May 2018

Keep your pets properly secured.

I am the one who asked for the recipe. Could you be so kind to provide metric measures? I am from Europe and do not understand the cup concept. Thanks again!

1 cup = 240ml

1 tbsp = 15mg

1 tsp = 5mg

Entertain me.

Could you please share the recipe for the bread displayed in post 173970248457?



You can substitute whole wheat, spelt, or rye for the einkorn.
You can substitute water or milk for the beer.


She’s so pretty when she’s suffering for me <3

Little movements.

Big effect.

I was wondering why my socks were all covered in hair...

Sasha found a way to crawl into the drawers from behind!

Nice and easy, like it was made for this…

Aww, candles! How romantic!

Are you cuffing her to prevent any more scarification?

No. I don’t need to cuff her for that.


Or I’ll find other ways for you to amuse me.


I merely thought you might more enjoy when the irish8 give her a more quiet state of mind because of being more helpless and completely restricted?

Sometimes I do, yes. It depends entirely on my mood :)

Control: No such thing as enough.

Wouldn't she make a much more comfy pillow when being kept more silent in irish8 cuffs?

I don’t see how the type of restraints would make her more or less comfy as a pillow.

Hey, always great to read your blog! Does Dovey already learn to love the rigid cuffs?

There are a number of motivating factors here:

1. She needs to feel my control. It doesn’t have to always be physical, but physical manifestations are always good. Control is a feedback loop. When I feel in control, she feels controlled, which feeds my feeling of control. The physical aspects are powerfully symbolic, and to both of our benefits.

2. She needs to make me happy. My happiness is her happiness, and so if it makes me happy, she’ll do it, even if it’s not something she’d normally do or even likes to do otherwise (this ties in to #4).

3. She needs to serve. She needs to feel like she’s bettering my life in some way, otherwise anxiety starts to creep in.

4. She needs to sacrifice for me. Sacrifice is a form of worship; a way of showing love, devotion, and loyalty. It’s a demonstration of all she’ll give up for me; a symbolic gesture of love.

So in answer to your question: yes, but the reasons are complicated.

Poor little hummingbird!

He came in through the door and couldn’t find his way back out!

He’d just sit there perched on the ceiling fan, and buzz around the upper windows, with Sasha prowling below.

Then I got an idea: Turn the ceiling fan on to force him to fly around, then catch him in a fishing net!

That worked just fine, and now he’s on his way to play with his lil hummingbird pals again!

I have an ask about working remotely hope you can help. Do you know if working remotely doing the same thing as a programmer working in an office setting pays the same? Does one still get paid vacation, sick days etc? Also, I thought working remotely means you make your own hours. But from what I understand now a company can require a remote worker to start at a specific time? Can they also insist you work on weekends?

It’s whatever you’ve negotiated with the company. Different companies do different things. As a full time employee, you’ll be expected to work normal office hours. As a consultant you can negotiate your own terms.

In the photo where you put your legs on Dovey, she's laying on a whore cloth: is that fabric, sofa, bed? And what is the black stick coming out of her cuffs?

It’s a dog bed. The “stick” is a steel rod with loops at the end so I can attach her cuffs to her collar:


Rise and shine, bitch.

I'm some what new here. If I may ask how come you are moving permanently to Germany and not having Dovey stay with you permanently at your current farm?

She won’t be able to get a permanent residence visa in Canada for some years, so we’ll spend that time in Europe and then decide what to do from there.

Hi there! Those photos of your farm are really well shot, do you have any background in photography/any tips for a budding photographer with very little time or equipment? x

I don’t have any formal training in photography. All I know is the rule of thirds (separate the scene into a 9x9 grid and place things in thirds either horizontally or vertically). With the exception of the outdoor irish-8 photos, everything was taken with my Nexus 5X (you can tell because I was messing with the depth of field). Dovey has a lot more experience in photography, and an SLR camera with very nice lenses, so she could probably offer better advice here.

These may seem a little odd, but I am thoroughly interested for some weird reason: Under what circumstances and how were you born? Were you brest-fed? What about Dovey?

We were both breastfed. I was born a week late, and Dovey was born 3 weeks late.

Any time I set up a new irrigation line, the horses come a-running to inspect everything

For a truly epic movie night!



Jeff Dunas


by @keepingher, the only person who is not annoyed by me dissecting bad movies/tv shows while watching them. And vice versa. Finding all the plot holes and logic problems together is so much fun. We really are the perfect match in so many weird ways 😸

It’ true. I’ve had friends threaten to leave the theater if I didn’t shut up about all the inconsistencies :P

It’s remarkable just how much of a relief it is to finally be able to share the joy of deconstructing movies with someone like-minded :)

There are few movies & TV shows that have escaped my wrath. Off the top of my head: Aliens (first and second movies only), Westworld (TV), Unforgiven, 12 Monkeys, The Expanse, Firefly (usually), The Americans, Lonesome Dove, Orphan Black (usually), House of Cards (UK version), and one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The Body).

Would you ever own 2 subs?

I gave it some serious thought a few years ago, and in the end concluded that no, I don’t like dividing my attention like that. One slave only.

It’s just my way of saying “I own you.”

Everything accounted for.

Your place

Why is standing in irish8 painful? Can't she stand still?

“Standing still” doesn’t mean standing like a mannequin. Your body makes micro movements to keep balance, and it’s those movements that push against the rigid cuffs, eventually causing pain.

Did she already learn to walk onto the grass within these cuffs?

No. It’s impossible to walk in irih-8 ankle cuffs. Even standing in them gets painful very quickly.

It's so awesome you have privacy so Dovey can be totally naked outside. We have lots of ticks carrying several dangerous diseases here in the northeast. Do you get them there too? The pic is beautiful but don't forget the watermark on it! Enjoy the weekend and gorgeous weather!

There is a watermark on it. We have ticks here, but tick-borne diseases are pretty damn rare in the Pacific Northwest (similar to what you’d find in Germany).

Life in the New World

Love the color of Sasha's chair. Is she going to fly back with you to Germany?

Yes, she’ll be coming with us back to Europe

Is it an apple dip for the bananas? And the goat cheese looks totally different in the US? It's white here not brown.

In that picture, yes. When you make cheese from milk curds, you’re left with a lot of whey. If you don’t want to throw them away, you can use them to make another cheese like ricotta. But even after that, you’re still left with a lot of whey. Ghetost is what you get if you process the goat milk a third time, boiling it down to ¼ its original volume (and adding some cream for texture and flavor). The process also caramelizes the lactose, turning it dark and sweet, similar to dulce de leche.

I’ll make you feel.


I eat my waffles with maple syrup. - He eats His waffles with GOAT CHEESE!
Who is the Canadian here?!

(Norwegian father, that’s why, but still… goat cheese on waffles?? Another evidence for His obvious insanity.)





Whoever said electricity is not a toy obviously never tried this!

This is Sasha’s chair. None may use it except her.

Hi! About the couple of subs, theys always can find a third person to dominate them both.

That is true. It depends on what they’re actually looking for.

Great you gave her the strict cuffs as well. I am made very quiet by those. What is the psychological of those on her?


wrong inbox


It definitely has a calming effect on her. She’ll just lie down and sink into me.

I figured you would end up making your own bread! Was it very time consuming or super difficult?

It was time consuming in that you need to leave it overnight. Other than that it’s easy.

I am a sub and I thought my boyfriend was a dom, but now he is becoming more submissive. I love to be dominated and controlled, but he is starting to fade away from that. I hate being a dom, it doesn’t feel right to me, but I do it because I feel bad that I can’t pleasure him. I’m not sure what to do. I love him a lot, and I would never break up with him over this, but it’s difficult to deal with. Any advice?

Dominant behaviors, like submissive behaviors, are an expression of the soul. They just come gushing out and can’t be held back for long.

As a submissive, you’re capable of being dominant, but it’s not something you like, and not something you’d tolerate doing for long. You’d do it for someone you cared about, but it would become more and more soul crushingly empty and trying as the days, months, and years crept by.

You can’t pleasure him because he isn’t dominant, and the same goes for him because you’re not dominant. You can’t maintain a dominant posture long term and neither can he. Men generally start out saying they’re dominant because that’s what’s socially expected of a man. It takes a lot of experiences for them to get to know themselves well enough to say for sure what they are. It sucks, but that’s just a fact of life. Actual alpha dominants make up about 5% of any given population group (human or animal), and it’s etched into all social animals’ DNA. When that percentage rises too high, they eliminate one another by whatever means necessary until it’s down to 5% again.

I know you love him, and he loves you as well, which is why he attempted to please you by being dominant, and why you’re now attempting to please him by being dominant. But just as a ship with too many captains will be in chaos, so will a ship with no captain. You need a dominant partner, and so does he.

They don’t make German bread in Canada (the closest thing to it looked like the real thing but tasted terrible), so we made our own!

You know that nothing’s gonna stop this.

Lovely and helpless

Since you intend to emigrate permanently to Germany, will you sell the house? It's a gorgeous place and I'm glad Dovey is getting to enjoy it. Will you keep it so maybe one day Dovey and you can live in it or will you rent it for income? Do your new work require you to start at 6am?

The house is too expensive to keep, and my new job is in Germany (which is why I start at 6 am). It’s a beautiful place, but I could find something similar in Europe for much cheaper.