October 2018

why don't you have a pic of your wife as background?

I’ll be changing the bg once we’ve settled down

Honeymoon in Oostende.

We’ve spent the past month packing up the house, 36 hours traveling to Germany, gotten sick, and now it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy our company!


Sasha’s big adventure

So, Sasha traveled with us from Canada to Germany which was of course a huge undertaking and totally exciting and probably also a little scary for her.

When the house was empty she could clearly sense that something is wrong, that something big is going on. On the car ride to Vancouver she looked terrified for the first hour but then got relaxed after awhile. And just when she calmed down it was time to put her in her transport box, what she of course loved 🙄 But she was really a good kitty during the flight, didn’t complain much, even though she was in this thing for 20 hours except for a few breaks. Once she escaped, she managed to open the zipper from the inside of the box because we forgot to attach this one thingy, and was loose on the plane (that was kind of funny) and the steward came running to us instantly to remind us that under no circumstances can we let the cat run free on the plane… as if we did that on purpose. Anyway, although it was completely verboten, we let her out every now and then in the plane’s washroom so that she can move a little. Finally at the airport we put her on a leash so that after over 20 hours in the box (and washroom) she could finally walk around again. Then the tram ride to my mom’s place. And then, finally, Sasha happy as a clam in the back yard. All good. The end 🙂

Will you choose your furniture according to its possible usefulness for attachment?

I choose according to what looks good. Anything can be modified to have attachment points.




We’re going for vaccinations, Sasha!

This picture made Him giggle so hard in the car that I had to laugh about it without even seeing it (I was driving).

When He looked at it again today, He instantly started to giggle again for a whole minute or so, then stopped and said in the most serious, domly voice “Okay, enough… I have to post more porn again!” (And then we both laughed)


My husband is the cutest ♥️ Even before cats. The cuteness order is: 1. @keepingher, 2. little furry mammals (like cats, dogs, baby giraffes etc) 3. myself, 4. other cute things (like birds and butterflies, old couples holding hands, stuffed animals etc). Just fyi.

Obviously I haven’t been spanking her enough!


Snug as a bug in a rug!


We’re going for vaccinations, Sasha!

About the cuffs you buy from Aliexpress, I was wondering if the package is discreet enough, don't want the neighbours to stumble upon it ;)

You’ll get a nondescript box or opaque plastic bag, with the contents (and usually the box as well) vigorously wrapped in bubble wrap and tons of tape from a generic Chinese company like “Advanced Products, ltd”. No way anyone would know what’s inside.