December 2016

Soon, little girl…

Symbols of love and devotion.

The view’s so much better from here!


Just you and me…

I think you look better like this.

My loving touch, locked in.

They’re mine to play with. You don’t decide anymore.

She likes hanging around me.

The Butterfly Test

If you want an objective test for your relationship, use the butterfly test.

If he gives you butterflies in your stomach from time to time, all is good.

If he primarily gives you knots in your stomach, the relationship is fundamentally flawed.

If you’re walking on eggshells, the relationship is fundamentally flawed.

If fear is what keeps you close, the relationship is fundamentally flawed.

I love our quality time together.



Quiet time.  

I do love bedtime.

My D/s Isn’t Perfect


My dash is full of beautiful women kneeling peacefully, perfectly composed men holding a drink, and proclamations of the things “true” Doms/Daddies/Masters do.

“True” Doms never lose their cool, get sick, feel cranky, need time off, cry, or ever disappoint their subs… 

But mine he does. 

“True” subs are never defiant, disagreeable, grouchy, bratty, defensive, pouty, or misbehaved.

But I am.

Real D/s has depth. It has problems. It has bad days. We don’t publicize the days it feels impossible, where one or both of us is tired/cranky/hungry/stressed out, and definitely not when BOTH of us feel that way.

Sometimes I can’t find my surrender; I feel defensive, sensitive, self-righteous, and victimized. You don’t see how I sometimes struggle to kneel in front of him, swallowing my pride and biting my tongue. Or the times I check out, switch off, tune out, just get through my tasks and purposely not feel a thing.

My Master has done all of the things that the internet says he’s not supposed to. But for me, by showing me his vulnerability and allowing me to love him through the messiness, that’s what makes him REALLY a true man.

This is the dynamic I’ve always dreamed of and fantasized about and I consider myself lucky to live it 24/7 in real life with a partner that I adore. I truly believe we make one another better in this dynamic, living out our chosen roles.

But it’s far from perfect. And I actually think we’re both better for the struggles. I’ve found an incredible amount of growth, transformed my life, and found deeper levels of intimacy, connection, desire, and communication than I could have ever imagined in the trials we’ve had together.

It’s not what you see on Tumblr, but it’s real.

Christmas is about prezzies!

Silent night.

A delicate flower must be protected.

Patience, child.

Let’s see how wet you are, dear.

The real reason why dominants do what they do.

It’s those little finishing touches that make all the difference.

When you love someone, show it!

Because you like the way I handle you.

You’ll notice how the rope is higher behind than in front. That’s because it’s running between her cuffs as well, forcing the knots upward.

It’s not just the pain; it’s the humiliating ways in which I hurt you.

Don’t you dare cum without permission.

It’s all about control.

Whoops, forgot to keep track of this. Happy belated 30k!

I could watch you for hours.

Multiple uses!

Now that I have your attention…


Come and sit before me, please my love.
Allow me to stay down here at your knee.
Snuggles and cuddles are always sweet.
But for now I need to be in submission.
I want to kneel here, for you yes, but also for myself. For it is here that I remember, and here that I recall how humbled I am to be yours. Here is where I am reminded that though we are equals, I have chosen to lay my body and soul down for you. I remember how worthy you are, and how you’ve by some miracle chosen me, and so I feel worthy as well. Here is where I devote myself anew to the promise that I’ve given. Look upon my bowed head with grace, look upon my bared body with lust, and look upon my open soul with love. In a moment, yes, pull me up upon your lap, to hold me close while we whisper and giggle and kiss…in a moment. Allow me this time, my love, to reflect upon your dominance and power, and to luxuriate in my whole submission to you.

Humiliating you just turns me on, honey.

Ugh your captions are amazing. Whoever has the pleasure of serving you is very lucky.

Thank you! I write what inspires me.

8.0 Hear Her...




Source Iain Crawford

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” - Steven R Covey 

It is so simple for us to impose our will upon our eager, obedient submissives.

“I am the Dom. What I want is the only thing that matters. Is that understood?”

This may seem a viable arrangement for weeks, months, and even years.

But I am here to tell you in that way lies hubris. And the eventual end of your relationship.

A submissive gives herself to you, not so that she will be completely ignored and have all of her choices made for her. She gives herself to you because life can be overwhelming, stressful and anxiety-provoking. She gives herself because she enjoys occasionally having the paralyzing amount of choices made for her. Whether in the bedroom or in the ‘real’ world.  

The key word here is occasionally. Maybe even often. But never always.

She has spent a lifetime accumulating ideas, dreams, passions and viewpoints. Listen to them.

She has spent a lifetime imagining the perfect relationship. Listen to her.

She has spent a lifetime (if only figuratively) exploring the idea of being a submissive. Hear her.

Be attentive to her mind. It will speak to you not only in words, but in her silence, in the furtive shift of an eyebrow, the tension in her posture, or the melody of her laughter.

Listen to her body. It will talk to you in a special, secret language, if you only pause long enough to hear its sweet, sweet susurrus. The quickening of her breath, the strum of her heart, the raised goosebumps on her thigh, and the damp nectar between her glorious legs.

But most importantly, still yourself completely and attune yourself to her soul. Her eyes are the instrument. Absorb her melody and let her deepest longings that cannot be expressed with mere words or moans, be absorbed into your soul.

You are a Dom. Your responsibility isn’t to control every facet of her life. Your job is to know when to control, when to step back and most importantly of all, when to listen.

Hear her. It will make all the difference in the world. 

Just…perfectly stated!


sssshhh, don`t speak.

I know how to treat you right.

It’s nice to unwind after a long, stressful day at work.

You’re already dressed. Let’s go.

The best part is that these batteries can last for days.

Too much of a good thing?

Too bad.

Love, actually.

Of course I let her out for some fresh air! I’m not a monster.

How many slaves had you ?

This is just like asking how many lovers you’ve had. After awhile you stop counting.

You’re playing with fire, girl.

The most beautiful thing in the world.

Does it hurt?