July 2018

Goodnight, Tumblr

Understanding her position.

Some use fuckability as a measure.

I use torturability.

What is a Sampson response and what does a ‘shutdown’ look like/feel like?

Samson refers to the biblical story where, betrayed and handed over to die, Samson dislodges the support pillars, collapsing the entire edifice upon himself and his enemies.

Shutting down refers to something so unbearable that the person retreats mentally inward, becoming listless or even catatonic.

“My property” means I decide everything that happens to her.

What's the most sadistic thing you can think of that doesn't involve inflicting actual pain?

Torture is a deeply personal experience. Everyone reacts differently, and has different pressure points. The key to effective torment is getting into someone’s head. Watching their reactions to discover what they’re most sensitive to, and even more importantly, remembering what they’ve said in unguarded moments. It’s amazing how many potential avenues of attack people will leak just from talking.

And so, to your question, it really depends on who you’re tormenting. For many people, sexual teasing can drive them nuts. I’ve done this to Dovey a few times already. The key to sexual torture like this is staying power. I’ll make it last hours beyond the point where she’s started begging.

Words and sounds are another tool. Most people have words or sounds they don’t like. I’ll throw them in from time to time just to keep the pot simmering.

You can take advantage of obsessive behaviors. For example, incomplete patterns are GREAT fun to inflict on an OCD type!

Physical torture doesn’t need to involve pain, either. Tickling, for example. Immobilizing someone when they want to do something. Enforced boredom (hours and hours, unable to do a thing). Tie her out and let insects crawl on her. Leave her attached to something uncomfortable, with no way out. Pressure that builds slowly is great for sapping someone’s will, especially if it’s predicament oriented (where they need to exert themselves to avoid the unpleasant thing, and eventually tire).

Smells, tastes, humiliations… There’s no limit to what you can do, and what’s the “most” sadistic depends entirely on who you’re torturing. But then again, learning what makes them tick as you go is half the fun :)

Ultimately, the goal is controlled despair - putting them in a mindset where they know, deep to the bottom of their soul, that they’re completely helpless against you, and that you alone control whether it stops or continues. It eventually triggers a “surrender” response, provided you don’t overdo it and trigger a Samson response or a shutdown.

You’re not here to be comfortable.

What comes out of your mouth isn’t important.

Hey, is Dovey's detox completely over? Is she also having those often reported difficulties about orgasming? I heard ex drug girls cum much more rarely, but not ex drug men?

The initial detox “ended” in late May / early June. Various symptoms now come and go in cycles, and will continue to do so for awhile yet. She hasn’t orgasmed in quite awhile, but that’s not a priority.

How much time a day do you prefer her to spend her life in chains?

It really depends on my mood and what’s going on in our life. I’ve kept her for months in chains. I’ve had her out for months, too. Recently she’s spent more time out than in because there’s so much to be done.

Approximately how old are the apricot trees?

I have no idea. They were already producing when I got the place.

is she chained and attached for the night?

She’s chained whenever I feel like chaining her, day or night.

We’ve got all the time in the world.


Aprikot jam 101. From the tree to the jar.

This simple farm life is so relaxing and kind of satisfying 😺


  1. We set up tarps under the tree
  2. I climb up and shake the tree like crazy
  3. It rains fruit
  4. What bruises or cracks becomes “jampricots”
  5. The rest we eat as-is

A woman is the most beautiful in her natural state.

Every breath you take…

Hey, great blog! I really like your pic of her wearing to irish8s ( if i see correctly?) best restriction ever! like a virtual jail cell, no?

Thanks! Yes, the irish-8 cuffs are very restricting. It’s pretty much impossible to move much.

nice to see that dovey finally got her cage!

Yeah, we just need to clean it out after the bird debacle.

hey, does she sleep in that cage? it is huge, like a cell, no? how high is it?

She hasn’t slept in it, but it is big enough. 80x80x110cm roughly.

No… show me your pretty face.

is she allowed to join the bird in the cage?

Unfortunately, the bird succumbed to its wounds that same day :(

And no, I wouldn’t put her in there with the bird. First, it’s traumatic for the bird, and second it’s unsanitary - birds make a HUGE mess.

There is no leaving.

They say people judge you by your decor…

I’ve got everything under control.

I have seen in your post that they have problems with the chrome cuffs. rub off and also wash off the chrome layer. I would have a link to it. Axmar, stainless steel equipment for many types of S / M take a look to that shop axsmar

They’re nice, but they fail on #4 of my cuff pet peeves due to the integrated locking mechanism.

I want oval stainless steel, no sharp edges, secure but not too heavy or bulky for 24/7 wear, and that allows me to use my own padlocks.

Blank canvas.

We’re going on a little trip.


Referring to the ten or so unanswered Asks in my inbox about the cage: It’s currently occupied by an injured bird.

Sasha brought this poor little thing from one of her hunting trips and we thought it was dead because she carried it around the house for two hours, dropped it somewhere, picked it up again and so on and during all this time the bird didn’t move one bit but was just hanging limp in her mouth or lying on the floor. Also Sasha never brought a bird still alive so far, only half alive mice that we had to (mercy-)kill in the end. So I thought the bird was dead but when I wanted to remove the body he moved his legs and head. When my Master wanted to pick him up to release him, his tail feathers all fell off even though He was very careful so Sasha must have injured the bird while playing with him. Without his tail feathers he can’t fly anymore (well he can fly since his wings are fine but he has no control over the direction anymore which makes flying for him pointless or rather even dangerous at the moment), so we decided to keep him safe until they grow back. If we would just release him now he would starve to death if he would survive long enough before Sasha or another predator would hunt him down.

I hope he doesn’t have any internal injuries we can’t see and that he survives. I already love this cute little bird 😻

I just got some netting to keep the cat out, and will be adding some branches for the lil guy to perch on.

Suited up

your house looks like a pig pen, please clean up the trash before posting any more pictures. gross.

Aww! Is somebody feeling insecure and wanting to pull others down to feel better about themselves?

There there. Take a drink from your sippy cup, have a nice little nap, and you’ll feel better.


@keepingher (:


Is that paint in the picture a draft?

What picture?

The perfect little house.

Don’t you go complaining now!

Oh my god her arm!! Is she okay?

She’s perfectly fine. The scars are from many years of cutting.

Have you met anyone on here that you still keep in touch with? (i.e. friends, not just people asking for advice, etc.)

Yup, there are a few I keep in touch with.

It’s my plaything now.

I always know how best to accent her beauty.

Good for the soul.

Aww! You’re just so cute and pathetic <3

Things that send Dovey into a giggling fit

The woodpecker who pecks at the side of the house some mornings.

Nose booping the cat.

This clip:

Other than weather in what ways are the Pacific Northwest and Germany alike?

Nothing, really.

The food is less varied and twice as expensive in Canada.

In Germany, people are a LOT more reserved. In Canada, it’s normal to just strike up a conversation with a random stranger in a parking lot.

The cities look completely different.

Traffic rules are different.

We’re in the mountains, which would be similar to Bavaria.

When people sight a bear in Canada, we don’t hunt it down and kill it.

In Canada, rules are very lax. In Germany, very regimented.

In Canada, you can go hundreds of km without meeting anyone. In Germany, cars aren’t allowed in the city center.

You’re a good girl, aren’t you?

A good girl accepts whatever’s put in her mouth and is grateful for it.

Just because.

You have such a beautiful farm, life. Why would you give that up to move to a foreign country? I mean, you have it all it seems. Correct me if I'm wrong. Hope this isn't intrusive. Just shocked you'd walk away/give up something so perfect. Why would you want Germany of all places? Why leave Canada?

We’ve had issues getting a visa for Dovey, and won’t be able to solve them before she has to return to Germany, so we’re going to settle there for awhile and rent this place out.

Each country has its benefits. I spent 8 months in Germany last year and it’s a wonderful country! Very much like the Pacific Northwest, except that it doesn’t rain so much. So as far as climate goes, they’re pretty similar. Canada’s strength is its wide open country. You can travel hundreds of kilometers and never see a soul, or even a dwelling in some parts.

Europe has towns and villages and cafes and culture. I never knew that cities could be nice, pleasant places to visit until I experienced the European ones.

We’ve been looking at farms and rural places in Europe, and depending on where you are, they’re pretty cheap, provided you work remotely, and pretty much every place is within 30 minutes of somewhere. I don’t know exactly what we’ll find or where we’ll end up, but it’ll be fun & interesting for sure!

Your life will be much simpler from now on.

Keeping her on her toes keeps the relationship interesting.