November 2016

The good kind of exposure.

Because it’s humiliating. That’s why.

The first bite is with the eyes.

It’s alright. She’s used to it.

Good morning, sunshine!

A study of the female form.


Love in the flesh.

You’re not going out today. I’ve got other plans.

I approve of your dress, little girl.

Unwrapping my present.

Because it’s mine.

That’s why.

Chair dancing, with some help from Mr Edison.

hi Sir! first of all this blog is everything, i think i'm in love with it. <3 second of all, there's this person i've been trying to introduce to bdsm. he likes the control but he's also immensely caring. ik you've told an anon how it was hard for you to begin with the aspect of pain. my person is having similar problems so i was wondering if you could please tell more about how you got over the initial reservations abt it? thank you so much!

Basically it came down to deliberately going too far. My idea of too far and the reality of too far were VASTLY different. In the end, the only way I could break through was to insist upon a safe word (she didn’t like them). After that, I made a point of going harder, and harder, and harder, each time thinking she’d use the safe word for sure, but it didn’t come until I’d gone SIGNIFICANTLY farther than what I thought was safe.

After awhile you learn to read the body language to know what “level” you’re at with her (every single girl is different, so you HAVE to use body language to gauge - a light tap on one girl is equivalent to a heavy wallop on another).

Pick a safe word with him, then he needs to keep ramping it up until you safe word. His goal should be to deliberately make you use the safe word. You can’t truly know where the edge is until you cross it once.

How does a girl go about seeking a true Dom? How would she know he's just that?

A true dom is first and foremost a good man. Look for the qualities in his life in general, and you’ll know what he’ll carry over into how he doms.

Beyond these, I’d add what I call the “gentlemanly qualities”.

And, of course, the butterfly test: A true dom should give you butterflies rather than knots in your stomach. Knots are for your wrists.

Beauty and control.

There’s a reason why necks are hand shaped.

You say you're a sadist but based on how you treat your cat you seem to have a gentle loving side. Do you show your slave love and compassion too?

Yes, I do. When my sadist side is sated, the loving side takes over.

It takes a woman to soothe the beast.

Surrender is what you were made for, honey.

Maybe following him home wasn’t such a good idea?

We’re using the other hole now, princess.

Exploring the big world.

I give her time to contemplate her place in the world.


Congratulations! You have a wonderful blog. I actually landed here by chance (clicking the source for a photo), a couple of days ago and I browsed thought 50 pages today. Best of luck with your farm and thank you for the interesting hours I spent reading/watching your posts. Jo

Glad you liked it! Enjoy!

This is your god.

Daddy’s little Kit.

A clean slave is a good slave.

A good girl is patient.

Feeding Kit

Here’s what goes into making a meal for kit:

I buy pork loin center bulk and then slice it small enough to fit into bags.


I seal the bags in a vacuum chamber.


$25 worth of pork loin nets around 20 bags. Each bag has enough for 4 kitty meals.


Vacuum sealed, they’ll last a year in the deep freeze.


To prepare, I just leave a bag in the sous vide cooker for 2-3 hours while I do other things. It’s next to impossible to overcook with this thing.


Once done, I slice it up.


That’s 4 meals worth, which I keep in the fridge.


$25 nets 20 bags, each holding 4 meals = 80 meals, or 30 cents a meal. And boy does he gobble it up! The rest of his diet is shored up with a special dry kibble made locally, so total cost comes to about 40 cents per day for food I can trust.



Cleaning day at the Atelier.

Photo and bondage by Marcuslikesit

swabbing of the deck by delilahfrayed