June 2016

You’re property now, honey.

It’s too enticing to ignore!

All mine.

You’ve gotta fix your attitude before I let you out. That’s how it works.

Keeping her warm at night.

I can reach you.


My girl’s not properly dressed until she’s plugged.

We’re going to play a game, dear.

We’ll take it nice and slow. I’ve got all night.

How a girl knows that she’s loved.

You know I won’t stop, but it’s still cute when you beg.

And now she knows her place.

You’re nothing but what I make of you.

I like my decorations to be functional.

Where things stand

Folks, I haven’t been quite honest about what’s going on. I’d thought to keep this quiet for the time being due to the crazy shit people pulled last time our relationship had turbulence. Meatball has serious anxiety, so while I can shrug off the hate mail, she can’t. Unfortunately, the secrecy put me in a delicate situation in dealing with some other people, and I ended up hurting them as a result. For that, I’m sorry.

When my anger subsided, I realized what a predicament Meatball is in. She’s spent her entire life in that small town of 10,000 people. Everyone and everything she knows is there. And now she’s faced with the prospect of leaving all of that, her family, all of her support structure, to move 1000 miles away TO A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, and live with a man she’s only known for 6 months, and only met in person twice.

Think about that. She already suffers from anxiety something awful, and these are the kinds of decisions that she’s looking for a man to take care of. But this one REALLY FUCKING BIG life-altering decision is something that she must make alone. That’s gotta be terrifying.

It’s one thing to fantasize about it. Quite another to talk about it and make plans for it. But to actually go and DO it? That takes some serious cojones.

So yes, I’m giving her another month to decide. She has to decide this summer because college is where you forge most of your lasting adult friendships. This is doubly important for her, because she’s introverted and doesn’t make friends quickly. If she remains there for college, she’ll remain there forever. If she does college here, she’ll build a circle of friends and not be isolated.


My little princess stands up as I lift her by the chin. She’s just finished worshiping, as is apparent by the small bit of cum dribbling out the corner of her mouth. I hold her eyes to mine and smile. “You’re a good girl, princess.” I say. “Thank you, daddy.” I turn her head towards the posture collar hanging from a chain. Obediently, she closes it around her neck, lifting her head to facilitate my adding a padlock. I take her hand in mine, and lift it up to the waiting cuff, locking it around her wrist. Wrapping the other wrist, I snap the padlock into place.

She stands slightly on her toes, arms held a bit above her head. I nod approvingly and run my hands over her tits, grabbing and pulling her closer. Her breathing becomes more labored as she’s pulled against the collar. I kiss her gently, and feel around her cunt. It’s wet, of course, waiting for its owner to take what is his. With one hand, I reach behind her neck and pull her forward even more, while gently touching her clit. She’s breathing more heavily now. “Does that feel good, princess?” I ask. “Mmm yes, daddy” she says, her face flushing. Her hips move closer, and my hands retreat an equal distance away, touching lightly. She’s not getting it that easy. I chuckle as she moans in frustration, teasing and touching, owning my slut.

“Do you want to cum, princess?” I ask. “Oh yes please, daddy!” she says. I step back and look at her, helpless to do anything on her own. That’s right and proper anyway, since she’s not entitled to it unless I allow it. “If you want to cum, you’re gonna have to earn it.” I say. “Yes, sir” she says. I can hear the uncertainty in her voice. She knows I’m going to make her pay for it.

I take a pair of nipple clamps from my pocket. “Present your tits.” She pushes forward as much as she can. Cupping her tit, I rub my thumb over the nipple, watching it harden. This is mine, too. I grab and stretch it, setting the clamp in place, then let the spring do its work. “Ahaaa! Ow ow ow ow daddy it’s too tight!” “Quiet!” I snap, grabbing her hair and dragging her forward until she chokes on the collar. “I’m sorry, daddy!” she gasps. I release her and begin working the other nipple while she stares at it helplessly. I look at her as I close the other clamp. She draws in a sharp breath, but says nothing. “That’s a good girl!” Now for the … dammit! Where did I put that? Probably upstairs. No matter. “Daddy’s gotta go get something. I’ll give you something to keep you company while I’m gone.” I lube up the electric butt plug and slip it into her, setting the unit to go off every 10 seconds. She yelps as it produces its first shock. That’ll keep her busy.

I head upstairs and start rifling through the toy chest. It should be here! Fuck! I do another search. Nothing. I start going through the kitchen drawers, the cupboards, the closets, under the bed. Nothing! What about… The bathroom! I check the counter and there’s the vibe. I’d left it to dry earlier. A quick test shows it’s fully charged. Good! I head downstairs hearing her tortured yelps as the plug does its job. Good. I like her to feel owned even when I’m not around.

I give the clamps a good tug, watching her wince in pain. She’s so sexy when she does that! I nonchalantly stick the vibe head into her cunt and turn it on. Princess starts to moan and then yelps as her asshole gets another shock. I pull the nipple clamps towards me, and she stumbles forward, choking herself on the collar. “Am I in the right spot, princess?” I ask. “Y-yes, daddy.” she says in that fragile voice that gets me so hard. “What do you say?” “T-th-thank *gasp* thank you, daddy!” Her hips are moving. “Daddy can I please cum?” she asks. “No, honey. It’s way too soon.” She pulls her hips back. “Uh uh! You stay right here!” I pull her forward again, and put the vibe right on that spot. “Ohmygod daddy please!” “You hold it, princess. You’ll make me angry if you cum without permission.” “uuuuUUUUUUUUH!” She moans and tries moving just a little bit back. I know her tricks and push the vibe in even harder. “AAAAAAH DADDY PLEASE!” I pull the vibe away and smack her cunt. She goes rigid. I smack it again. And again. “Pleeeeeeeease daddy! I can’t take anymore!” “You can and you will.” I say, watching tears stream down her pretty face. I give her cunt another smack for good measure, then reapply the vibe. “AAAAHAAAAAH!” she sobs, pulling uselessly at her bonds. There’s no escaping this. Daddy plays for keeps. “Whose is this, princess?” I ask. “Yours, daddy!” she bawls. “So is it right for you to say what I should do with it?” I ask. “Nooo-hooooo-hoooo” she sobs.

“You know what? I think I’ll go back upstairs.” I say, withdrawing the vibe. “Aah please daddy!” she shrieks. “PLEASE DON’T GO DADDY PLEASE!” I put the vibe in my pocket, and she breaks down in tears, swinging her hands uselessly. I go up to her, brush her sweaty hair out of the way, and kiss her forehead. “Please daddy.” she chokes. “Please I need it so bad.” “Can you cum from my finger?” I ask. “Yes, daddy! Please I’ll do anything!” “Aww.” I say, holding her close. “You’re so precious.” I rub my finger along her cunt. “Go ahead and cum.” I push it inside. She goes off like a rocket. It’s so cute watching her cum like that. I continue rubbing, and she cums again. “AAAH THANK YOU DADDYYYYYYYYY!” She sags, and I undo her bonds quickly, catching her so she doesn’t fall. She’s my precious little princess, and she’s earned her pleasure today.

Never forget: You are property.

Aww. Do they hurt, honey?

She has plenty of time to think of ways to please her master.

Your life’s work.


We both say “mine” in different ways.

You’re my property now. Nothing’s gonna change that.

You don’t talk. You don’t do a fucking thing except what I tell you to, cunt.


Whips come in many shapes and sizes, with specific uses in mind.
Many masters take great pride in their ability to control the more difficult whips. There’s a certain satisfaction in being able to hit the same spot precisely, but it takes a lot of practice. There’s nothing more embarrassing (or dangerous!) than swinging wild and hitting your sub in a place you didn’t intend, so it’s a good idea to put in the (many) hours of practice.

Here’s a small selection of my whips:

Small Flogger

One of the easiest to use, the small flogger is very handy for working on her more sensitive parts. You can swing soft or hard, with little worry about swinging wild. Its small size allows you to do a fast pinwheel with it (swinging it in a circle). I also like it because it doesn’t look like much - until you start using it.

Large flogger

These have the benefit of looking wicked, but actually being safer to use than their smaller counterparts. The high number of tails actually serves to dampen the blow, because most of the tails are striking against the other tails. The more tails, the more dampening, and the more sound. That’s not to say you can just swing away full force! These things can pack one hell of a wallop if you swing hard.


A flexible shaft ending in a thin tress. Since the shaft is semi-rigid, it offers unparalleled control, which makes it great for guiding and directing, or for the more sensitive areas.

Dressage whip

Similar to a crop, except that it ends in a leather or cord tail. Designed to strike the horse’s side, it offers very good control when the rider must save concentration for other things.


A very short whip with a forked tail. Once again, its small size offers very good control, making it very effective for the more sensitive areas.

Strap whip

I showed how to make one here.
A bastardized abomination, combining a strap and a whip. This implement is longer, but gives you control similar to a smaller whip due to its air resistance. It also gives a satisfying smack when wielded like a strap (striking with the entire strap rather than the tip).

Short whip

A more traditional whip, in a short length. Traditional whips require a lot of practice to control properly, but there’s nothing more satisfying than using one effectively.

Long whip

An even more difficult implement. It’s so easy to take an eye out with this that even when practicing, eye protection is highly recommended. Its long length makes it impractical (or even impossible) to use indoors.


Practice is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, especially for the short and long whip! Using one without having practiced extensively is very irresponsible, and will probably result in someone (perhaps even yourself) being gravely harmed.

In general, the shorter or stiffer the implement, the less practice needed to become proficient. Once you mix length and flexibility, it becomes a LOT harder to predict how your arm and wrist movements will affect the path of the tail.

For short whips, I like to practice on my heavy bag:

It’s curved for practicing uppercuts, but for whip practice it also helps simulate the curves of a woman’s body. I’ve also practiced on chair backs and the corner of the sofa, covered with a leather jacket (hint: You can get leather jackets super cheap at the thrift store!). Leather is great because technically, it’s skin. You’ll get feedback through your implement, even if ever so slight, and keeping it as close to the real thing as possible helps.

Short whip strokes

Side-to-side: Keeping your wrist such that it flexes parallel to the floor, swing the whip from side to side gently. You want to have an easy, almost lazy motion, letting your wrist do the fine control while your forearm swings at the elbow. Practice hitting the same spot, then practice going up and down, then practice hitting a spot high, followed by a spot low.

Criss-cross: The object is to stroke downwards at an angle, follow through, then stroke down the opposite direction, making an X in front of you. The whip needs to swing around to the side of you so that it will be in position for the next stroke. This is a harder stroke because it’s easy to tangle up or even to hit yourself in the face as you swing the whip around for the next stroke. Start VERY slow, and even when you get better practiced, there’s never any need to do this stroke fast. The intensity comes from a slight flick of the wrist at the beginning of the downward stroke. You get the feel for it after awhile.

Overhead pinwheel: Basically, swing the whip around in a circle over your head, striking your target with each cycle. Once again, it’s very easy to hit yourself in the head (and eyes!) with this stroke.

Side pinwheel: Swing in a circle, either stroking up or down, hitting your target with each cycle. This requires a bit more wrist coordination, but with practice you can get decent accuracy. This one’s great for working her pussy.

Wraparound: Very simple. Just swing the whip very close and let it wrap around her, pulling slightly as the tail approaches its mark.

Long whip strokes

I’m just going to gloss over these. For long whips, you really should get training from someone.

Most long whip strokes involve a flick motion to make the whip crack. Getting it to crack on target is what makes long whips so difficult to master.

Underhand: Holding the whip downwards, swing your arm up, then flick to strike the target.

Overhand: Holding the whip behind you, swing overhand, then flick to strike the target.

Side: Swing the whip around to your side towards the target.

Overhead strike: This goes from difficult to impossible with very long whips. Swing in a circular motion overhead and let your arm “lunge” forward to strike.

Wraparound: Same as with a short whip.

What to do with her…

It’s best when you can’t move.

Don’t worry yourself, cunt. I’ll be back for you tomorrow.

See how one little squeeze can have such a big effect, honey?

There’s a good girl!

I like to hang my works of art.

I know she dreams of me.

How would someone get to know you if they don't live near you and you don't do social media?

What did anyone do before social media? When the time is right, someone comes, whether it be at a bar, in the supermarket, at a convention, on a message board, or even on tumblr. It just kinda happens.

The life she’s always secretly wanted.

What would it take to get a follow from you?

I’m a bit weird that way. I don’t follow blogs or do social media or even subscribe to newsletters or magazines. I prefer one-on-one conversation, or serendipitous discovery. TBH I was surprised that anyone followed this blog. It was originally just a way to consolidate my favorite porn, and jot down a few thoughts here and there.

Don’t get me wrong; I think things have turned out very well here, and I’m glad for it. I’m a private person by nature, but I tend to forget that there are a lot of people on the receiving end of what I write.

So yeah, don’t take offense if I don’t engage like most people do on this platform. I’m just wired differently.

Hello, Sir. I have a question I was hoping You could answer. I'm naturally a sub but I have a huge, huge, HUGE problem with eye-contact, which, I understand, many Doms fancy. I suppose it could be just me being shy and timid but I think social anxiety is also to blame. Anyway, I was wondering how a Master such as Yourself would go about this problem if Your sub had trouble with even establishing, let alone maintaining it (that's mission impossible right there). Thank You and have a nice day. :)

Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
- Michelangelo

Michelangelo understood one of the most basic tenets of art. You do not force it to conform to your pre-established ideal, but rather discover its underlying structure, and work within those constraints to bring out its true beauty and radiance. It is how one works with the constraints that defines the master artist, and brings about a masterpiece.

To be honest, I find a slave who cannot raise her eyes endearing. I might try some exercises from time to time, but if it became clear that it wouldn’t work, I’d turn it into a point of glory; one that others would comment upon in admiration and respect. For it is the flaws that bring true beauty to life.

Which brings to mind something else the master artist once said: “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

Such cute little tits! I think I’ll play with them awhile.

Hi, I'm kinda new to bdsm and such, but I love the honor and responsibility you embody as a dom; however, I'm wondering if you can recommend me any blogs like this but gay? I'm looking for a daddy but I'm male, so it doesn't completely apply to me. I really like the kinda of dom you are, so do you have any advice for beginning subs as well? Also thanks for your writings because they're incredible! -New Boi From the Country

Sorry, I don’t know of any gay BDSM blogs, but this is actually more of a human nature issue, and so in most ways the things I’ve said still apply.

The first thing to remember is that nobody can consistently go against their nature for long. Eventually, you forget yourself and drop the mask for a second. We like to think that we can change people, but for fundamental personality traits, that’s actually impossible. The difference between honorable and dishonorable people is that behaving dishonorably is actually painful to the honorable person. The dishonorable person can behave honorably, but since dishonorable behavior is not painful to them, they’ll slip back into it from time to time. That’s not the kind of person you want to have power over you.

So what you want to do is watch people for consistency (especially when they’re stressed). This applies to ALL circles, whether with friends, relatives, doms, subs, co-workers, bosses, you name it. You’ll get that nagging, ugly feeling about them, and then you’ll try to dismiss it the longer you’ve been hanging around them, because it’s painful to break a relationship.

Which of course means that slow and steady is the best way to approach new relationships. Now if only I’d taken my own advice!

You’re so beautiful when you cry.

The cravings of a submissive


My neck feels empty without a collar. My hands fidget when they’re not bound. There’s no gag to protect me from my loose tongue. No shackles or cuffs hold me in my place. I have no rules to guide me and no whip to keep me from wandering astray.

But none of that means anything. What I truly miss is His touch on my skin. His taste on my lips. His strength towering over me. His voice whispering in my ear: “Good girl”.

What I need is to be His.

Why crave punishment?

Punishment is painful. It hurts. We naturally avoid things that hurt, so what makes this different? What makes a man who punishes so attractive?

Decisions are difficult, and moral decisions are the hardest of all. “Should I do this for this person?” “Am I obligated to do this?” “Is this appropriate?” “Should I accept or refuse?” “Am I being offensive?” “Is their anger justified?” You’re being pulled in all directions, feeling powerless to refuse as everyone drains your soul. It gets even worse when different people give you conflicting advice. How do you choose? What if you choose wrongly?

Things would be much simpler if there were someone you trusted who could decide these things for you. Then, when you act accordingly, you can do so automatically, without fear, for he has taken responsibility for those decisions as well. With only one voice to obey, things become very simple.

A man who punishes you for disobedience is a man who cares deeply about you, so much so that he outright forbids bad behavior and corrects it whenever he sees it. Such a man is steadfast and driven, shaping and molding you into a proper slave who pleases him. When your trust in him is complete, you know that you can rest upon his word, and you know that he will never forsake you, and never allow you to stray. The more he takes charge, the more your anxieties melt away.

Such a man touches you more deeply than any other could. His chains bind not only your body, but also your heart. They are your comfort. When you can be completely dependent upon him, you melt into him, and two really do become one.

Cunts don’t talk.

We’ll do that a few more times until you can cum quietly.