someday I hope he forces those words out of me.  And after that I get another chance to grovel.   The thought of that humiliation….has me wet right now. Very.

such a strange thing….that being humiliated by someone you love and trust can be such a turn on….

I’ll tell you why it’s a turn on:

Your mind is a prison. The walls were formed by the tribe you grew up in. Your tribe determines what is acceptable, and what is not. As you grow up, you internalize most of these rules (and a few others you set for yourself). But after puberty hits, many of us discover that we have a deep need to do some things that run counter to those rules. For some it’s talking dirty. For others it’s exposing themselves, or being inferior, or being weak and not in control, or any other “forbidden” thing, really. Any place where your inner needs contradict a societal rule or taboo in some way becomes a source of frustration, because you cannot express yourself fully and freely, nor could you expect anyone to understand.

When someone forces you to do those things, it is at once freeing (because you are not personally responsible for doing them anymore) and intimate (because this is a part of you that you couldn’t bring yourself to share with anyone).

A dominant must be perceptive enough to tease out the root needs that have been imprisoned, strong enough to free them, and honorable enough to assume responsibility for them. In doing so, what would otherwise be a weakness becomes a shared strength and a tighter bond between you.

just curious, I love your writings by the way, and happy the two of you worked things out. So, is meatball completely willing to be everything you need from her now? From your writings you seem very passionate and incredibly demanding of your slave. When I read them I get turned on. I don't know if I could submit my entire life like that 24/7. It seems like BDSM fantasy to me to expect it 100% all the time. Please understand, I mean absolutely no disrespect. I get very excited reading your posts

Yes, I am very demanding by nature. I’m the most demanding with myself, and to lessening degrees with others depending on my relationship with them. But my demands are not performance based; I’m far more interested in the attitude behind the actions. In a way, I suppose that’s even tougher than someone only interested in the actions.

Meatball is going to give it her all. I honor and respect that. She is desperately afraid of disappointing. In training her I will account for that. She needs a strong man to guide her responsibly. I will be that. And I want every moment of every day to be a reminder of my covenant with her; to show her in a very real and concrete way that she is my property. And I take very good care of my possessions.

Yoke Day

Today is a yoke day for Meatball. What’s a yoke day, you ask? It’s a day where she wears a yoke from the time she wakes up until bedtime. It makes her chores harder, but it’s sexy as hell to watch her struggle to do them. Right now she’s dusting in my office, twisting and standing on her tiptoes to reach the high shelves. I’ve got her wearing a panel gag as well for good measure. Of course, the downside is that she’s a lot more distracting this way…

“Come here, Meatball” I say. She turns around and comes to me, duster in one hand. “Fetch me a cane. I want to cane your ass.” She goes off. I hear the door in the distance, and shortly thereafter she comes back into the room, carrying her duster in one hand, and a bamboo cane in the other. She hands it to me, then turns around and bends over, sticking her ass out. “Good girl!” I say, getting up. I run my hand over it, pushing my finger against her asshole, touching between her legs. The cane rests against her ass, its smooth surface sliding up and down, exploring my playground.

Swish! The satisfying impact on flesh; it gets me hard every time. Swish! A second welt to balance out the first. Swish! “uuf!” Swish! I love seeing her like this. Swish! “uhuuu!” I slide the cane along her ass. It can be gentle, and… Swish! It can be rough. “Ass out!” I bark. Swish! I push the cane between her legs, rubbing her cunt. It’s so wet she’s dripping on the floor. “Look at how wet you are” I say, rubbing her juices on her face. Swish! I’m making a beautiful pattern on her. Swish! Swish!

Now I’m all worked up and I need relief. I drop my pants, grab the yoke, and pull her onto me. “mmmmuuh!” she moans. I grab a fistful of hair and start slamming into her. She’s still holding onto the duster, the precious thing. Over and over I’m pistonning into her, watching her move, hearing her moans. Mine. “Mine!” I snarl, slamming home. “Muuaaaaaaaaa!”

After she recovers, she gets a tissue from the desk and cleans off my cock with it on account of her mouth hole being full. “You’re such a good girl, princess! Would you like some water?” I ask. “mmm hmm” she nods. “Go fetch your bottle.” She goes into the kitchen and returns with a plastic bottle. The end is long and tapered so that it can fit into the small opening in her gag. I have her sit on my lap and begin feeding it to her, listening as she gulps it down. “All done?” I ask. She nods. “Go put the bottle away and finish your chores.” She gets up and takes the bottle back to the kitchen.

Hello, Sir. I'm just dropping by to thank You for answering my question about stones and to enquire a bit about how Meatball and You are. So how are You and Meatball?

We’re doing quite well. I’ve still got a number of things to finish up before we unite in a month and a half, but all in all it’s going according to plan.

This may be too personal of a question but why do you like that style of cuffs in particular?

They’re secure, look nice, and don’t have any sharp edges. There’s hardly a situation around the house where I couldn’t think of locking her into them.

There’s nothing sexier than when you suffer for me.


I pull into the driveway with the third and final load of lumber in the back of the truck. I back it up towards the barn and park, then begin unloading onto the already sizeable stack inside. Meatball is a short distance away, attached to a post. I’d planted the post a few weeks earlier just as a convenient place to attach her, but this morning I added a neck hasp so that I could keep her standing. The unloading done, I go to check on her, standing up straight, hands chained to an eye bolt above her head. She’s so beautiful I can’t keep my hands off her. Such beautiful hips, beautiful thighs, beautiful tits… My hands run all over my property, drinking it in.

I check on the dildo in her cunt. It’s slipped down a couple of inches in the half hour I’ve been gone, but she’s managed to keep it in like I ordered her to. I push it back up inside for her, as any thoughtful master would do, giving her clit a little rub in the process. She’s quite wet down there. “Do you want to earn an orgasm, honey?” I ask. “Yes please, daddy!” she says. “OK. I’m going to add weight to the dildo” I say. “ I want it still in your cunt when 10 minutes are up.” “Yes, sir.” she says. I pull out a lead weight and hang it from the loop at the end of the dildo, then wind up the alarm clock I’d left beside her earlier. Soon we can hear the tick-tick-tick as it begins counting off 10 minutes.

I return to my work, hauling out lumber from the barn and laying down the rest of the flooring. I look up. Something’s not quite right… Oh yeah! I’d completely forgotten! “I’m sorry, princess!” I say, “I forgot about the nipple clamps!” I fish them out of my pocket and play with her nipples until they’re nice and erect, then carefully apply the clamps. I lift up the chain so that the clamps are pulling a bit. “Keep this in your mouth” I say, feeding the chain to her. “What do you say?” I ask. “Phank you phir.” I check on the dildo. It’s slipped a bit, but she’s doing alright.

More lumber. I’ve just gotten it all down and am about to adjust the spacing when I hear the rrrrriiiiiiiiiiing of the clock. “All done, princess! Let’s see how you did!” It’s still in! Barely, but still in. I grab it and start pushing it in and out. “Looks like you’re due for a reward!” She moans from the stimulation. “In fact, I think this is an occasion for daddy’s cock.” I drop my pants and lift her by the ankles, resting them over my shoulders. My cock slides in easily. “Start fucking.” I say.

Holding herself up by her wrists so as not to strangle on the neck hasp, she tries twisting and moving this way and that, and eventually finds a rhythm that works, impaling herself on me as best she can. I pin her legs into place with my arms and grab her tits, pulling as I thrust. She’s getting noisy now. I pick up the pace. “Uuuuuuunh! cam ah cum, phir?” she asks. “Yes you may.” She twists at a sharp angle, and almost pulls off me, but I keep her steady, pumping in deep. I feel the clench, and she starts to shake. She has the cutest look on her face!

“Phank you daddy.” she says, still holding the chain in her mouth. I drop her legs, pat her affectionately on the head, and return to my project.

I love this style of cuffs.

You don’t control it anymore.

Carefully stored.

Know who you belong to.


“Daddy…” says Meatball, kneeling in front of me. “Yes, princess?” I put my book down. “Can I sit with you tonight?” She means on the couch instead of on the floor. She’s been very good today, so I don’t see why not. I pat the cushion and she jumps up, leaning against me. She’s so cute. I put my arm around her and we cuddle.

“Daddy…” says Meatball, looking up at me. “Yes, princess?” “Can we watch a movie?” I look down at her. She’s putting on all her charms tonight, but once in awhile is fine. “What do you want to watch?” I ask. “Beauty and the beast” she says. “Get the remote.” She smiles and jumps up to fetch it, handing it deferentially to me with her cuffed hands. I start up the movie, and we enjoy each others’ company.

She’s leaning into me, and her hand slowly inches forward, until her finger is sliding over my fly. “Did you want to worship, Meatball?” She smiles and nods. “Go ahead.” She slides off the couch, taking position on her knees in front of me. “May I take it out, sir?” she asks. “Yes you may.” Carefully, she unbuttons my fly and reaches inside. “May I prepare it, sir?” she asks. I nod.

She starts at the base, licking her way up towards the tip, finishing with a kiss. Gently, she plays her tongue over the tip, then descends upon it, taking me into her warmth. I sit back as she coaxes it to full attention. She pushes down. I feel the back of her throat, and smile as she looks up at me for approval. She’s such a good girl. Slowly but surely, the beast in me awakens.

I lift her up and kiss her forehead, in complete dichotomy to the demon raging within me. “I need you to suffer for me now.” She puts her hands behind her head. I stand and unbuckle my belt. “What do you offer in sacrifice?” I ask. “My tits, sir.” she says, thrusting them forward. “Please use them for your pleasure.” I nod, and let the belt uncoil.

Like a snake, it moves and strikes, catching her vulnerable points. She is a living sacrifice to her god, and he is pleased. I watch the pain on her face; watch her suffering for me, satisfying the beast within me. Swish! Swish! Her tits dance and take on a reddish hue as the leather strikes her flesh. She’s mine. I won’t share her. I won’t release her. I own her forever.

“Ass up!” She leans forward and obeys. I wind up and belt one out. She hisses at the sting. Another strike. And another. And another. The beast is hungry, and is eating its fill of her pain. Her ass is so enticing. Her cunt dripping. Soon enough I’m losing interest in beating her, and come up behind her. I slide in, getting even harder just hearing her moan. This is no time for niceties. I want a hard fuck. I grab her collar and begin slamming into her. She’s choking but I don’t care. I ram again and again, the veneer of civility gone. The beast is here, and he is me. “Ghaa! Can I cum, daddy?” she chokes out. “Yes!” I say between clenched teeth. I’ve no mind to spare. I am animal. We slam together in primal ecstasy, grunting, moaning, playing out our natural roles. “AAAAAAAH!” “GUUUUUH!”

I fall back onto the couch. Meatball cleans me off, then climbs up and lies down beside me, wedged against the back of the couch. There are no words. We watch the rest of the movie, her head resting on my chest, my hand stroking her hair.

The Now

You’re standing, arms spread, attached to the ceiling. A blindfold blocks your vision. The only sensations are the air upon your exposed flesh, and the dulled ambient sound of an empty room.

A door opens, and footfalls enter. They stop directly in front of you. Your heightened senses can feel me. your skin prickles in anticipation.
A finger, under your chin. Your body is wired to obey, and lifts your head to follow. My lips, pressed lightly to yours. A brief moment of contact, leaving you hungry, wanting. You are but a vessel, powerless before me, desperate for the touch. Desperate to feel.

My hand moves down to your neck. Powerful. In control. You hold your head up, keeping your neck exposed to me; an offering to your terrible god. Pressure. Exploration. My hand squeezes and relaxes, accepting your sacrifice.

The hand withdraws. Silence. Your skin prickles. A light touch on your breast. My hand traces its contour, then holds from underneath, inspecting my property.
You stand exposed before me. Nothing can be hidden. Nothing can be escaped.
I squeeze. Your breath catches. My thumb upon your nipple. The rough callous moves it in circles. My voice, in your ear: “This is mine. YOU are mine.” Your body moves, in sync with me. Your thoughts melt away. Only the now matters.

Pain! Your nipple, tormented between my fingers. Your breathing is faster. I pull, your body follows, helpless to resist. You are my toy, and I don’t play nice. My hands move down your waist, over your thighs. You shiver. They are between your legs, pushing apart. Your legs obey, exposing another secret, another vulnerability, to me. I am in control. You can only obey.

A touch on your cunt. Your breath draws in sharply. I’m so close. I could devour you now, but instead I tease. A light touch. It’s not enough; it only enflames desire. Your body moves, but my finger remains elusive, only lightly touching. A moan of frustration from you. A sadistic chuckle from me. You are flushed with desire, but powerless to act, living at my mercy.

A metallic sound. My belt buckle. The rough sound of it sliding from around my waist. CRACK! You jump, every nerve on alert. Where am I now? You can’t tell. There is only silence, but you know I’m there, ready to strike your imprisoned flesh at any moment. Time ticks by, the anticipation mounts. I’m going to strike the moment your steeled body falters, striking when your concentration is at its weakest. And you can do nothing to stop it. You can’t remain steeled forever. You will falter; it’s only a matter of time.

A frustrated moan. Snap! It hits like a bee sting, striking down to your soul. You cry out, sagging against your bonds. Snap! Another across your ass. A violation of your body. A violation I do as a matter of course. Snap! You stumble forward. There is nowhere to go. I decide your fate, and I want you to suffer for me. You swing back, and receive another lash. Your cheeks are burning. You can feel the tears forming. And still I continue. Snap!

There is no escape from the beast that is me. You struggle and squirm, but I always find my mark. A sob. You are mine. I can touch you anywhere. You cannot resist. My belt dines upon your flesh, stripping your soul. With every bite, another pain surfaces. Your despair is my playground. Your humanity slips. Only the now exists. Your head swims.

I’m up against you now. You feel my cock rubbing against your ass. This is reality. This is truth. This is your purpose. Everything else fades into nothingness. Your body knows what to do, sticking your ass out so that you may be filled by your master. It slides in, and you know that it’s right. Everything else is bullshit. You are sexual. You exist to fuck. I’m filling you, giving you precious meaning, fulfilling your destiny. ohgodohgodohgodOHGOD!

Hello, Sir. I hope You and Meatball are well. I'm so happy for the both of you. Right now I'm on a marathon of Your stories and I have to ask something that's been killing me ever since I've read the 'Stones'. It's a question that doesn't really have to do anything with the main theme but I'm from an industrial city where there is little greenery, let alone fields etc. Anyway, could You explain how the stones resurface every year? What does that mean? Thank You very much in advance. :)

Although the ground looks like it’s still, it actually isn’t; it moves, albeit at a glacial pace. Reasons for this include insects, worms, water, frost spells, and geological action. Stones slowly make their way up through the moving ground and eventually reach the topsoil, at which point they need to be removed (de-stoning).

Hay, girl!

I think they’re sexy, and that’s all that matters.

Filling her with happiness.

You don’t decide; I do.



Nowhere to go.


What a beautiful Summer’s day! I’m in a lawn chair, sipping from a glass of iced tea while I enjoy a good book. Meatball’s beside me, sunbathing. There’s no sound to be heard except the soothing rustle of leaves - and the odd complaint from Meatball. A fly is crawling around on her and she doesn’t like it. I can kind of understand, since she’s chained down spread eagle. She yelps as I grab my flyswatter and give it a good whack. Problem solved. She’s damn lucky to have such a thoughtful master.

Sun rays are important for vitamin D production, so I make sure she gets plenty of outside time. Looks like she needs more sun lotion. I squirt some on her and gently massage it in, paying special attention to protect her cunt from the sun’s rays. Wouldn’t want her getting sunburned there! I’ve got other ways to make her suffer. In fact…

I head into the house, to the bathroom, and grab a tube of heat rub. Returning to Meatball, I squirt some on my fingers and rub it into her cunt. Immediately, she starts squirming and complaining. I slap her cunt a few times until she quiets down. That’s better! I go back to my chair and read my book again, pausing from time to time to swat any flies I notice on her.

Soon enough, she’s complaining again. “Would you like some more heat rub, princess?” I ask. She shakes her head violently. “Then quiet down.” She’s still squirming, but remains quiet like a good girl. I grab my vibrator stick (a stick with a vibrator attached to the end! duh!) and reach it into her cunt, continuing to read with the other hand. I hear a moan. “Uh uh! I said quiet!” She continues to squirm. “Daddy, can I please cum?” she asks finally. “No, and stop asking. I said be quiet.” I adjust my hold on the vibrator to get a more solid contact with her cunt. There’s another fly crawling around on her, but I’m sure she’s too distracted to notice, so I leave it be. She moans again. “Didn’t you hear me?” I put the vibrator away and squeeze out some more heat rub, applying it to her swollen cunt. “No, daddy, please!” she begs. “I said quiet! You want more? I’ve got a whole tube here.” I swat the fly and return to my book. Damn, now I’ve lost my place…

I finish the next chapter. Meatball has been completely silent the whole time. I use the vibrator stick again to reward her while I continue reading. After a few pages, I notice that she’s remained quiet this whole time! “Would you like to cum, princess?” “Yes please daddy!” she says quickly. “Go ahead and cum. Make as much noise as you want.” Instantly, she lets loose, breathing, moaning, squirming, shuddering. “Ah– …….. aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She’s so cute when she cums. “ahhhhh can I please cum again, daddy?” she asks. “Yes you may. Cum as much as you want.” She goes rigid, except for her hips. I keep the vibrator well placed on her cunt.

I don’t know how many times she came, but I counted at least four by the time I removed the vibrator. “Thank you, daddy” she says, breathless. “Was it good?” I ask. “Oh yes, daddy.” “I want you to be quiet again.” I say. “Yes, daddy.”

She’s in good hands.

Going green


I make my way up the trail, enjoying the sun, the breeze, the smell of the trees. I have Meatball in tow, her hands cuffed together in an irish-8, which is attached by a length of chain to my pack. Beyond that, all she’s wearing are sandals.

We continue along until I find a nice spot to drop my pack and take a seat on a felled log. Meatball comes up and kneels, and I motion for her to sit on my lap. My hands move to explore her body, moving up her stomach, cupping her breasts, feeling her nipples harden. Kissing her neck, I reach down and stimulate her cunt. “Does that feel good?” “Yes, sir.” she says, lifting her neck as I reach my hand around it. We sit there, enjoying each other, enjoying the naturalness of the world around us, and the naturalness of who we are. Here, there is no one to interfere. Here, there is no shame. Here, she can just be a sexual creature, as nature intended. I turn her head and kiss her, running my fingers through her hair, feeling the wetness between her legs.

I lift her to her feet and bend her over the log, spreading her legs to give me a better view. She looks so fucking sexy, so in her element. I spread her cunt out and run a finger slowly down, up, down, to the clit, watching her move. She’s my cunt, and I like stimulating her. I coat my finger in her juices and push inside. She’s moaning softly, her breathing erratic. Her legs start to pull together, but I slap them sharply apart, my finger still inside her. “Daddy, can I please cum?” she asks. “No.” She’s my cunt. She’s powerless to stop me. I continue stimulating. “Daddy can I cum?” “No.” I love how such gentle rubbing can have such a big effect. “Daddy-” “NO!” “Daddy please…” she begs. I push more onto her clit. “Aah! Daddy not that, please!” Her legs move together, and I slap her thighs HARD. “Keep them open, slut!” “Daddy I can’t” she breathes. “I can’t…” “Don’t you fucking DARE cum without permission, cunt! I’ll make sure you can’t sit down for a week!” “Ahaaaaaaaa!” she cries. I keep rubbing. “You’re my slut. You do as I say.” “I cahaaaa-haa-haaant!” I smack her cunt full force. “Tell me what you are!” I demand. “I’m your slut, sir!” Rubbing. “And what does my slut do?” I poke a finger in, touching her inside. “Whatever daddy says… oooooh daddy I need to cum!” I’m on her clit again. “You just said you do what daddy says, pumpkin. Daddy says don’t cum.” “But daddyyyyyy!” I smack her ass. “uuuuuuhuuuu!” She’s bawling now. I continue stimulating her. “Ahaaa! ahaaaaa! daddyyyyy pleeeeeease…”

I drop my pants and rub my cock around her entrance. She hasn’t stopped crying and moaning, and she’s so wet that it just slips right in. “AAAAAH! DADDYINEEDTOCUMDADDYPLEASE!” I smack her on the ass again, then start moving in and out slowly. “Ahaaaa! Daddyyyyyyyyy….” she chokes. I pay no mind, and continue fucking her. Meatball’s legs are shaking like a leaf. “Are you ready, Meatball?” “Yes daddy! Yes!” she screams. “Five!” “Oooh daddy I need to cum now!” “Four!” “Daddy I can’t hold it!” “Three!” “I can’t!” “Two!” “Daddyyyyyyyy!” “One!” “Aaaaaah!” “Cum now!” Her voice cuts off, and she starts shaking violently. I ram hard, pumping her, conquering her, owning her, and now I fill her.

I get up and put on my pack. The chain pulls her arms, and she gets unsteadily to her feet. The camp spot is about an hour’s hike down the trail. I set off at an easy pace with my cunt in tow, my seed running down her leg.

A woman’s inner slut must be teased to the surface.

Checking the fittings.

Admit it. Getting used this way makes you wet.

Dinner Reservations

“Hurry up, Meatball!” I shout. “Almost ready, daddy!” she calls down. I’m looking over my selection. Yes, this will work. I hear the thump-thump-thump as she comes down the stairs. “I’m ready, daddy!” There she stands, in a cute red top and a mini skirt. I come up to her to inspect, feeling her arms, her stomach, her breasts, under her skirt… “You’re not wearing panties today.” I say, removing my hands. “Okay” she says, and slides them off. “You’ll be wearing this.” Her eyes go wide as she looks at the hunk of metal in my hands. It’ll be her first time in a chastity belt. This is going to be fun!

“Hold your skirt up” I say. Nice and smooth down there, like a good girl. “Hold this in place” I say, wrapping the belt around her. I attach the lock and remove the key. She drops her skirt. “What are you doing?” I say, “I’m not done yet.” She lifts her skirt again. I hook the shield from behind and feed the two dildos slowly into her holes, then padlock it into place.

As we’re driving into town, I decide it’s a good time to let her know a little more about her situation. Reaching into my pocket, I touch a button, watching her yelp and jump in her seat. I press it again, sending another jolt of electricity, to make sure she understands.

We stroll down the sidewalk together, my arm around her waist. She’s watching the little remote control I’m fiddling with in my other hand. There’s something magical, knowing that she’s aware of what I could do, and how powerless she is to stop it. With the simple touch of a button, I can reach deeper than anyone the people around us would ever realize or understand. I put my thumb over a button and feel her stiffen momentarily. A smile plays on my lips as we continue walking.

“I have a reservation” I say to the maitre’d. “This way, sir.” He leads us to our table. I order some appetizers. As we wait, I launch the next surprise. She jumps as the vibration hits her cunt. Embarrassed, she looks around herself furtively. Another press. “Daddy, please!” she begs. “What? This?” I press and hold it. I can hear the vibration from here, and I can only imagine what’s going through her mind right now. “Daddy please stop! Aah!” She yelps and jumps. “You don’t tell me what to do, Meatball.” “I’m sorry, daddy!” she says quickly. I turn on the vibration again, watching her squirm. “You’re going to order tonight. You’ll order this and this” I say, pointing to various lines in the menu. “Y-yes, sir” she says unsteadily.

The waitress arrives, and I nod to Meatball. “We’ll ha-haaa-” Another buzz. She composes herself. “We’ll have the rack of lamb, please, and the s-stuffed mushroom appetizer, and the Castello d'Albola Chianti Classico.” The waitress leaves, and I buzz Meatball some more.

The food arrives, and we dig in, toasting our wine and enjoying a fine meal. I buzz her from time to time, watching her reactions. I can see the desire in her eyes. She must be going mad with everything I’m doing to her. “Are you wet, princess?” I ask. “Yes, daddy. Very much!” she says. “Finish your meal like a good girl and we can do something about it.” “Yes, daddy.” I give her a few buzzes for encouragement, and we finish our meal.

As we get up, I feel her seat. As I expected, it’s soaked. Good thing she’s wearing a black skirt! I lead her out of the restaurant, a little unsteady on her feet. We’re going to have some fun when we get home tonight!

Beautiful patterning.

She’s a good girl.

Give her purpose.

Guide her.

Teach her well.

When you find her, never let her go.

Movie Night

It’s Wednesday night. All chores are done, and we’re sitting in the living room watching a movie. Her head rests on my lap, and I stroke her hair as we watch. She hasn’t gagged in awhile, so she must be getting used to it. I’ve been training her gag reflex of late. This session involves a penis gag that just barely reaches the back of her throat. At first I had to leave it pretty loose, but now I’ve been able to tighten it all the way. I reach around her face and push it back a bit, feeling her gag and convulse. I let off the pressure and dab her eyes with a tissue before going back to stroking her hair. She’s doing incredibly well. I reach between her legs and gently rub her cunt. There’s drool running out the side of the gag onto my pants, but I don’t mind. This is important.

I push in the gag again. “Ghhhuck!” “Shh…” I say, stroking her hair. “Just relax, Meatball. Watch the movie.” It’s her favorite: Labyrinth. We’re at the part where Ludo makes his appearance. Her body begins to relax. I let off the pressure and dab her eyes, then go back to stimulating her cunt. She’s such a good girl. The movie plays on, and I continue training her throat.

Each push is a bit better than the last. Finally, I pause the movie. “Let’s try this with the real thing.” I say, unbuckling her gag. Slipping off the couch, she kneels in front of me. “May I take out your cock, sir?” she asks. “Yes you may.” Carefully, she releases it from my pants. “May I suck it, sir?” “Yes you may.” It doesn’t take long to get hard. “Now show me what you’ve learned.” I say. She pushes forward; I can feel my cock touching the back of her throat. She remains still, looking up at me. So obedient and sexy. I can’t help but be proud of her. She backs off and begins pumping again, then pushes and holds. “Stay as long as you can” I instruct. She does so. I watch her eyes, staring up at her master. She makes all the training worthwhile. The seconds count by, and still she remains on my cock. I stroke her hair lovingly. “You’re doing great!” Her body gives a short convulsion. She’s running out of air, but still she remains. At last she pulls away, coughing.

“Turn around. Ass up.” I order. She’s pretty wet already. I find my way in and start an easy rhythm. Soon we’re in sync, smack-smack-smacking together as she rests her head, moaning, on the floor. Faster. Slower. I push in and hold, feeling her gyrate against me. Smack-smack-smack! “Uh! Uh! Uh! Please daddy may I cum?” She’s been a very good girl. “Yes you may, princess.” “uuUUUuuUUuuuuUUU…” I’m about ready to explode, too. “aAA—-” Her body takes over. I slam HARD, exploding into her.

“Thank you, daddy” she says after a breather. “Always clean it after you’re done” I say. “Yes, daddy.” She carefully licks my cock clean. “Up on the couch. Let’s finish the movie.” “Yes, daddy.”

She likes to sunbathe.

Appreciation of the female form.

Wait here. I’ve gotta go fetch something.

I like to show her my desire.

My girl does her chores faithfully