February 2017

The Salton Sea

A few days ago, I decided to take a little trip to the Salton Sea.

One of the lowest points in California, the SURFACE of the water lies almost 250 feet below sea level.

Its salinity, higher than that of the actual ocean, has been building over the years, and tends to cause fish die-offs from time to time. You’ll see them as mile long rings like this:

It goes through a 400-500 year cycle of filling and draining.The current “sea” is the result of a mistake by California Development Company in 1905, when they tried to cut irrigation canals and the water overflowed, creating the current “sea”. Until then, the whole area was dry.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that most of the “sand” isn’t actually sand at all.

Back in snowland!

Don’t you start pouting again! The blanket is a privilege.

This is mine.


If I made myself visible and attempted to speak to you, would you be willing to answer questions about yourself? Nothing too personal, but you've sparked my curiosity on a post you've written about 'finding a slave' and i seem to fit the criteria, in my own opinion. I'd like to know a bit about you, and maybe you'd like to know a bit about me, maybe.

You’ll have to send a non-anonymous message for personal correspondence, because I can only respond to anonymous messages publicly.


How to Become my Slave

I’ve been approached by many girls over the years, wanting to become my slave. So that I don’t repeat myself, I’m putting it down here.

Unlike most “doms” out there, I am very serious about what I do. This isn’t some fantasy or series of “scenes”. This isn’t just a sexual preference. It doesn’t end in the bedroom, or anywhere else. It’s “on”, always. There will be nothing of you that will be kept for yourself. I will take it all the way, and you’ll go all the way as well. There’s the glamorous aspect, where you have a protector, a guide, a mentor, a master, who provides you with structure, discipline, and an eternal purpose. And then there’s the less-than-glamorous aspect, where there are tears, failure, weakness, denial, stubbornness, triggers, phobias, human frailty. You will experience them all, because I will rip into you like no one else has. I will know you FAR deeper than anyone else has ever known you, and you won’t be able to stop me from finding the buried, stifled, defeated, hidden, fearful, ashamed, you.

Think it through first. Think about it VERY long and VERY carefully. Reality is not the same as what you’ve fantasized about in your mind.

Thought about it? Good! Now think about it some more.

This means surrendering everything to me. My decisions are final. Your obedience is without question. You are not my equal in any way, shape, or form, and never will be.

Is this getting through? Do you understand what this actually means? Think about it some more.

It means that I own everything, including you. You own nothing. You are owed nothing. You cannot countermand my word. You have no rights. Nothing is deserved or due.
You don’t own clothes; I do, and I decide which ones I’ll allow you to wear.
You don’t decide where to go; I do. You may ask, but I decide IF you go out, for how long, and when you’ll be back. I decide what rooms you’re allowed to use, including the bathroom. I decide if you’re allowed on the furniture. I have final say on what you eat, where you sleep, and what you do. I am your world, and I decide what’s best. You obey.

Do you get how serious this is? I’m very demanding. Think about it some more.

This is not just about sex; this is a way of life. If you’re looking for a bedroom dom, or if there’s a point at which you’re unwilling to give up control, you’re looking at the wrong guy. If there are distractions in your life, it won’t work with me, for I am a jealous god.

I expect a number of things from the start:

I’m not your average internet dom:

Still here? Then one final admonition:

Going down this road means a complete life change. We’ll take time getting there, but make no mistake: The destination and goal is your complete subjugation and submission, the relinquishing of your freedom, and a life under my command.

If you don’t meet my requirements, don’t ask to become my slave. That’s disrespectful of me and of my time. Fix whatever’s deficient first, and THEN contact me.

You’ve seen my blog. You know what I like. Reality will be more nuanced, but if you can’t handle what’s on my blog, you can’t handle life with me.

What if it doesn’t work out?

This really should go without saying for any real dom, but if I’ve taken you in and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I’ll get you back on your feet, of course. Apartment, job, finances, etc. But the point of the slave consideration phase is to do our very best to make sure there’s nothing that would bring it to this.

Just because I’m on the road doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a proper meal!

It’s your job to be my desire.

Your RV looks so quaint! How long did the mess take to clean up? .O. ~ A

Actually it was only about an hour to clean up, so not too terrible. Plus the park owners lent me some Febreze to cut down the odor a bit.


Bleh. Hit a bug bump while towing the RV today. Didn’t think too much of it until I camped for the night. The only cupboard that got dislodged was the spice cupboard.

The only bottle that fell out was the curry powder (how that happened, I have no idea, since it was at the back).

And, of course, the curry powder is the only spice bottle I have that doesn’t have a metal lid. So naturally…

And what better thing to do than a “Family Circus” tour of the RV?

… making sure to get into every nook and cranny.

And, of course, no mess would be complete if it didn’t get on the carpet.

Strip away everything else and you’re nothing but tits and holes, existing solely for my pleasure.

I hope you have better luck, you deserve it. I'm sorry things keep not working out, I wish you the best. ~A

Thank you. I won’t stop until I find her.

Time to change my strategy for finding my slave.

Arrived in Bakersfield 10 minutes after the RV park closed :/

So I found an industrial park to stay at for the night. Fortunately, there was a taco stand nearby. 8 tacos for $10. The carnitas here are fucking amazing!

Goodbye, Kit

My time here is up, and I have to move on. I’ve left posters all over, and will be checking the shelters’ web sites for quite some time, but I’m going to have to go with the conclusion of pretty much everyone who’s seen his picture: He was kidnapped by one of the hundreds of lowlifes that filled the park that Saturday and left on Sunday.


So long, my friend. I hope they treat you well );

Fuck it. I’m down here. Might as well see the sights.

Broke up with the gf I came down to see. Hasn’t been a good week.

I have an older indoor cat who got out for about 2 weeks, thought for sure she was going to be dead as it was very cold out and snowed while she was out. Left out food and scent trail and even saw her a couple of times but she was deep in survival mode and would run before I could get her inside house. Bought a haveaheart trap and baited with her food caught neighbors fat ass cat twice but I was eventually able to bring her home. She had a cough but other than that healthy hope you get him back!

I hope so too ;(

Multi cat owner here, had a few get out a few times, also did fostering for cats a few times- that litterbox trick will work well, but I also suggest opening up a thing of his food and carrying it with you as you search. You can also leave a "trail" with it for him.

Great! Thanks!

If you havent already, try putting Kit's litterbox outside near your home. When searching, pay close attention to sheds, decks, barns amd anywhere else that is quiet and dark. Dont give up hope - I once had a cat who got out when we moved, was nowhere to be found and turned up back at the old house 8 months after she escaped. ~Wilfull Wallflower

Good idea! Thanks!

Kit’s Missing

Kit went missing 4 nights ago. I’ve been beside myself with worry, which is why there haven’t been any blog updates. I’m just grabbing lunch before I go back out to look for him again.

I think the question "will you suffer for me" has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. It really sums up for me how I feel when I'm submitting to my partner. Yes, I'm a masochist and I get off on pain but really the biggest drive for me is seeing the look on my partner's face as he releases all his stress and frustrations out and is able to relax into total satisfaction.

Yes, that puts it very succinctly. It’s not just anyone’s suffering I crave; it’s MY girl’s suffering. It’s a big way in which she satisfies me and knows the peace and centeredness of being in her place.

Hi Sir! I was wondering if you had a favorite dessert?

Hmm… I’ve actually lost my sweet tooth. I switched to a high fat + protein diet a few years ago after I noticed the pounds adding on. Along the way I lost my stomach for sugars, to the point where most desserts are too sweet to handle now. Anything sweeter than, say, deglet noor dates starts to make me nauseous after a few bites. I do, however, enjoy an apple crumble from time to time, provided I make it myself so that I can keep the sweetness to a tolerable level. Anything at places like Starbucks is instant barf city.


Inspired by http://domesticatedlarissa.tumblr.com/post/152386894234

“This is mine.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Show me.”

Nowhere to go.


“Come over” is all the text reads.
“Yes sir” comes her reply.

I’ve been away from home almost a month now, waiting patiently for the snow to melt as I enjoy the golden state. Only thing is, the weather’s been terrible since I got here, and that’s made me grumpy. I’ve kept myself busy fixing things with the RV or adding enhancements, but that can only occupy a creative mind so far.

Knock knock knock. I open the door and there she is, in a pretty black top. I bring her in and we kiss, but she detects the difference in my movements. She pulls back a little and I tighten my arms around her like a vise. She knows that look. She knows it all too well. I’m on fire, and she’s going to get burned.

But for now it’s still low. My hand grasps her hair and slowly pulls downward, forcing her chin up and exposing her Achilles heel: the neck. She’s extremely sensitive there, and it only takes a minute before my lips and beard have her breathing heavily. “Who do you belong to?” I ask. “You, sir.” she says obediently. “That’s right.” I say. “Daddy’s gonna have some fun today.” “Yes, sir.” “Take off your top.” I stand back and watch her undress under my direction. “Now your bra.” She slipping into it now, and cannot refuse me. “Pants.” I say, watching her bend over to take them off. “Kneel.” She gets on her knees and I push her onto all fours. “Wait there.”

She’d expressed interest in the anal pear before, so I figure now’s a good time to make her intimately familiar with it. It’s already bigger than anything I’ve stuck in her ass before, so this’ll take awhile. I apply some lube and then rub the tip against her ass, running it down to her cunt and back up again, feeling her tense and relax. I push firmly, gently at first, twisting, probing, waiting for her to relax just a bit so that I can gain further entry. With a shuddering exhale, she’s fully aware of it filling her, but this is only the start. I twist it around inside her, rubbing from the other side in her cunt, listening to her breath catch, the little moans. “haaaaaaaaa…” I’m pushing the expander in, making the pear open up inside her. Push, then release. Push, then release. Watching it open more and more, until it finally opens far enough for me to slip on the padlock. *click*

“Get up.” I say. She gets unsteadily to her feet. I’m holding her with one hand, and a length of chain with the other. “Do you know what’s inside you?” I whisper in her ear. She shakes her head. “You remember that anal pear I posted on the blog a month ago?” She nods. “Aah!” she jumps up on her toes as I pull up on the chain. “That’s what’s inside you, on the other end of this.” She gasps as I give the chain another tug. I do love to torment her! I walk towards the kitchen, dragging my captive as I go. “Now,” I say, locking the chain to the cupboards, “I want you to clean the dishes.” “Yes, sir.” she says, and begins cleaning, locked in place from the ass.

I watch her, sipping a glass of wine as she works. She’s mine. She knows it. I know it. But I still like to demonstrate it. In fact, there’s one thing I haven’t used since we first met! It’s a short black whip, about 4 ft long, that I picked up some time ago from Leather Etc in San Francisco. It’s great because not only does it pack a nice sting, but it’s short enough to wield indoors, which I begin doing, striking her ass while she scrubs, watching the little red marks form. She sags a little. “Stand up straight!” I bark, and continue my torments. She’s mine. She’ll take whatever I inflict upon her and she’ll be grateful.

That ass looks great now, the new red meshing in with the old black and blue still blooming from the other night. A true sign of my affection for her. I come up behind her and wrap my hands around her, rubbing my cock against her ass, feeling around her front, running my hands down her thighs. She falls back into me, but quickly remembers herself and resumes her work. I chuckle and run my fingers around her cunt, listening to her erratic breathing. She’s wet. So very wet. My fingers go inside, finding the nub and just resting there, allowing her every movement to stimulate her. I feel her weight sag as her legs buckle. “Stay focused.” I say, nuzzling around her neck. She moans and goes back to work. I pull on the pear. “Ahaaa!” “Just yanking your chain, my dear,” I chuckle, as she struggles to remain on her feet. Finally, she finishes, and I push her to the ground.

My cock is rock hard, and rubbing between her spread legs. “Who do you belong to?” I ask, rubbing it casually against her. “You, sir.” she breathes. “What do I do with what’s mine?” I ask. “You take it, sir.” “That’s right.” I say, and push in. “AAa—-” Nice and easy. I want her to feel it all the way in. “Oh god…” I’m over top of her now, in a slow rhythm. “daddy…” she whispers as I ram her. “Oh daddy please…” “Please what?” I say as I push harder. “Please make me yours daddy!” We’re going faster now. I’m grunting, getting close. “Oh daddy! Daddy!” I grab her hair and yank back. “Daddiiiiiiieeee!” I piston into her, unrelenting. My desire propels me forward. “Daddycanipleasecum?” “Do it now!” I roar, and slam HARD.

She’s collapsed on the ground, me on top of her, both of us out of breath. I’m holding her head in my hands. “Thank you, daddy.” she smiles through the tears. I smile and kiss her. “Daddy knows how to take care of his girl.”


Spankings on his lap feel 100% more intimate. Daddy has spanked me many different ways…bent over the bed, on the floor holding me down, he has told me to bend over, told me to go into the bedroom and take off my pants, chased me and spanked me, patted his lap and told me to lay over it. Taken his time and taken small breaks to rub my booty and slip his fingers inside me, and he has spanked me with no breaks in between. He has informed me before beginning how many I’m going to receive on both cheeks and he’s not told me and just stopped when he felt the need to. There are instances in which I wish he could read my mind and spank me instead of me asking. Most of the time he’s very attuned to me and my body language and knows when I need it. For instance there are times when my anxiety takes over and I can’t pull myself out of it. When that happens I’ll get in a shitty mood, become unreasonable, disobedient, and hyper sensitive. Comforting me and giving me affection doesn’t help. In those instances I need him to spank me. If he hasn’t decided for himself that I need to be spanked, I will ask for them but I do not want to control how many I’m receiving or how hard. I need him to take all my control away. I need to reset and many times this means him pushing me beyond what I normally can tolerate, which will often end in tears. They are not sad or hurt tears, the tears are evidence of my release. It instantly brings me relief to no longer be in the state I was in prior. I sometimes think of it in regards to the scene in Willy Wonka when they are going up the elevator and they go through the roof ( I know thats a silly comparison but that’s what I think of when trying to explain the feeling). It puts things into perspective and reminds me who is in control and who is there for me. I’m not alone anymore. Sometimes I forget that In giving him my submission and trust I’ve given him everything. He is in control. We are a team. I sometimes need to be reminded that we are in this together and that just as I feel my anxiety as does he. He is my rock. He is my protector, even and especially when at times its me I need protection from. This 24/7 D/s relationship is new to both he and I, It’s taken a lot of communication, a lot of trial and error, a lot of love, and a lot of understanding. More so than either of us imagined but it is worth every fucking second. I can’t imagine life any other way.

It’s basic physics, honey.

*bites daddy for no reason*

Then, in order:

  1. Pretends that nothing happened.
  2. Tries to explain to daddy how it was necessary, nay, even beneficial, for her to do it, and how he should appreciate her thoughtfulness.
  3. Pouts and whines that she shouldn’t be punished.

Kit has grown so much! OMG.

Yup! He’s 6 months old now, and quite the traveling cat!


I’ve canceled all your appointments.

Appropriate accommodations.

I’m going to gently break you.

Shh… Don’t speak.

See how fun toys can be?

No, we’re not stopping.

It’s like they were made for each other!

Re-purposing an RV’s TV antenna for WIFI

So I’m down South while the nasty weather rages up North, but the WIFI reception to my RV is utter shit. With a little research, I found a 15db YAGI antenna that can handle signals up to 4 miles away (directional). Sweet! Of course, the question is how to mount the thing!

It turns out this RV has a TV antenna on top:


It’s even directional! You can lift it up and turn it from inside:


Cool! Well, I don’t watch TV (plus it doesn’t do digital signals anyway), so let’s embark on a little project!

First, we disassemble the old antenna.


Kit is of course supervising the operation. What we’re going to do is re-use the housing for the 2.4GHz antenna. Since it’s made of plastic, it won’t interfere with the signal. I start by chopping the old housing in half.


Nice! OK, now to modify it to hold the new antenna. The YAGI antenna comes with an aluminum plate for mounting on a pole, but we can do a little better than that!


I also needed to drill some holes for the antenna spokes to fit through, and a few other cuts for parts that poke out here and there.


Not too shabby!


And now, since it’s technically the same housing, I can just hook it back up to the original mounting, which means I’ll be able to lift and turn it like before!


Et voila!


It’s helpful to consider your position.

Now we can work on presenting your ass properly.

I don’t care about your discomfort.

In fact, I like it better this way.

I take away your agency.

I take away your dignity.

In their place I provide ownership.

Delicious agony.

Aww honey, you know how much I like to play with my things!