November 2017

Can u list some of the stuff u have been punished for

Nothing since the stupid shit I did as a child.

Where did you get your shackles?

The ones Dovey wears are from aliexpress.



My Owner, my Master, my partner, my lover, my love, my friend, my protector, my man, my God, my Keeper. @keepingher - Mine.

(After a hundred ‘Yours’ it’s time for a ‘Mine’)


My new collar

Stainless steel, abus titalium lock. Absolutely escape- and waterproof. This one never comes off again. Yay!

I feel so completely ‘Yours’ in this beautiful collar. Thank You Sir 🖤

Everyone bashing on you is being ridiculous, yes genetics plays a role in weight, some people can eat a lot of junk food and barely gain weight while others will eat less and gain a lot, however a healthy diet will still likely cause those people to lose weight. I'm someone who has struggled with my weight since moving to the US, I have PCOS and a binge eating disorder, yes those contribute to my weight but the main issue, as with almost all overweight people is my diet 1/2

2/2 Maybe someone with different genetics who ate the same diet as me wouldn’t be as big as me, and maybe that’s not fair. But ultimately if I was putting the right foods into my body I would be able to be healthier. I think I’m sexy but I’m not healthy, sexy and healthy are not the same thing. Changing my diet does seem difficult as it’s a lot cheaper for me to eat unhealthy things than fresh fruits and veggies, also it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to even start with a diet overhaul.             


Healthy is far more important. As you reach middle age, your body is less effective at dealing with bad foods, and so it becomes even more important to take control over the quality of food you’re eating.

Unhealthy foods are cheaper in terms of time, but not really in terms of dollars. You can eat quite well for around $10-15 a day, but you must spend time preserving, storing, and preparing your food. I keep a deep freeze to store food I buy in bulk. Even a small deep freeze 1.5m by 1.5m is plenty.

I’ve been getting a lot of PMs about this, to the point that I’m considering writing an app to help.

Heading back to the iron curtain!

This is one of the guard towers at the former border between East and West. Anyone who didn’t stop to be searched would be shot by guards in the tower. It remains now as a museum piece.

Hurry up with your business, cunt.

A visitation from her god.

Any tips for a sub who wants to get into humping?

Uhh… go ahead and do it?

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Do you still think God is a sadist? And is it a bad thing anyway? After all, you are a sadist too...

If any being of such power as to be considered by us a god existed, it should be obvious by now that such a creature has no interest in us, other than perhaps to simply observe the system and see what happens. Any morality of such a creature would certainly be different from ours, and likely also beyond our understanding.

What is your opinion about doms with subs who go to whores?

I don’t even know what that means…

Finding the love of your life doesn't happen every day. I would be much more impatient with people who are not supportive. Hate is a poison feeling but you can still un-like the ones who are supposed to be rooting for you! Sure you can forgive them, as Jesus said, but you won't be the first man (or woman for that matter) to cut all times with "family" and "friends" (very overrated in my opinion) because of intolerance and bigotry. Staying in touch with folks who disrespect you isn't good for you

I’ve only gotten to that point with one person so far. Most people know when to back off and let things be.

You didn't have to be rude to the anon who asked about obesity. You may want to read OBESITY IS GENETIC BY JEFFREY FRIEDMAN from 9/9/09 Newsweek. I am not a biologist or a doctor but I was cursed with a polycystic ovary syndrome causing weight gain and diabetes (some cases hirsutism too) usually with women in their 30s and up-that's just a fact, like the breast cancer chromosome. Not everyone in this world has been blessed, like Dovey and you, with Aryan genes. You're all about LUST. NOT love.

Thank you for that anecdata. But while you’re talking about the 3% of people with actual diseases that cause weight gain, I’m talking about the other 97%, and the statistical data backs me up. 60 years ago, we wouldn’t have even been having this conversation, because the majority of the population was of normal weight. Today, the majority of the population in many countries is overweight, and genetics does not account for that except as an amplifier to an effect that’s fully within our control.

Genetics will cause some people to be more sensitive to insulin (and thus store fat more readily), or cause their pancreas to produce more when stimulated, but that’s no excuse to go on stimulating it with shit food. moderndaysub’s success story was supposed to be an example of what happens when you throw out all that “lowfat diet” baloney and switch to a diet that actually works for you rather than starves you while doing nothing to fix the weight.

This is the last response I’ll make to hasty generalizations.

Hello, Sir! How have Dovey and you been? I was wondering if I could ask a question. If Dovey sleeps in shackles, how do you make sure her bloodflow remains intact? I know this is probably really stupid of me, I'm sorry, but throughout my childhood I was told not to fall asleep with any necklaces or bracelets on for fear of cutting off a pathway for my blood. I'm currently not being tied up so it's not an urgent matter but I was a curious and want to be prepared if the time ever come. Thank you!

The shackles I use are of fixed size, so they can’t close further and constrict blood flow. They’re also rounded so that they don’t dig into the skin. Also, the chain linking them is of sufficient length that one shackle isn’t always being tugged against while she sleeps.


Hallo Hamburg!

Dovey looks very similar to the woman in your profile/blog. How can you not lose your mind around her,,,,

Who says I don’t? ;-)

Don't you think the obsession with being thin has to do with temporary passing fad? In the Medieval Times full figure women were considered attractive and emaciated women were perceived ugly even manly. Of course that derived from the fact that a thin woman was probably poor and could not afford food hence perhaps not a good "marriage prospective" while today in the society of plenty the thin are revered as they practice self control over food. Some thin are unhealthy. Some fat are healthy.

What turns an individual on is not necessarily the same as the societal definition of beauty. Society craves novelty, and follows its leaders to decide how things should be. Fashion models follow the lead of a cadre of gay men who run the fashion business. That’s not necessarily what straight men actually want, but it’s what a powerful group of cultural influences like, and so that’s how they lead their subjects.

When it comes down to it, the best you can do is be honest with yourself about what you like, and tell anyone who complains about it to fuck off.

Did you have a good childhood and did you have a favorite holiday? Do you agree that someone with a bad childhood could never really "connect" with someone with a good childhood?

I think that someone who has not experienced hardship will have difficulty empathizing with someone who has. Suffering brings with it a level of understanding that is impossible to achieve by other means. Those who have have suffered and struggled are less likely to judge, and more likely to accept the failings in others.

You have been flying a lot. Any recommendation for good apps and or downloaded books/games that are fun to read and play?

I usually take one physical book, my laptop, and load music and movies onto my phone. I’m not much of a gamer anymore.

Do you have any recommendation specifically for belly reducing? In addition to diet and exercise, that is?

Exercise won’t reduce your belly; it’ll only tone your belly (which is also good but not the same thing). The only thing that will reduce it is changing your diet to remove things that cause your body to store fat (sugars, carbohydrates, starches). The belly is the biggest problem area because it’s the most sensitive to insulin (along with the thighs and buttocks for women)

Do you agree Dovey is perfect?

Nope. Perfection is a goal, not an actual achievement.

I had kefir tonight after years I have not and it tastes delicious!!! Kind of hooked now!

It’s quite tasty!

About your friends, what I meant is, in our age is is not uncommon to meet people from allover the world move to other countries, form new romantic relationships, regardless if vanilla or not...So people must be very narrow-minded not to acknowledge that. There is no one way to live life, especially when the goal is stability in the long run. I think it's important to be supportive of your friends even if you don't entirely understand. At any rate, their approval should not matter at all.

When things happen outside of what you’re used to, you’re faced with the unknown, and the unknown is scary to humans. We do what we can to stave off the unknown and keep our precious stability - that’s just human nature. We can of course rise above our natural inclinations, but it’s surprisingly hard to do, and so easy to just fall back into our regular patterns of bigotry and intolerance, often without even realizing it.

I don’t blame people for that, because otherwise I’d have to hate everybody. Far easier to just forgive.

Do you think this strict Japanese and German prohibitions to do anything that is not explicitly allowed are the result of their past totalitarian regimes?

There seems to be a strong correlation to historical military insecurity (meaning risk of being attacked by another military) coupled with an efficient military of your own. Life becomes more regimented because the citizenry has experienced over generations how military discipline protects them from invaders, and the echoes of that culture live on in modern times.

Did you know that genetics play a huge part in how healthy a person is and also their weight?

A huge part? How much is a huge part? 30%? 50%? 75%? Point me to a peer reviewed scientific study that gives actual numbers or shut up.

Meanwhile, let’s look at some charts, shall we? I’m focusing on America because the weight problem is the worst there (must be America’s unique genes):

*whistles* will you look at that? Over the course of 50 years, American women have taken on the genetic code of American men of the 60s! After all, they’re the same weight! That’s some impressive evolution, there! Of course, not to be outdone, men have evolved into ultra-heavy ubermen.

And don’t forget that we only STARTED measuring this in the 60s because physicians were noticing an alarming increase in weight.

Now THAT’S impressive! A doubling in the rate of obesity since we started counting, with EXTREME obesity rising at an alarming rate. Must be those modern genes of ours!

When you spread bullshit misinformation about these important health topics, you’re teaching people learned helplessness. If their genes dictate their health, then there’s nothing they can do to fix it so why bother trying?

Unfortunately, we’ve believed a lie stared by the sugar industry decades ago, which has made it very tempting to just give in and accept your fate to be overweight when no amount of exercise would help, and every single low fat diet has failed (because neither of those targets the mechanism that makes people store excess fat).

My pretty little Dovey.


Me, chained to the bed, in the middle of a spanking with the Fleck.

Artwork and photo by @keepingher

I love it to serve You, Sir. I love it to be Your canvas 🖤

Owning her is just so much fun!

Don’t try to get smart, cunt. Just do it right.

What does it mean anything not explicitly allowed? Please give me an example.

It’s a general mentality that you should seek permission before doing something. And example I always remember from Japan is windfall fruit. In America, you just take it and nobody will say a thing (because otherwise it’s just going to rot on the ground). In Japan that’s a major no-no.

I really don't understand why your friends are scratching their heads. Do they actually know you? If they did, they would understand. Also, just curious why you decided to give them the full story about Dovey...They don't need to know everything like what kind of past she had. Now that you have a working permit it means to you can move to Germany permanently? It's Thanksgiving today in the U.S. and even though you do not celebrate it I know you 2 are thankful to your lucky stars! Happy Thursday!

No, people don’t understand. Non-kink can never understand kink, because they don’t feel it (they’re not wired that way). And the common human response is to fear what we don’t understand. And people don’t have the full story.

I don’t have a working permit; I have a temporary residence permit. It’s breathing room, nothing more.

Also thanks :)

Do you think there could be excess skin issue with losing 30 pounds?

There will be if you don’t accompany the weight loss with a muscle and tone building exercise regime.

Modern Day Sub looks stunning but I must say she looked beautiful before as well. What is your opinion on removing fat from the belly and adding it to the boobs? My concern with losing weight is also losing my boobs, that are already small to start with. I am not comfortable with my small boobs (cup a) and considered a plastic surgery to augment them to c but I know there are side effects and risks that I would rather not take. Losing weight must be fun but then buying new clothes costs a lot$

Yes, people like to say that overweight is still beautiful because of the body positive movement, but all we’re doing with that is deluding ourselves and sweeping the very real problem under the carpet. We only invented it because people felt powerless to change it. The conventional wisdom was (and still is) that fat people are weak willed and overeat, but overweight people knew that was not true, so they latched onto the idea that this is just their lot in life - no one’s fault. And all along, the real problem was the shit food we’re eating. It started with the sugar industry suppressing a study that linked sugar consumption to cancer

Not only this, but they also engaged in a marketing campaign to deflect attention off themselves by blaming fat (their invention - fat makes you fat - is marketing genius, so much so that even the FDA was taken in by it).

But the fact is that it’s not difficult to get obesity under control with the right kinds of foods, as I’ve just demonstrated with moderndaysub.

As for belly fat transplanting, it’s a bit of a longer process than implants, but much much much safer. The issue with the procedure right now is that 75% of the transplanted fat dies within a few months, so you’ll get 2 cups size increase, but lose 1 ½ over time. That’s changing now with new stem cell based approaches that give 80% fat survival. It’s just a very involved manual process for the doctor and thus still expensive (at the moment there are few doctors using this improved procedure, but that should change soon).

Proof that my diet works

One of my followers decided to take my diet advice and showed me her progress as she went.

She started in march, cutting the most blatant things out of her diet. Now here we are in November, and she’s 65 pounds lighter!

Congrats, moderndaysub! You’re looking great!!!

Every part of you belongs to me.

You mentioned you lost friendships when you told people about the real you. Did you lose more friends because of your association with Dovey? I don't view it as a loss, of course, but a gain...I always thought that being just two people in the world is enough, but now with all the holidays I feel very lonely although I'm not alone and have been living with my partner happily. Do you think as we grow older we become more needy because how cruel the world us? I'm an introvert and don't like people

I haven’t lost more friends, but they’re scratching their heads because even though they accept it, they don’t understand it.

As we age, we become more aware of the important things. Early in life you consider everything equally ephemeral, but as you experience more, you discover what can be quickly regained, and what cannot. It’s only natural that your priorities change with these realisations.

Is Dovey the first human property you've ever owned? Choosing her only amplifies how well you make your decisions. Is there anything at all you would like to change about her as you mold her into your perfect slave?

She is the first, yes. What I’m doing now is detoxing her and fixing her diet. Next will be the smoking, and a proper exercise regime. Basically undoing all the damage she’s done while on her own.

Could you name a few differences and a few things these countries have in common too: Germany, USA, Canada focusing about the cost of living, crime, people material (kindness vs hostile). It would be interesting to read your thoughts about these subjects as you have lived in many places. Is there anything about Germany that you like that you would like to see happen in Canada?

Canada and the USA are very similar, except that Americans are paranoid and insecure and vengeful. This shows through very clearly in their laws and politics.

Germany is a bureaucracy to the core. Anything not explicitly allowed is effectively forbidden in some form or another (although not to the degree of the Japanese). Anything out of the ordinary means you’re fucked unless someone takes pity on you and goes against the rules for you.

I do like their transport systems. Trains never took off in the Americas after the 1800s. You can get from anywhere to anywhere quite easily here. I also like the produce selection here and the local markets, as well as the cities that are pedestrian friendly. And the houses. Houses should be made of stone, not wood.

Question about the anal pear of anguish: does this instrument consist of four leaves that slowly separate and tear the skin? If you slave needs to use the bathroom, do you remove it so she can have a bowel movement?

The original pear had pointed ends to tear as it expanded. Modern ones are rounded so that all they do is lock it inside when they expand. You need to remove it to be able to go to the bathroom.

Where can one get a anal pear I think my mistress would love to use it on me

Cheapest is on aliexpress, but if you just search “bdsm pear of anguish” you’ll find plenty of places online that sell it.

I make sure she’s impeccably dressed.

Do you love Dovey? Do you see her as your girl or your pet or a thing you possess? I'm from Germany too,I hope I find a Dom like you too one day.

Yes, and she is all three.

The more I️ read your blog the more I️ am convinced that you too are two peas in a pod... Wow! The stars aligned and brought you to each other..... a Sting song came on and a phrase reminded me of You, “ where you find your servant, is your master....” Im not sure who’s leading who, ( and quite frankly it makes no difference) I’m very happy that you found each other and “what an adventure to have..... “ All the very best! Much love...

It’s from “Wrapped Around Your Finger”, one of Sting’s personal life songs, about turning the tables on someone who’d been in charge of his life and considered him far lesser than he really was. The lyrics go:

You consider me the young apprentice
Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
Hypnotized by you if I should linger
Staring at the ring around your finger

I have only come here seeking knowledge
Things they would not teach me up in college
I can see the destiny you sold
Turned into a shining band of gold

Mephistopheles is not your name
I know what you’re up to just the same
I will listen hard to your tuition
You will see it come to its fruition

Devil and the deep blue sea behind me
Vanish in the air you’ll never find me
I will turn your face to alabaster
When you find your servant is your master

Not really material descriptive of our relationship. I am in charge. She is my slave. And that’s how we like it.

Always ready.



Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals. We would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too.

Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe

Normally I don’t post off-topic (except when it’s about Star Trek of course) but this is too good to not reblog it.

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

- Jack Handey (Deep Thoughts)

The 19th has a lot of meaning to us, and now to you too. Great date!!!


Huge congrats to you both!!! You have no idea how happy I'm now.

Thank you :)

Why is it, do you think, people in the U.K. are more obese than in other European countries? Does it have to do with the fact their food sucks or maybe because they are an island?

It’s their diet. They’re not as carb-rich as America, but they’re a lot farther along than the rest of Europe. The fact that they’re an island nation, and that carbs are MUCH cheaper to produce than any other food is probably a factor as well.

I'm so happy to have You. I'm so happy You own me. I'm so grateful for everything You do for me. I love it to be Your property. - Just in case there was anybody left on Tumblr who didn't know yet what a perfect Owner You are 🖤 (:

I couldn’t have found a better slave.

since you say you are not a masochist what are the advantages for you being in a satist relationship and why did satist relationships worked better than non satist ones



That’s in fact an excellent question and one I had to think about myself for years.

I’m so far from being a masochist as someone can possibly be, I hate pain, I mean I really literally hate it and I can’t take much before I’m going crazy and just run away - which is why it’s literally necessary to restrain me during painful activities. And not only restrain me in some random way but with cuffs that I can’t accidentally hurt myself with because I fight so much against my restraints at some point - not on purpose, of course I know it’s pointless, my body just does it automatically - that I rather break my legs to escape than to hold still. I just can’t help it, physical pain is the worst and makes me freak out.

And I still like it! And I still craved it when it was missing in a relationship. And it’s still getting me wet. And I still wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

So why is that? …

Because it’s not the pain itself that I like or crave or that turns me on but it’s the whole situation, the implications, the context, the meaning. BECAUSE I suffer so much from physical pain, it’s a sacrifice. That I hate it and do it anyway makes it a very special kind of service. And that’s what I like and crave, to serve Him, to show Him my devotion, to let Him see and feel that there is nothing I don’t do or endure to make Him happy. It’s easy to clean the kitchen, it’s easy to give Him a blowjob, it’s easy to say “I’m Yours” every day. But it’s fucking difficult to let Him torture you when you are someone who literally tries to rip your fucking legs off to get away from the next hit.

What you sacrifice the most for are the most valuable things in your life. And that I’m doing this for Him makes Him value me even more.

Yes, I think that’s it. The sacrifice, the unconditional devotion, the limitless trust.

But I’m not 100% sure myself to be honest. All this is only an attempt to consciously analyze something that’s happening in my unconscious mind. I don’t consciously think “What’s the best way to prove my devotion? Torture!”. It’s not a decision I make, nothing I choose to do. It’s a feeling.

I feel the need to do it for Him. I feel valued when I endure pain for Him. It makes me happy to see/hear/feel His reactions to me being in pain. It turns me on to know that it turns Him on to make me suffer. I love it to sacrifice myself for Him in this way. It’s something I feel, not a choice I make. I have no choice about this, it’s just how it’s meant to be, how it feels right. It’s like you don’t actively choose to love someone or think about why this is the right thing to do. You just do it, you just feel it, it’s natural. And I feel that this is a natural part of us being together and I love it exactly like this.

It isn’t about the pain for me. Even though you can barely take one more hit. Strike. Lash. It is because you have this deep need to show Him how you love Him totally. And you finally found the person who would demand this kind of love from you. Crave it. Revel in it. Hold it in the palm of His hand. You can finally submit.

And it is this level of submission that I require. It’s not enough for you to say it. It’s not enough for you to serve me. It’s not even enough for you to endure my sadistic appetite. You must submit, completely. Render yourself utterly helpless before me, incapable of withdrawing no matter what happens. Be reduced so deeply that only one thing remains: You are mine, and I’ll never let you go.