October 2016

They’re mine, so you’ve got nothing to complain about.

Hi sir! my daddy treats me very well and abuses me daily, but despite the marks he leaves there is little humiliation involved... I want to be degraded and embarrassed like the little bitch I am for his amusement, any ideas to give my master?

Does he know how much you crave the humiliation?

This is the kind of thing where if he’s into it, he’ll do it naturally, unless inhibited by social norms. Talking about it usually helps get over the hangup.

Just another peaceful Saturday, all alone with my girl, where no one can hear her screams…

I wanted to let you know that I've been stalking your blog here for a while, and as a beginning seeker into the world of bdsm and slavery, it's served as a source of information and evwna model of what to look for in a Dominant and Master. Thank you!

Thanks! This is precisely why I keep running it :)

Boxing practice.

Show me what a good girl you can be.

Calming her.

All tuckered out.

I approve of this setup!

I SAID we’re going for a walk!

Sweet dreams.

It’s always good to give her something to remember me by.

I’m not angry.

You haven’t done anything wrong.

I don’t hate you.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

I do this because you’re so fucking sexy and I want you. Oh, how I want you!

But your flesh is not enough.

Your body is not enough.

I want your soul to devour, too.

My little toys.

Aww does that hurt?

It’s your station in life.

Gravity is my ally.

Kit catches his first mouse!

The only thing that matters is that she’s Master’s plaything.

She’s a cock sucking machine.


She’s mine, and I’ll never let her go.

Her cunt gets so wet when she gets what she deserves.

I do love irish-8 cuffs!

Hi Sir, I really enjoy your blog. I want to be a better pet/ slave to my Master, do you have any tips or suggestions on how I could do that?

It comes down to putting Master first.

Can you expand on how you reinforce your property's lack of rights?

Practically everything I do to a girl is designed in some way to make her feel more and more owned. A huge part of that is denying her things she’d taken for granted before.

A few things spring to mind:

But to really make her feel owned, you must go well beyond this. The restrictions in and of themselves provide some reinforcement that what once were her rights are now privileges, and exist at my pleasure, but the real magic comes in hammering these points home.

Speech restrictions can be further demonstrated by making her wear a gag, to be removed only when I say so. Feeding her off the floor can be enhanced by WHAT you feed her (for example, your scraps), or what she eats out of (such as a dog bowl).

Bathroom restrictions usually involve requiring her to ask permission, but you can really hammer the idea home by refusing permission sometimes and making her suffer. Or you could go the other route: Allow her to go to the bathroom any time she wants, but lock her in a diaper with set changing times (for example, once in the morning, once at night), with tamper proof tape so she can’t sneak if off and on. Things get REALLY interesting if she has to go to work ;-)

Physical restrictions can be made more interesting by locking her into uncomfortable positions. My personal favorite is a collar locked to a chain high enough that she can’t lie down, and then leaving her for the night. Or the environment can be used to your advantage. Too hot, too cold, water dripping on her… really, the sky’s the limit here. The point I’d be making here is that her comfort is a PRIVILEGE, to be granted or removed at my pleasure.

But it’s even in the littlest things that I do. Clamps on her tits, choosing difficult shoes for her to wear when we go out, locking her hands together, making her do her chores with a dildo up her cunt and punishing her if it falls out, the casual way I grab her and manhandle her or squeeze her nipples as I’m passing by. Even just ignoring her and treating her as part of the furniture. The real feeling of ownership comes in my day-to-day casual treatment of her. I make her slavery a normal part of every normal day. It’s simply her reality.

In everything I do, my message is clear: I can make things better or worse for her, and she has no recourse, because she’s my property. I’ll do things to punish. I’ll do things because I’m a sadist. I’ll do things just to prove a point. But one thing remains constant, and one thing I make SURE she is reminded of every single day: I do things because it is my right as her owner.

Belt Handcuffs

Sometimes I find myself without my toys (like one time I went to visit a girl and my luggage got lost). In such a case, it’s always good to have some inconspicuous backup equipment.

A belt is a versatile tool. Today, I’ll show you how to turn a basic belt into a pair of handcuffs.

Hold the belt by the buckle such that the tongue hangs down:


Loop the belt through the frame.


Form two equal small loops around wrists or ankles (I’m showing it empty for demonstration):


Take the tail end of the belt and feed it through the loop underneath:


Pull tight, maintaining the correct size around wrists or ankles (once again, empty here for demonstration purposes):


Wrap all the way around and through the frame:


And around through the loop again:


Pull tight:


And now to lock it in, fold the tail end back and feed it once more through the loop:


If you’ve punched a hole in the loop, you can match up to the existing punch holes to make it lockable:


Hello, Sir! How are You doing? I'm in a bit of a quandary and I was wondering if You could help. Essentially, without rambling, I have a close vanilla friend and we share practically everything with each other. So recently I wanted to unburden myself and told her I'm heavily into BDSM. She's an open-minded person and asked me about the details. We got to the topic of sub-space and I was at a bit of a loss for words. How would You explain sub-space to a vanilla person? Thank You in advance, Sir!

Subspace is actually difficult to describe to someone who isn’t wired that way…

Whenever I try, I start off comparing it to a zen trance. Except it’s more than that. It’s active. She’s not necessarily being still. She’s not emptying her mind per se. She could be doing things, cleaning, serving… And yet even in her activity there is still front and center a sense of being owned. A sense that there are no worries because everything is taken care of. A sense that she doesn’t have to second guess her activities. A moral freedom, even. She can implicitly obey her master and KNOW that it’s the right thing to do. KNOW that there’s nothing she’s forgetting. KNOW that there is no guilt or anxiety or worry. It is a state of wholeness.

I’ve tried so many times to explain this, and basically if she’s submissive, she understands right away. If not, it’s just too alien of a concept.

Sometimes I allow her out for awhile.

Would you want children from your slave?

For the first two years, absolutely not. I need time to train her. After that, I’m undecided.

Her Due

I’ll always reinforce that she has no rights. Everything comes from privilege; from me.

I’ll make her degrade and humiliate herself to prove that she’s worthy to receive my blessings.

But love is different. Love is unconditional. I never withhold that.

I know you answered if your slave would need to use birth control, but what if they were medically advised not to use birth control?

Then we’d use a different method. I want her healthy.

It’s good enough for her.

Will your slave use birth control?

Until I say otherwise, yes. Male contraception is in a deplorable state, and will probably remain that way. Vasalgel has been promising clinical trials within 6 months for the past 4 years, and there’s no one else even working on this kind of thing.

It would be REALLY nice if they came through, though. I don’t like the idea of fucking with her hormonal balance…


Good girl.

See how attentive I can be?

I'm crying, Kit is such a precious angel!! <3 Can I ask how his name was chosen?

Because he’s a little attention getting kit :)

As much as I love your regular posts, honest to god, I love Kit more. He looks so little and sweet!

He is adorable…


Quieting a Noisy Fridge

Ugh, if there’s one thing I HATE, it’s noisy appliances. Well, my new fridge arrived, and I swear the evaporator fan runs at 70dba because I can still hear it when I’m downstairs in the basement!

This. Simply. Won’t. Do.

Good thing it’s a commercial fridge (which, oddly enough, is cheaper than a consumer fridge), so it’s user-serviceable. First, take out that godawful fan.


OMG could they have gotten a cheaper piece of shit? Next, I ordered a general appliance fan with a speed control. It’s designed to plug into 110v AC, and fortunately the fridge circuitry all runs 110, so it’s just a matter of hooking up a female plug:


Blammo! Sorry, GND, no connection for you!


Now hook up the new fan, and make sure the temp gauge is decently placed:


Easy peasy, since the opening is 120mm. I attached some tape to the housing so it won’t move around.


Looking good! Next a live test to make sure it all works, then put it all back together…


Et voila! Silent fridge!

That was a quick reply, i wasn't expecting it so soon. i appreciate Your input. If He does only want it inside the bedroom do You think theres anything i could do to make Him warm up to the idea of it outside too? i just feel so empty acting like someone i'm not, i realize its a lot of work for Him but i feel like i'm not living up to my true purpose. In the end all i really want is to please Him but i'm not happy living like an 'equal'

I wish I could give you a better answer, but full time dominance is a LOT of work, and nobody would ever do it unless they had a deep seated need.

My need to care for someone goes well beyond some passing feeling; it’s a core part of my being. I need someone to guide, train, and maintain structure for. It can’t be separated out, and any relationship I’ve been in that does not include this ALL THE TIME is simply unfulfilling. I’ll put in the constant work and effort because it satisfies a need within me, and unless he also has that need, he’ll never be motivated enough to to everything this kind of lifestyle requires.

So, being brutally honest here, the only way you’ll have this need filled by him, given the current situation, is if he’s into it, but is still fearful and unsure. If it’s anything else, he won’t ever go that deep, except temporarily. In fact, I’m good friends with a sub who had this kind of relationship for 30 years, where he’d try to be more dominant, but it just wasn’t him, and it showed.

So yeah, a bit of a downer, sorry. Don’t try to be something you’re not, and above all else, don’t try to make someone else something they’re not. If he’s fearful, that’s one thing. If he’s just not a master, that’s reality staring you in the face.

These exist for my pleasure and nothing else.

hello, sorry to be anon but i don't have an actual tumblr, i hope it wont stop You from replying. Anyway, love Your blog! i'm looking for some advice. i'm a 21 year old female, married now, W/we've been together 6 years. Everything is great but how would You take a normal relationship & turn it into a Master/slave relationship? i've told Him many times i'd love to be His slave, & He does talk like He'd like it too but mostly just while having sex. i would really like it to be a 24/7 thing -kayla

There are a few possibilities here:

All you can do at this point is explain in very plain language how important this is to you, and what kinds of things you’re looking for. In the bedroom is VERY different from outside for most people, and it’s not something we talk about much (if at all). To merge the two is often a very alien concept (I know - I’ve had many subs who turned out to be bedroom only, and it’s a big reason why I’m more often without someone than with).

Write out exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship. Give it a good few days consideration, refining it to make it as plain as possible. Then, either use that as a cure to talk to him, or even give him your notes if you think that would work better. He can’t read your mind, nor you his, which means you have to rely upon words and try your best to understand one another.

Give her time. She’ll get used to it.

She’s always useful to me.

The mouth hole is also my property. You’ll use it only in the ways I direct.

Only my pleasure matters.