April 2017

See how I keep things interesting for you?

Do you let your girls orgasm?

If I deem it appropriate, yes.

I said clean that shit up, not fuck around!

Worship your god.

Aww! Are you uncomfortable, honey?

This is what you were made for.

There’s a good girl…

Let’s go. We’ve got a lot to get done.

At least she’s useful for something.

Time to eat your dinner, cunt.

Come on! You can try harder than that!

Let’s play with your ass a bit, shall we?

Tucking her in.

Come here, girl.

Walk into my fire.

Feel what it’s like to burn.

Thus inebriated, I settle in to an evening of Macbeth.

‘Tis a darkened evening to match the darkened clouds rolling betwixt the hills.

It’s better this way. She’d be too hyper without them.


Drink as much as you like, honey.


It’s such a wonderful thing, for punishment, for enjoyment, or just to put her in her place.

Do it in the bedroom

In the living room

In the laundry room

In the kitchen

In the basement


Or simply when you’re out and about

Whip her tits

her cunt

her ass

It’s all yours to use as you see fit. Leave those beautiful marks that tell her she’s yours!

It’s your right, and her due. This is what she deserves. Treat her the way she needs to be treated, and all will be right with the world.

Fuck… I’m in a mood today. I need someone to whip.

You should be worried.


She thought I cared about her comfort.

She thought wrong.

The important bits.

Hello, will it be inappriopriate to ask what did those messages for some Damien mean?

Just getting someone’s attention. Don’t worry about it.

You were designed for this sort of treatment.

Your only purpose is to be my property.

Accept your fate.


Her due.

What's the longest relationship you've had with a woman?

Four years. My last attempt at being normal / vanilla.


I have been searching for someone like you my entire life. I don't meet your requirements, but I wanted to take the time to tell you that whomever you find to sit at your feet will be lucky to serve you Sir.

Thank you :)

The one I take isn’t going to be the one with the most skills or ability. She won’t earn her way into my house; nobody can. It is by grace alone that I take her and keep her.

FINALLY got my house sorted. Took a month and a half after returning from California to get everything cleaned and put away properly, and it’s been driving me nuts!

Show me your value.

Good girl.

OK, horses are officially awesome.

Good morning!


That’s right. We are made the opposite of Men. The female is made to satisfy his anger and lust. 🎁

A man has needs only she can fulfill.

This is all that matters in the end.

I don’t care how smart or educated you are; you’re still my slut, and that’s all you’ll ever be.

Fun bags.

See how nice I can be to my things?

Wow! Passed 6000 posts yesterday :)

I give her food, shelter, and structure, and she is grateful.

You answer to nobody but me.

Look at these lovely things!

Once you understand your purpose, it all becomes rather obvious.