May 2016

I know how to bring out her true beauty.

She’s got nowhere to be anymore.

The casual way I attach them to you


The scars will fade, but they won’t go away. You’ll always be broken, but that’s okay.

It’s the broken things that need the most love, so only the broken things are worthy of my love.

I identify as a (Marxist) feminist and what I care about is that women have a CHOICE. I saw that post about how someone wants to go back to the 50s because they feel guilty for wanting to be a housewife now. And I just hate that we have to go from one extreme to another. Back then women more or less had to become housewives and now that they don't have to (mostly) I think we should support the life a woman chooses to have. She wants to become a businessowman? Great. A housevife? Also great.

There is no going back to the mentality of the 50s, no matter how much a girl like her would wish for it, but let’s rather look at WHY she would ever yearn for such a thing:

She wants to hand over responsibility to her man, let him handle all the heavy choices in life, and just concentrate on serving him. And she wants to do this without suffering the judgment of others. In the 50s, this is all that was expected of her, and so nobody would have ever even thought to call her a “traitor to her gender”, or criticize her for giving up hard-won feminist ground, or setting back every feminist victory of the past with her shameful behavior.

A woman should be free to choose whichever lifestyle fulfills her needs, whatever they are. We’re all boxed in by social norms, but nobody is as oppressed by it as women are. A woman today is a failure if she’s not a “power mom”, CEO by day, perfect mother by night, always impeccably dressed, with a perfect face, always completely together and in control of everything. I’ve yet to meet a woman who actually WANTS all of that, but it’s the ideal we’ve collectively set for her, so she must suffer our scorn for her failure.

But even that is nowhere near as cutting and damaging as woman’s sexual repression. They come to me to lose control over their sexuality. They do this because they’re tired of the responsibility that society heaps upon them. Don’t sleep around. Don’t engage in lewd, unladylike acts. Only whores go down on someone. It’s very telling, what actual words are used as insults along gender lines. “whore”, “skank”, “slut”. All designed to keep her from acting sexually. All designed to maintain the fiction of female lack of desire. And it works, too. Women everywhere try to “not be too easy”, and feel deep shame for their desire, even finding it hard to admit to them with their own boyfriends! So when a woman comes to me and I force her to do the things she always secretly wanted to do, she is grateful to me for taking the heavy weight of responsibility off her shoulders by removing her choice in the matter. She’s finally able to FEEL, with no shame! What a concept!

It just goes to show what a fucked up world we live in, and how far we still have to go in bringing about sexual freedom.

Hello, Sir. How are You and Meatball doing? I was wondering if You could explain something I can't really seem to be able to comprehend. How does the "discipline during training" as You call it differ from "punishment for disobedience" in the sense of pain? Is the first one not as severe? You said there are great differences but I'm having some trouble seeing them. Thank You so much for reading this ask and possibly answering it. I hope You and Meatball have a lovely week. :)

There are actually four things:

Although the outward actions may be similar (or even the same at times), the primary difference is in what I’m trying to accomplish. What state of mind do I want her to be in?

Discipline During Training

The main point in this case is that I’m training her in something. What I’m after is her focus so that she can learn, and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to maintain that focus. It could be something as simple as saying “focus”, or it could be a quick strike of the crop, or it could even be threat of punishment if I think she’s starting to get lazy.

I might also be actually training focus itself, in which case I might be administering pain (like caning her tits) and expecting her to focus on some other thing despite it. It all depends on where she’s at, what her capabilities are, how much I think she can handle at that time, and what my training goals are. My end purpose is to help her grow, not to crush her spirit.

Punishment for Disobedience

The main point in this case is to dissuade her from doing it again. “It” could be speaking rudely, forgetting something she knows she should be doing, acting out, losing focus and messing up a task as a result; basically anything where she already knows how she should behave - I won’t punish for things she didn’t know about.

Everyone is different and reacts differently at different times, so my approach here has to change depending on the individual and circumstance. Sometimes, simple corner time or lines is enough. Other times, corporal punishment, or removal of privileges until she earns them back. I think the main difference here is that I’m not deriving any pleasure from this kind of thing. I do it because it’s a necessary part of her training, to drive home what I expect of her, and to maintain my authority.


This one plays on all of the others. It’s just play time, “punishing” for “disobedience”, where she “acts up” and then has to be “punished”. I could end up doing exactly the same things as I do in other cases, but we both know this is just an excuse for kinky play.

Sadistic Pleasure

This one’s from my darker side. I’m a sadist, and I derive pleasure from watching my girl suffer for me. It’s important to note the “for me” part. While watching her at my mercy, suffering at my hand, gets me rock hard, there is an element of ownership and dominance to these acts. We as humans trust actions far more than we do words.

I can tell her how much I love her, want her, and own her till I’m blue in the face, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING tells her this more strongly than when I’m standing close to her bound and helpless body, caning her tits while she cries for mercy, denying her relief, denying her sexual control, denying her dignity, denying her physical freedom, denying her choice, demonstrating just how far my reach over her goes. I’ve been told before that I get a look on my face while I’m doing this that makes a girl wet just thinking about it. Nothing matches the feeling of my love for her when I take her in my arms afterward and hold her close. There is no more direct way to show my desire, to take complete ownership of her, body and soul; no better way to become her god.

Because they’re mine. That’s why.

Worship your god.

I degrade her because I love her.


Calico getting a reward

You look lovely, darling.


I hear Meatball slowly coming down the stairs. I peek around the corner to watch her ass wiggle as she backs her way down. Today is a “knees day”, which means she’s not to stand. To keep things simple, I’ve short-chained her ankle shackles to her neck just enough for her to sit up, but not enough to stand up. “You have a lovely ass.” I say, watching it wiggle as she makes her way down. “Thank you, daddy.” she says, concentrating on her task. I watch her until she reaches the bottom. “Stop.” I run my hands on her ass, inspecting my property, feeling the smoothness of her skin. She arches her back like I’ve taught her.

My fingers reach her cunt, feeling, probing, listening to her breath catch. “Whose cunt is this?” I ask. “Yours, sir.” she says. “That’s right. I’m noticing how wet it is.” “I’m sorry, sir.” she says. “Sorry? This isn’t something to be sorry about.” I continue probing as she lets out a gasp. “This is what you are, honey.” I take my very wet fingers and put them in front of her. “Clean them off.” She takes my fingers in her mouth, licking them clean. “That’s my good girl.” I say, stroking her hair. “Now get to your chores.”

She crawls into the bathroom, fills a bucket from the bathtub, and brings it out to the kitchen. I work from my computer, watching out of the corner of my eye as she scrubs the floor. Her movement is intoxicating. I turn back to my work, but something just doesn’t feel right. “Come here, Meatball.” I say, and she crawls up to me, sitting up on her knees with her hands behind her. I take a pair of nipple clamps out of the drawer and place them on her tits, watching her wince as each grips cruelly to her nipples. “Thank you, daddy.” she says. “Back to your work.” I say, giving her ass a smack.

She returns to her task, nipple clamps swinging like pendulums as she scrubs. I try to ignore her, but it soon proves futile. Fuck it. I walk up to her, drop my pants, and start probing with my cock, sliding it up and down her cunt, listening to her fragile voice as she tries to concentrate. I push in. “Aah!” “Keep working.” I say. She resumes scrubbing while I pump her from behind, grabbing her tits, tugging on the clamps, listening to her plaintive moans. “ooooooh daddy-” “Keep scrubbing!” I continue playing with her body, pumping into her, feeling her wet cunt around my cock while she tries in vain to keep her concentration. “Keep scrubbing, I said!” I give her ass a good smack, and she starts scrubbing again. “Ooh daddy please!” “Scrub!” I grab her by the hips and start pistoning into her. She’s mine. My property. I push deep. “AaahdaddypleasecanIcum?” “Tell me what a good girl you are while you cum.” I say, smacking into her ass. “I’m a good girl, daddy! I’m a good gaaaaaAAAAAAAAH” She convulses as I remove the clamps, and loose my load.

There we sit, me inside her, her ass in the air, her face on the ground, the scrubbing all but forgotten. I collect myself and stand up. Meatball turns around and cleans off my cock. “Good girl.” I say, stroking her hair lovingly. “Now we’ve both got work to do!” I say. “Yes, daddy.” she says with a smile.

You’re so cute when you’re helpless.

There is no naughty; only obedience.

I tell you what’s right, and you do it.

That’s how I make your life simple.

Not just any good girl;

MY good girl.


To do with.

As I please.

I like to play with my things.

I approve of attire suitable to the job!

This is all you’ll get today.

I like to show her how much I love her.

A woman needs to worship.

They say you’re depraved.

I say you’re mine.

Who you gonna believe?

Life made simple.

Never a dull moment with me around.

All hail the machine age!


I lead Meatball up to the stocks, and she obediently places her neck and hands into position for me to lock into place. Coming around the front, I brush her hair aside and enjoy a brief kiss with my property. Meatball smiles, but she’s nervous. And I like her nervous and helpless. I push my fingers into her mouth. She sucks on them, like a good little girl. I’ve released her from all responsibility and obligation. There is only here, now. She has but one task: to suffer for me.

I walk behind her, inspecting what’s mine. She stands there, tits hanging down, ass up high, a stunning beauty, brought out in full bloom by her obedience. I run my hand along her ass, so smooth, so vulnerable. I wind up. SMACK! Her whole body jumps at the impact. I watch the skin color where I’ve impacted, feel the warmth, run my finger between her legs, sensing how wet she is. She’s my slut. I’ve freed her from judgment. There is no shame when she’s with me, because I’m in control. SMACK! And I like being in control.

I grab the short tail whip, swinging it lightly from side to side, closer, closer. She’s got to feel the wind as it just falls short of her vulnerable flesh. “Nnh!” The first contact. A light dusting across her skin, but already she’s moving that beautiful ass, because she knows what I’m going to do next.

Harder strokes. Little red stripes decorate her beautiful skin. She twists and squirms, but there is no escape. The strokes continue, landing with a smack, leaving their mark, while she moans, suffering her fate. “Ass up.” I say, stopping a moment to shift my stance. The tail flicks up, landing on her cunt. “Aah!” Another. Another. She’s getting more vocal now. Swish! Swish! That cunt is turning a nice shade of red. “Please, sir!” she begs. “Spread your legs more.” I say. Her feet move further apart to make her cunt easier to hit. Swish! Swish!

“Please, sir!” she begs again. “It’s boring for me to stop.” I say. Swish! Swish! “What would please me more than whipping your cunt?” “Please cane my ass, sir!” she begs. “You don’t sound very convincing.” I say. Swish! Swish! “Please, sir! Please cane my ass I’m begging you! Please cane it really hard!” Well, if she insists…

I grab the cane and bring it to her lips so she can consecrate it. “Thank you, sir!” she says. “Don’t worry, princess. I’ll make sure you feel it.” I put the cold, slick edge of the bamboo cane against her ass, rubbing back and forth. Swish! “Aaah!” I watch her convulse and sink. “Ass up!” She gets back to her feet. Swish! Swish! Just the sound of it slicing through the air is wicked. Her ass has some really nice welts now. “Ass up!” I command again. I watch her body and her mind battle, as she tries to get in position to feel the sting once again. Swish! Her discipline is rewarded. I add more strokes, watching the welts raise on her quivering ass, listening to her sobbing voice. God she’s so fucking beautiful!

I go around to her head again and brush her hair back. Two beautiful tear streaks run down her cheeks. I can’t help myself. I kiss her deeply. “You’re my beautiful little girl.” I say. “Yes, daddy.” She’s so precious. I go around back and drop my pants. “Daddy’s going to use his property now. Lift your ass up.” I feel along her cunt and slide in, listening to her moan. This ass is mine. This cunt is mine. This girl is mine. I pump into her, listening to the wooden stocks rattle, hearing her ragged breath. Such a beautiful voice, yearning for daddy’s love. “Can I please cum, daddy?” she begs. “Yes you may, princess. You’ve made daddy proud.” “uuuUUUUUUUhhhhhhh!” I feel her constricting, and push deep, shooting into her.

“Thank you, daddy.” she says, sagging against the stocks. I lift it off, and she clings to me while I kiss her forehead. “Daddy’s proud of you, honey. You’re a good girl.” I lift her in my arms and carry her upstairs.

Farm life.

It’s not your choice anymore, honey.

I’m not so sure I want to let you out today…

You’ll hide nothing from me.

You know it, I know it: This is where you belong.

She has no need for dignity when she has me.

On your knees, where you belong.

Home, sweet home.


The great outdoors.


It’s going inside you, so make sure it’s good and wet.

The floor’s good enough for you.

Waiting to be useful again.

She will be loved.

Just wait there, cunt. I’ll be back to deal with you later.