May 2017

You seem to want to keep your property very dependent on you. But what would happen if something happens to you.

If something happens to me, her finances will be taken care of. Her need to serve someone… that would be difficult, and something I couldn’t help her with posthumously.

If you had to make a top ten list of things your ideal sub possessed (in any capacity) what would those things be?

I can only think of five:

Without these five qualities, it wouldn’t work. Beyond that, it really doesn’t matter what qualities she possesses. The ones I find I’ll develop.

I like the girls who get wet seeing this.

Will you allow your property to work or study or have some form or financial freedom?

No financial freedom. If she has an interest or aptitude in something, or I think she should know something, I’ll arrange her studies. If there’s not enough to keep her occupied, or I think she needs to socialize/make friends more, I’ll have her do some part time outside work (paid or volunteer).

Would you prefer someone with few shortcomings or would you rather play a larger role in correcting their multiple shortcomings? Kind of like would you prefer getting a completed masterpiece or would you rather make your own from a blank piece of canvas?

I tend to approach this Japanese-style, taking the raw material as-is, and then deciding how best to mold it to bring out its innate beauty.


“Flaws” become accentuated points that give it an organic and natural elegance.


The thing is, even a “completed masterpiece” isn’t perfect for me; it’s someone else’s idea of perfection. I’d still need to mold her to my tastes. And that’s fine by the way, because I like training.

But let’s face reality here: There is no one without flaws. We are in flux, and so is our world. Why not embrace it? Through that lens, “perfection” is a bit of a silly concept.

No… I’d rather see people as they are, scars and all.


Sir, I've read what you're offering and your requirements and it has been on my mind since. All the while I'm at work, thinking bout it would make my pussy clench and twitch. I don't meet all of your requirements yet, nor am I strong enough to seek you out yet. But I'll start working towards it and hopefully one day I would be ready.


Holy shit you're a fucking psycho!

Yeah, yeah. I’m a sadist and a sicko and a psycho and a monster and batshit insane because I like to torture and torment and tease.

But at least I’m real about it. I live my own life by my own rules.

The perfect expression.


I’m rather useful to have around, sometimes.

(Vids by torn, gifs by me.)

What are you looking at? Get to it, cunt!


How come the bad mood? (Honestly asking)

I’ll have many bad moods leading up to my concert. That, the book, a new job, and managing a farm in Spring are leaving me feeling burned out. Once the concert’s done I’ll get the book released, and then I’ll have some actual honest-to-god free time.

See how thoughtful I am, making sure the right hole gets fucked!

It’s always possible for her to entertain me.

Could I ask how you would brand your sub? Also, would it be a number, your name, initials, etc.? The whole aspect seems interesting to me but I bet it also hurts like hell.

I’ll be taking a blacksmithing course sometime this summer, after which I’ll forge my own brand. I haven’t decided on the design yet. I may wait until I’m inspired.

She wanted a ride…

This question is based from the marriage question posed previously what if your sub wouldn't want to be branded is there other options

Yes. Not being my sub.

Do you consider yourself a sadist, and if so, what about it do you like? At what point does sadistic pleasure become abuse and what differentiates you from the others?

I like making people react. The world is a stage, and I’m the audience.

The deeper I care about someone, the more sadistic my teasing becomes. There’s also a big difference between those I love platonically, and the one I take as my slave. Only for her are the deepest levels of my sadistic desires reserved. It is the most intimate and invasive way of consecrating my ownership over her.

The important thing is the emotional feedback loop as I drive her further over the edge until she can’t hold her walls up anymore. When her soul, with all its hurt and pain and suffering is laid bare, she is the most beautiful creature in the universe.

As for what differentiates me from the others, I couldn’t say.

If you had a sub, would you want to marry them some day? Or would a collaring be enough? ~A (also I miss you, and I hope you're feeling better, you dork)

I’m ambivalent about marriage. If I did it, it would be for the asset protection and other government benefits.

Collaring, on the other hand, is a very important step. Branding, the last step, makes everything permanent.

All holes at the ready.

There is no greater joy for her than to be useful.

Good girl!!

If a slave was there for you to whip would that make your day better ?

It would, actually.

Someone to suffer for me.

Someone to care for.

Someone to put in her place.

Someone to curl up with on the sofa.

Someone to chain to the wall.

Someone to torture.

Someone to guide.

Someone to plug.

Someone to humiliate.

Someone to tease and deny.

Someone to teach.

Someone to punish.

Someone to love.

Fuck I’m in a bad mood today…

Do you ever worry about subs? As in, if they're in a bad situation, does that worry you?

Of course it does.

It calms the mind and helps her focus on the important things.

Do you put subs under your protection?

Anything I own is under my protection, and I don’t like people fucking with my stuff.

What weight did you like fighting at? That was some intense activity on your part.

I was usually at heavyweight (or light heavyweight depending) since I kept between 195 and 200, but I’d spar people smaller to train speed, and bigger to train agility + stability for when they hit you like a Mac truck ;-)

I’ve had my bell rung a few times. And yes, your head really does feel like a ringing bell, except you also feel like you’re stuffed with cotton while you struggle to regain your senses and stop him from finishing the job.

The most important bits.

They need to be filled, honey. You know that!

A patient girl is a good girl.

I’m worth every humiliation you must suffer and more.

Hello sir, having a good day?:) I hoped you could help me. How do I know if this man is a dom or would be into it? He shows a lot of traits fitting the one a dom has and the things he does would make him a really good one. Is he maybe already trying to control me in some way or am I overthinking this? He makes sure I feel comfortable/safe with him and in the bedroom he enjoys controlling me and making+seeing me suffer. He likes conducting me and always makes sure I know how weak/helpless I am..

Sounds pretty dominant to me.

Start calling him “sir” and see where it goes ;-)

Since we have the same tastes (another anon though), may I suggest you to watch "Inception" and "Lucy"? Both good movies. :)

I saw Inception but didn’t like it. I’ll check out Lucy though!

Hello, Sir! I was wondering... What kind of movies are you into? Do you like Westerns?

Normally, I’m not much of a fan of Westerns. But that was until “Unforgiven”, which to this day I consider one of the greatest movies ever made. The Lonesome Dove miniseries was also very good.

My tastes in anything tends to be eclectic. The most important thing is that it is intelligently made. Continuity problems or non sequitors ruin it for me.

Here’s a short list off the top of my head:

Embrace your destiny

She’s always been musically inclined.

Don’t mind her; she’s the entertainment.

You never answered. Have you ever been in a few street fights or a pugilistic art?

I’ve been in plenty of street fights as a kid, none as an adult. My neighborhood was rough, and there were turf wars between rival gangs. We also used to sneak into Douglas college and move all the desks out of the way in a classroom so we could fight one-on-one. When I took up boxing as an adult, we’d spar each week. Generally there was enough time for each person to be in 4-5 three minute fights. I dropped a few guys and was dropped a few times myself. But that’s just sparring, not a full on match. The only guy I challenged to a full match declined with a bunch of excuses (a shame because we were very evenly matched). If I’d stayed in Oakland, I would have gone for the masters program to get a belt in the heavyweight group. One of our guys was already doing that, picking up belts all over the country, and I was able to catch him pretty good in the ring sometimes.

Daddy inspects his girl.

Do you have an age range for submissives?

Younger than me. It can be a year. It can be 20. But I’ve found that a woman has a harder time submitting to a younger man. Not impossible, but enough to affect the dynamic in ways I don’t like.

Hiya Sir! Do you believe we're alone in the universe? :o

First, some numbers:

It took 5 billion years to go from a young solar system, to a series of planets, to one capable of sustaining life, to early man being able to wield tools, to the beginning of agriculture.

Since the beginning of agriculture, only 10,000 years have passed, give or take. Within the next 1000 years, our technology will have surpassed mankind of today’s ability to even detect it, probably. So in 1/500,000 of the total time our solar system has existed, we go from chipping flint rocks to being beyond the ability of anyone to detect or understand our signals.

Now imagine that somewhere else in the universe, another solar system developed in a similar fashion. Discounting the speed of light for simplicity’s sake, that means that we have roughly a 1 in 500,000 chance of being around at the same time (within the same 10,000 year span). You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice.

THEN let’s factor in the speed of light. Most of the stars are so far away that, even if we should detect a signal, the aliens that caused it would be WELL outside of the 10,000 year window such that, even if we did respond, they’d be so far advanced as to be indistinguishable from the rest of the universe by the time our signal got there, and likely to only send an undetectable monitor if they even had that much interest in us.

So while we may not actually be alone in the universe, effectively we are.

Hello, Sir. I was wondering if I could ask something. In a hypothetical situation, if your girl wasn't alowed to talk but was really troubled by something, how would she let you know she'd like to talk? Would it be just her giving you a pleading look or would you have like a code or something similar? I know you've mentioned how communication is key so I wonder.

If I’ve forbidden speech, then she’s not allowed to talk, except in an emergency. Being troubled is not an emergency.

If I see that she’s troubled, I’ll ask her about it. Or I might ask her later about it. Or she can wait until I’ve released her mouth and ask to talk about it. I will deal with all issues that come up, but the timing is entirely my decision.

If your sub put on some weight how would you help her loose the weight? And what is the height and weight requirements for you sub. I know that that information is probably in the important links thing but I can't get get to it right now.

Any sub of mine will be on my diet and exercise regime, which I’d tailor specifically for her. Since I decide what she eats and when she exercises, I’m responsible for the results. That means I’ll have her on the scale, and I’ll be evaluating the results in terms of how fit she is, how much energy she has, and how healthy she is, then adjusting the diet and exercise accordingly. Same as I would with a pet.

As for my requirements, they’re listed here:

The contentment that comes with knowing that she belongs.

Have you ever been in street fights or fought for money or a belt?

Haven’t been in street fights as an adult. I was planning on going for a belt in the masters program, but then the move, now the farm… life gets in the way and you have to drop things :/

Would it bother you if your sub was a virgin?

Not in the least. Her experience doesn’t matter. I can teach her anything she needs to know. In fact, I enjoy teaching.

What role does a potential slave's skin colour play for you? Do you feel attracted to dark-skinned women at all, and would a "white Master chains up and whips black sub" situation feel strange to you?

That’s an American thing. Some people get off on it and some get weirded out by it, but I wasn’t exposed to that cultural baggage. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all fair game.

"I want to be the girl that gives what other girls won’t." - Exactly that. And because of that being reminded of other girls doesn't even make me feel "low". Quite the opposite. Is it possible to be a snob about being submissive? L

That’s your pride talking, and pride is a sea of dangerous waters!

When pride is your motivator, it alters the dynamic. The focus changes: “I want to please him so much that I’ll do what the other girls won’t” becomes “I’m doing what the other girls won’t, so shouldn’t he be a little grateful?”

Your submission becomes a gift instead of an offering. An offering is an act of devotion. A gift infers a level of equality, with the expectation of some form of reciprocation.

Other Girls


“Did you ask permission for that? I don’t recall you asking permission.”

Uh oh. I am over his lap, alternating between spanks and orgasms—orgasms I forgot to ask for. But in my defense, he was doing that thing with his fingers, and I juuuuuuuust caaaaaaaan’t help it… 

“We’ll address it later.”

And he leaves it at that…for now. Later, I am bent over the arm of the sofa. He drips lube on my ass. He works fingers inside both my holes, and… Oh. My. God. I am on edge almost instantly. I ask permission, and he withdraws his fingers. Oh no. After a moment, the fingers are back inside me, making their magic.

“What has been a constant rule across all your relationships?”

Fuck. It’s so good. I can’t think. Fuck… He stops. My thighs are quivering, and a whimper escapes my lips.

“Don’t cum without permission.”

“That’s right. And what did you do earlier?”

“I came without permission.”

His fingers are back inside me. I groan. I know the game now.

“Tell me when you’re ready to cum.”

And I do tell him. Over and over again. I can feel my wetness sliding down my thighs. Each time makes me a little more desperate. But I also accept it. I accept that he owns my body, and he chooses what I feel. This is what denial does to me. It makes me smaller. Subservient. Desperate to please. Not pleasing him in hopes that he will give me an orgasm, but pleasing him because it is my purpose. My only pleasure is bringing him pleasure. It makes me more eager to serve, even through desperation and suffering. 

After edging and a few rounds with the crop, I have no doubt about my place. Then he sits down. 

“Come here, girl. Put your pussy on my foot.”

Oh nooooooo. I do not like feet. Kissing them or grinding on them. Any of it. I will do it, but I don’t like it. And he knows that. But of course, I obey. 

“This is how you’re going to cum.”

I pout. Maybe I cringe a little. But I start moving back and forth. Fuck, I’m so wet. I go slowly at first. But then, I want to get it over with, so I pick up the pace. I close my eyes a little. I imagine his fingers inside me. I try to focus on the throbbing warmth on my ass. I think about what he will do to me next. But then I grimace a little in frustration. 

“I don’t know if I can do it like this…”

“Do you think other girls do this? When other girls want to cum, they do it how they want and when they want. Other girls get to choose. Other girls aren’t humping their Master’s foot, desperately trying to get off. Other girls…”

And just like that, I am low. Nothing. Just a slave for his amusement. And I hold his calf as much as I can with cuffed wrists, riding his foot as I cum. After, I collapse with my head resting on his thigh. My eyes close for a moment. He strokes my hair, and the world hums softly around us. I nuzzle my cheek against his thigh. His little pet, exactly where I belong. 

Later I tell him that I was thinking about those girls—the ones who get to cum whenever they want. And I thought, How sad for them. Because with his ownership comes my freedom. I don’t want to cum when and how I want. I want to be the girl that gives what other girls won’t. I want him to tear down those boundaries and strip me of everything that is outside of us. There is so much freedom in slavery. It is the freedom of complete acceptance. The freedom to give myself without hesitation. The freedom to find what makes my heart sing. Grinding myself against his foot like that and being reminded of other girls… I felt low. But I also felt accepted and cherished for who I am. And free.

No, I don’t envy those other girls. The ones who think they are free. Because the freedom I find in his ownership is worth so much more to me.

How do you know if your purpose is to be submissive/to have a dom to obey or if you're just having a very low self-esteem and issues simular to that ? (Oh and I really enjoy your posts, sorry if this is a stupid question..)

The key is in how you care for others. A submissive cares deeply about the well being of others, even above their own.

It could technically be called a form of low self-esteem in a way, but it’s not quite the same thing. People with genuinely low self esteem tend to wallow in self pity, closing off the world, bemoaning their sad lot in life.

Someone far on the submissive spectrum, on the other hand, sees that the people they care for and serve are far more important than they are, and their self actualization and validation comes from the happiness of those people. They are true servants.

And that’s a beautiful thing.